Downtown Sudbury drunks

Spotted downtown Sudbury on a Monday morning.



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  1. Linda says:

    You`re the pathetic one. Going around snapping pictures of people like it`s your right. “Monday morning drunks”. Lets assume your intelligence level already understands we have a societal problem here in Sudbury that has existed for WAY too long, I`m not afraid to say with a specific demographic, with way too many deaths via alcohol poisoning, with way too many youths developing alcoholism at a very early age, dropping school, with no dreams of a good /solid future and DYING. All children ought to have dreams for a fantastic future. Do you understand this? This issue buds, has very deep roots which you know not a thing about. And neither would you care. That`s ok. I`ll care for you. Along with all the other human beings that have learnt empathy and are educating themselves on the causes. Time to open your eyes to what was, what`s been and what is. And why. If you don`t want to help chum, that`s fine. But you won`t be breeding your hate with no one standing up for those that clearly cannot in the midst of their addiction. So again, sit the heck down candy butt. Take your camera, your very small perspectives, your little world that you live in, your racism towards the demographic most struggling in the downtown, your mockery and ridicule and tonight buttercup, in your perfect little home, thank your lucky stars for ALL that YOU have. And here`s another for ya: You are better than no one. Try to swallow that one. Sideways, backwards, I don`t care. Have a great night. Pumpkin.

  2. What’s the point of taking this picture?

  3. Cruel world out there…he is one of the lucky ones…he has a jacket and winter boots….and friends…something the poster may not understand

  4. Mat Decata says:

    Collecting welfare!!

  5. Sue Gardiner says:

    There are shelter’s in other cities where the alcoholic goes and stays there. At various times during the day they are given wine to help the withdrawl. Slowly they are tapered off in the% of alcohol and amount given. It’s a rehab I’m talking about not just a cozy place to get shit faced 😉 Many who are successful stay on as workers.They also make the wine offered at the facility.

    • Anonymous says:

      We have that here in Sudbury as well. Unfortunately the demand is higher than the space that’s available.

  6. We see this daily in that area
    Don’t need to see pictures of it …..

  7. Wow! Some people dont have anything better to do!

  8. Yup, let’s just mock people who clearly need help. Yep, as a collective society, that’s what we do.

    Grow the hell up and learn some humanity.

  9. Karen Hacala says:

    This infuriates me. These are human beings. They have problems that you can never comprehend. You are shallow and heartless .Maybe you should be more compassionate.

  10. And your point is?????
    How about finding ways to help them

  11. I’d like to look into the closet of the poster!
    I’m sure I’d see your demons that you want to hide!
    You can hide behind your mask but we see you!
    Truth & compassion are stronger than ignorance!

  12. Oh wow you’re so cool anonymously posting photos of people at a low time in their life. Go screw yourself, utter trash.

  13. Britt Any says:

    Ummm this is nothing new ..

  14. Denise Rivet says:

    Awe the poster thinks they are entitled to a hero biscuit now. Well not from me !! Actually when you go to bed tonight, you should count yourself lucky this is not you !! Shame on you !

  15. No working during drinking hours.

  16. Diane Gratton says:

    I’d like to look into the closet of the poster!
    I’m sure I’d see your demons that you want to hide!
    You can hide behind your mask but we see you!!
    Truth & compassion are stronger than ignorance!

  17. Jenn Leclair says:

    Mind your damn business Judgy McJudgerson


  19. Jack Smith says:

    noo, this never happens in sudbury……

  20. Jason LaFaci says:

    Holy fuck man the ignorance of some in this city …. take pics from your car but too scared to get out of it and walk up to them right

  21. Wtf is wrong with u , and this site posting pics of “sick” people hope this made u feel like a hero in my eyes your a lot sicker then those addicts out there , until you have walked in anyone else’s shoes you have no right to judge them . P.s let me know next time you downtown I’ll meet you there and throw a snowball at you grr

  22. It’s one thing to complain and voice your opinion on the ongoing issues downtown .. (trust me, we ALL get it) but to actually sit there and take a picture to share to Facebook… wtf is wrong with you ? These people are still people and they also have families and loved ones who are probably also on Facebook.

  23. Connor Green says:

    Over 10 people die Of alcohol related deaths a day last year.

  24. Welcome to this stupid world everything is a damm disease except a disease get it right it’s not a damm disease it’s your stupid choice

  25. K people life choice or not.. some of these people have a problem!!!
    We don’t know what they have been through!
    So what it’s okay for some people to have a beer at 8 in the morning at home right? (Yes, people do that) But because he’s downtown, that makes him a drunk?! What if it was his birthday the night before?! WE DON’T KNOW PEOPLES STORIES!!!
    Enough shaming these people ffs!!!

  26. Dom Aubin says:

    I find alcoholism one of the saddest addictions we see! It’s totally legal, you’re limited to where you can get it, you HAVE to go out in public to some degree to access it, and if you’re that dependent, you can’t wait to get home for that first drink.
    Maybe we should ask ourselves what life events may have brought these persons to where they are now. Maybe we should question why alcohol, which causes an endless number of problems, is legal? Is sold commercially everywhere? Is advertised and normalized although the countless researches and studies that prove the dangers are out there?

  27. Cory Rolling says:

    Good to see thiers still some true sudburians by these comments

  28. Sue Gardiner says:

    Why isn’t there a safe place for alcoholics like they intend for addicts? I would imagine the ratio of people needing and using the facility would be the same.

  29. Peter Barry says:

    Alcoholism….now a spectator sport….wtf dude leave people alone

  30. He could be recycling. You don’t know what he’s drinking.

  31. Monday Funday! Who cares if this guy is having a drink on a a Monday Morning. Happens in Vegas all the time

  32. Funny though.. if it was a couple of junkies people would say different

  33. Really you posted this…what were you thinking

  34. Is it really necessary to take a picture of these people ?
    Speaks to your character more than there’s.

  35. Its bummy central down there

  36. Shawn Hollis says:

    Wait till you see them sleep in the middle of the Rd lol

  37. So, posting a picture of people suffering with a disease, that you dont know, makes you any better? Get a life!!!

  38. I have more respect for the people in the picture than the one who posted it!

  39. Welcome to downtown sudbury. Where anything goes. Lol

  40. You sound…… shocked by this?

  41. Did posting this make you feel better about yourself?

  42. Posting things like this are what’s wrong with our society!! The people in this picture need our help not our harsh words and to be made fun of! So sad

  43. Same scene as 15-20 years ago, not gonna change anytime soon

  44. Yeah, alcoholism is a thing.

  45. Ronin Miller says:

    Best you can do, is pray that help comes in some form soon

  46. Katie James says:

    Sadly not really anything new.

  47. Gale Stewart says:

    They all need help GONNA GET WORSE

  48. Ivan Leo says:

    Addiction is a terrible thing.