Eastlink cell

Just wanting some feedback from anyone who has an Eastlink cell phone…

How’s the service?



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  1. My boyfriend and I both have our cells with eastlink and we have no problems once so ever and my boyfriend sometimes travels for work and no problems with the phones. We love it

  2. I’ve not had a single problem with mine. I’ve gone to Ottawa and Toronto as well with no issues or any overages. It works like any other service.

  3. Scott Seguin says:

    Eastlink is a lot like dating a 20-25 year old. It’s nice on the outside. When you get there it starts out great. Super smooth, speeds are all great, everything holds together nice. Then the true colors come out. Everyone’s using it so it starts to slow down. The promotion ends and you need to start paying full price. It gets cold and shuts down. It becomes temperamental. You call for help but it only makes things worse. Eventually you end up with an over priced, lazy, temperamental and somewhat flimsy service you’d rather pawn off on an enemy than face one more day with.

  4. The other thing to look into is how is their service if you leave Sudbury. When they first started out here, you could only use iPhones (maybe that’s still true) AND it didn’t work outside of the city. If you travel anywhere outside of the City of Sudbury, you wouldn’t have service. Go to Lively- no service; Go to the Valley- no service; Etc. See if they have expanded (I don’t know).

  5. Shawn Irving says:

    Eastlink has cell phones now ?? They must be brutal lol.

  6. Jenn Morin says:

    She was even on the phone with eastlink and it was acting up and it was “fixed” and later on it still happened.

  7. I love it! No issues…

  8. Sasha Walker says:

    I will never get anything through Eastlink again!

  9. Sarah Mathieu you should tell them what happen

  10. La Shwandah says:

    Not bad but i find i have to restart several times throughout the day. data cuts out and calls dont go through but restarting works