Don’t think you’re fooling us.

Dear panhandlers of Sudbury

I’ve been raised to be kind and generous the ones who are unfortunate, I’ve donated many times, volunteered and gave countless spare change.

Lately I don’t know who needs real help anymore, it doesn’t help when there are people panhandling all over Sudbury who take advantage of it, in my experience I’ve come to witness/know who really needs help.

If you are truly homeless, you would not be panhandling without a single item on you or around you, homeless live with everything they own with them or barely leave where they set up to sleep.

If you are panhandling with shoes, a jacket or a hat, you are already more likely to have a place to put those on. You are not homeless you are a addict. Shame on all of you.



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  1. If you suspect someone may be homeless, offer to buy them food instead of giving them money. Their reaction will tell you all you need to know.
    I havent given money to any panhandler since atleast 12 years ago.
    Went on a school trip in gr 6 and at lunch their was a homeless guy outside the mcdonalds. The teachers all told us not to give him money but we could offer him food. By the time we all left he probally had atleast 5 different combos worth of food from ppl buying him stuff and his level of appreciation was enormous. From that day i only offer to buy food, never offer money

  2. LMFAO, you’re so fucking full of shit. You think homeless people shouldn’t own things? You realize becoming homeless could potentially happen to you overnight, right? And why the fuck would a homeless person not have shit like shoes or a jacket? What, are they supposed to be naked bush people? How the fuck do you think they survive during the winter? Jesus fucking Christ, you’re so god damned ignorant that you should just drink some bleach.

  3. Rob Dobson Rob Dobson says:

    Its hilarious these panhandlers have a better cellphone then I do. Ive been with an old boss who offered some a job and was told no I make bettrer money here.

  4. Reba Twain Reba Twain says:

    Lol people who are homeless own those things. Try being homeless for a week and find out.

  5. Leslie Chow Leslie Chow says:

    If I want to buy booze I’ll buy it myself. Like how panhandlers sit all day within 25 meters of the LCBO downtown?

  6. You could be enabling an addict

  7. Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

    Police need to do something about this it is intimidating the city should grab each and every one of these people and make them clean up ditches and yards and side roads and then bring them to the soup kitchen for a meal then you will see them dissipate

  8. Saw a young woman with a sign the other day that said “girls just wanna have funds”.

  9. It the same ppl pan handling, i see the same person on the kingsway almost like it his full time job.

  10. When I tried to give a hotdog from the hotdog cart downtown to a guy who said he needed change to get something to eat, then he smacks it out of my hand and said he didn’t want that, he wanted money! That was the last time I ever gave money to a panhandler. There are other ways to help, the junkies ruined it for those guys that actually need food and shelter. Around the bus terminal downtown right now is a goddamn disgrace, something should be done, its out of control.

  11. so barefoot,shivering and sunburned noggen is your definition of homeless, got it, says something right there

  12. Ivan Forbes Ivan Forbes says:

    Good point I’ve never looked that way.

  13. It’s certainly not wrong to give change to panhandlers – that is ur choice ! But when they’re approaching ur car window @ major intersections here in the south end with cell phones in one hand & a cigarette in the other ( that they’re trying to hide) I often wonder if they’re really in need or just scamming. It seems to be a crew – at the lites & they rotate corners. Are they truly in need ? Or is this their way of making a living ?

  14. lots of hurtin people out there. give money or dont but it’s only a couple bucks here and there. getting all self righteous about what someone who needs to ask does with the money is a waste of energy.

  15. Because of great success in our province . There will be an increase in homelessness and crime as the money gap increases. So most folks do need our help.
    Dry pair of socks and some kind words go a long way for some folks who need it .

  16. Kaity Baker Kaity Baker says:

    My favourite was two people asking for money to get on the buss to downtown…… they were downtown.

  17. Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

    It’s an organized criminal organization they work all
    Areas of the city and rob your cars at night I seen one working the Kingsway lloyd hill
    Today then was by the beer store later in the day They are at different corners all the time they get dropped off in a white Panel Van in the morning and get
    Picked up at night it’s brutal

  18. Not that this is direct relation to the story here.
    I’ve been reading comments both for and against giving money to homeless or just anyone in general looking for aid.

    There are actually some incredibly interesting essays written by some more modern philosophers on the matter.
    There’s the idea where, when giving to one person and believing you are doing them a service, you are actually doing a disservice to many.
    The idea is based off the theory that the more people who are helped in private, the less people there are taking advantage of the proper services the government needs to provide. Therefore, we tamper proper homeless numbers, so shelters don’t get the funding they need, kitchens aren’t given necessary supplies to feed who they must. The government taxes you for many things but then also requests extra aid from the few they know they can get the money from. (Not at all saying it’s right, but just how it is).
    I would rather be taxed extra so each homeless person in fact has their essentials. Better for every person to pay a penny than one person a whole dollar so someone can eat a meal.

    Of course, if you feel like donating your own money, everyone is welcomed to do as they wish. This is just some interesting food for thought.

  19. I quit giving to panhandlers for that exact reason. All a bunch of crack heads. If they want a coffee I’ll buy your coffee but you are not gonna shoot up thx to my change. Be vigilant people

  20. Kori Marie Kori Marie says:

    Clearly this person has never been homeless. Never judge a book by its cover. I was homeless and had absolutely nothing with me. Doesn’t mean shit. Maybe you should spend a couple nights sleeping on the street with nothing and see how well you fare. I can bet you wouldn’t make it a second without your phone to bitch and complain to the world on something you know nothing about.

  21. Brenda Lynn Brenda Lynn says:

    If you’re a panhandler, you are obviously poor, in need, an addict, or mentally ill. I dont care which one. I’m just thankful I am stable, working, and giving a couple bucks does not break my bank account.

  22. Keri Rheault Keri Rheault says:

    I generally keep granola bars in my car specifically for “pan handlers” as I rarely have cash/change to give, but I will give change when I do have it. My way of thinking, if I choose to give to someone in need, it is not my place to decide what their “need” is. When I give, I give freely, no strings attached, no expectations for how they spend THEIR money…bc once I give it to them, it becomes theirs, no longer mine. Are there some out there that truly aren’t in need? Of course!, but I’m not about to risk not helping someone who is truly in need bc this person MIGHT be one of the ones who don’t need help. Unless I know for a FACT(not an assumption) that this person, or that person is lying about needing help, I’ll continue to help ANY of them, when I am able to.

  23. Amber Forest Amber Forest says:

    I totally agree! So hard to tell who actually needs the help..most of the time, it’s people who deny your help at first with sadness in there eyes and then after convincing , they cave and let you help them..

    There was a homeless man a couple years ago, him and his dog sat outside on the street, across from TD downtown. He had his dog, a blanket, some old clothing, etc.. he had no sign, he wasn’t begging for money. I approached him and asked what kind of sub he wanted, he was shocked and said no, he couldn’t. I told him of course he could and asked him what kind he’d like, he said whatever kind, I told him, no, what kind would you like? And he told me.. so I went in and got his chicken sub with a few toppings he wanted and a bag of cooked bacon for his dog, he was so grateful.

    The ones who actually need our help are usually the ones not begging for it.

  24. Jeph Hall Jeph Hall says:

    But where does it say you have to be completely homeless in order to panhandle…

  25. Lena Lou Lena Lou says:

    Why do they not stop these pan handler. Disgraceful

  26. Anyone who feels this way is what is wrong with the city. You have no right to judge. Period. You’re clearly not the giving type you portray yourself as in this post. Judgmental and a liar. Shame.

  27. I find it exceptionally intimidating when we at the same spotlight and he/she is looking at me though my window

  28. There was a guy pan handling downtown on Brady and Paris this weekend with a open bottle of liquor. Wtf! Why is this acceptable!?

  29. Anyone who feels this way is what is wrong with the city. You have no right to judge. Period. You’re clearly not the giving type you portray yourself as in this post. Judgmental and a liar. Shame.

  30. Anthony Ertl Anthony Ertl says:

    It’s a scam people!, watch the guy in the van pick them up, there is a handful in town that actually are in need and they are the ones talking to themselves in the centre median most of the time

  31. I just ignore or say a curt “no” 100% of the time and, therefore, will never be scammed or have to wonder where it goes. I donate to my verified charity of choice and that is the only form of giving I’ll ever do.

  32. So the gist of the comments suggest you should only give to people if they look like shit and not because the goodness in your hearts… Sudbury’s finest lol

  33. Yesterday at credit union on Kathleen a young girl stopped me telling me she was hungry that she wanted a sub so I gave her 6.00 I waited she went and sat on chair in window at subway when she thought I was gone she came out
    Then she grabbed something from a guy and gave him a hand with money
    Today I go to food basics on Notre dame shes stops me again telling me same story
    I told her no
    I gave you money yesterday and no sub was bought
    Then a lady comes out of the store had bought her a liter of chocolate milk and a bag of beef jerkys
    She just ran away after
    I’m done helping ppl on street

  34. Do whatever you feel is in your heart. You don’t need the approval of others. As long as you feel you did what is right. That’s all that should matter

  35. Ricco Swave Ricco Swave says:

    I agree this is a team earning moneys for free. Don’t give them moneys. Give them a tuna sandwich or any sandwich I love tuna. Maybe a can of tomato soup.

  36. I bought some food for a young man outside Shoppers panhandling. He was filthy and skinny and you couldn’t fake that kind of appreciation he had. Big difference from the people walking up and down Kathleen and hanging outside the banks all day rudely asking for spare change and cigerettes with a cellphone in their hand. Sucks that they kinda ruin it for the ones that truly need help and there is alot of them here.

  37. Pretty sure there’s a few new comers that are in kahoots with each other.

  38. Like a very wise man once told me, I will give what I can… what they choose to do with it is up to them… we don’t have a right to assume what they need it for. At lease the guy with the cigarette sign was being honest.

  39. A good argument. Maybe hurting the people who need it the most

  40. One for someone who was raised to be kind u sure are judgmental stating how they should look in order to receive handouts.

  41. Linda Bignan Linda Bignan says:

    Welp said I totally agree homeless people carry what they own

  42. It’s true there are too many addicts and they ask hard working people for $$ to supply their alcohol and drug addictions . I seen a person holding a sign saying Need $$ For Cigarettes . I wouldn’t help those kind of people . It’s one thing having a sign that says Need $$ For Food or Need $$ to Feed Family but when you dress up in expensive clothes with a sign that says Need $$ For Cigarettes , I’m sorry but Cigarettes are a Luxury not a Necessity

  43. why cant they put them on a bus and ship them where its nice year round
    or get a job

  44. I look at their foot ware. Most are name brand.
    Better then what I buy for myself.

  45. If you look closely…the signs seem to be all written in the same writing..and all say the exact same thing…makes you wonder….

  46. Nigel Spence Nigel Spence says:

    So what about people who are staying at a homeless shelter … are there different kinds of homeless people?

  47. Give the blue door soup kitchen or the elgin street mission.

  48. Anyone who feels this way is what is wrong with the city. You have no right to judge. Period. You’re clearly not the giving type you portray yourself as in this post. Judgmental and a liar. Shame.

  49. Allen Lawson Allen Lawson says:

    Saw a guy with Nike shoes, bench coat and air Jordan hat .

  50. There have been findings in Toronto showing that rich people will dress down to panhandle and make huge profits. Just saying, you never know by looking at someone.

  51. I feel the same way. I really want to help people in need but how do you know who really needs the help or if they are just going to be spending your money on drug?
    Are their any true homeless people in Sudbury who are not a drug addict?

  52. Reily Burns Reily Burns says:

    My rule is if you are not working for it “playing guitar” etc I won’t donate unless I’m certain you are in need

  53. Brent Harvey Brent Harvey says:

    Ppl bin saying tbey see ppl with iphones…not aure what that means really but if it means they got help or a place tilo live thats not cool

  54. Susan Boese Susan Boese says:

    Shame on you for judging!

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