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Ear candles

Does anyone know where i can buy ear candles for ear candling?

Ive checked walmart and shoppers with no results.



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  1. Health store off LaSalle. If it starts to get real hot, do not continue to use. You can pop your ear drum

  2. I’ve made my own. I found if you use 100 percent cotton and bee’s wax they burn hotter and pull more out. I used white kitchen towels from Dollarama and cut them into strips, wrapped it around a knife straightener and poured bees wax on em and let them harden. I made them a little longer than normal too. I also cut a hole in the middle of a pie plate so I had an ash catcher around the ear candle. For sure have someone with you doing this. I wouldn’t recommend doing this alone.

  3. Lucy Simcoe Lucy Simcoe says:

    Googling it says…. At its best, ear candling is a lousy way to remove wax. … Candle wax may even drip into your ear canal, clog the passage, and make you lose your hearing for a while. There are also reports of punctured eardrums after the candling process.

  4. It really worked for me. I was sceptical but did it once, there was a lot of stuff. Thought it was the wax from the linen dripping down. Did it again and there was a different outcome. Got the candles from Paris Natural

  5. If it didnt work it wasnt done right, candles were knock offs, or you dont have a blockage. Its really gross what comes out but better out than in ?

  6. 50 say yes it wrks 50 say nah

  7. I bought mine online $10 for like 50 of them

  8. Crystal Vee Crystal Vee says:

    Pairs natrual foods !

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