Dramatic Facebook-Public Breakups

Look ladies and gents, if you’re going to make a big public spectacle (on Facebook) of your breakup and within a few weeks or months you go back to that person, you owe us all an explanation. Because for that period of time you’ve likely painted you ex with brushes such as an abuser, controller, drunk driver, manipulator, lazy, and the list goes on. If you were so willing to talk trash about them weather it be true or not, exaggerated or not, and you decide to go back to them you should at least tell us why. Due to your statements we all have a negative image of this person so you going back to that type of behavior could have some of your friends worried or concerned for your well-being. I guess that would require you to admit some stories may have been enlarged to suit your “poor me” facebook status update so I won’t hold my breath.



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  1. Trauma bonding. It is like being addicted to drugs.

  2. Social media ruins relationships

  3. Reba Twain Reba Twain says:

    Remove that person off Facebook. It sounds like you like the attention just as much.

  4. But Marty where do I put all my passive aggressive shit then?

  5. Kim Parker Kim Parker says:

    I have a couple on my facebook who have a child and have been together for years and every day while he’s at work, the wife says Hi my King, then he responds back Hi my queen. Then 10 pics of what their daughter is doing. Then 3 hours later… How’s my King doing? He responds back Just thinking of you my Queen… I mean this has been going on foreverrrr. I’m sure a lot of you have them on facebook also. lol.

  6. Entitled much? Typically, those of us know which of our friends is prone to this type of behaviour and take it for what it is, posturing and hurt talking. At no time, ever, is anyone obligated to provide you information on their life. If you feel like you aren’t getting what you feel entitled to in this friendship relationship, that’s on you. You can stop being friends with them or stop following but you can’t demand an explanation that you are not entitled.

  7. Al Manion Al Manion says:

    Is “Y&R” not enough of a soap opera for you? You need to take up fishing or something.

  8. Zack Tryon unless you’re being told… to post it on Facebook, cause it’s not true until you post it on facebook…. pretty f-ed up I know

  9. Ally Rebekah Ally Rebekah says:

    Zack Tryon hey. That’s not nice.
    I think mine is on my fb lol… Like 5 years later haha

  10. Marty Trudel Marty Trudel says:

    Alternatively, don’t post that kind of stuff at all. Your private business should never be posted on FB.

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