Education “protests”

I can understand protesting, but throwing yourself at vehicles and jumping on city property just makes you look like an animal.



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  1. Steven Sauve says:

    They are mad cause of the cell phone ban that’s the only reason their protesting

  2. They’re kids, take it easy. Most of the young people I know (my kids included) were out there for the right reasons. They’re teens, they get a little rambunctious.

  3. Lise Beaulne says:

    Jane Byrnes Neuts this is what I was telling you .

  4. Jusst Carrie says:

    Our future is looking so bright….

  5. It depends what school. Mac jack only had 30 mins to 45 mins and they had to be back in school. They also were only around the school.

  6. I saw the Barrydowne “protest”. The kids were just having fun. Looked more like a sports rally or something. There was no maturity or level headedness. Just a bunch of screaming and hollering kids climbing on things who were acting like they were at a pit party or a beach party.

  7. The teen students out protesting (personally observed the LaSalle/Barrydowne group) were not out there for educational improvements, they weren’t even politically educated on the issues their signs claimed. About 10%, & I’m being generous, could explain or justify what their signs proclaimed. Bluntly put, this “protest” was teacher-conceived & teacher-propelled & that is shameful. While I’m not an NDP voter, I do like & admire France Gelinas, BUT, her appearance at the various protests gave every appearance of being politically motivated, & spurred on by teachers. Parents should now be the ones protesting that their children were being pushed into these protests & not in a classroom learning.

  8. Maxine Cyr says:

    They are young they don’t know how to protest properly they did their best. Just dumb comments all together. No wonder our society isn’t able to affect the political world, too busy arguing or being critical over minute things. Main msg is always lost.

  9. Tara Major says:

    Lol this was ridiculous! The teachers told my children that it was a school event and they had to attend. I asked them what they were protesting and they both answered with “I don’t know the teacher said we are doing it”. Then I get an email from said School Board saying that the children have organized a protest (which they didn’t) and that it would be marked as skipping school on their records, which then voids the school board of liabilities. I explained the true purpose of the walk out to my kids and they no longer wanted to participate. They told their teacher the day of the protest and the teacher replied with “You May as well go with them as I am not taking attendance for this period”. THIS WAS NOT A STUDENT LED PROTEST! this was forced on my children…how many others were forced?

  10. Who would of been held responsible had anyone been injured? The school? The teachers? I know if I leave my place of work during work hours and get hurt, my employer is still liable if its between the hours of 8-5 and I was on schedule. The teachers can claim ignorance, but when they are blatantly letting the students go and do this, unsupervised the teachers are still responsible. Example: The young lady in the picture would of fell and broke her neck, did her parents sign a permission form to allow her to leave during class hours unsupervised?

  11. Dennis Lopez says:

    Lol, society…

  12. Roger Blake says:

    SLM.. student lives matter.

  13. Mike Gratton says:

    Take a look at how adults act on a picket line. this is pretty tame compared.

  14. Dan Taylor says:

    The way those kids on LaSalle/Barrydowne intersection were acting was uncalled for. Plus the kids driving up the street with two girls sitting on the doors hanging almost all out of their car. You want adults to take the children seriously, act proper and respect yourselves and others.

    • Shawna Peron says:

      Dan Taylor the people at LaSalle secondary are so retarded.. they don’t know how to properly protest and this comes from someone who goes to that school but isn’t stupid enough to join in something like that

  15. Ivan Leo says:

    Yea, any excuse to get out of class. Have the protest on a Saturday to see how much these kids really care about education reform. (If they even took the time to actually read up on any of it.)