You don’t need constant validation

Posting pictures on every social media forum looking for likes or prompting people to tell you that you look good is not necessary all the time.

You post pictures everywhere and complain you look bad knowing full well you don’t just trying to get people to tell you don’t worry you look great.

Your need for constant validation is getting old. We all constantly tell you that you look good and you know you actually do, so give it a rest for awhile please.

I’m not trying to be harsh here but you have that extreme need to always be told you look great.



24 Responses

  1. Ally Rebekah says:

    Soooo.. unfollow them.

  2. Dean Farinha says:

    This killed so many brain cells, I’m now drooling.

  3. I post pics. but never look for validation on my looks. My hubby says I’m beautiful and what he says is enough. but everyone has their own tastes. the thing that drives me crazy is ladies posting them booby pics like come on ladies. put the girls away. and I’m not saying that cause I no longer have big boobs since I lost my weight. lol

  4. Jo Anne says:

    This one was better. So hot!

  5. Liam Robins says:

    I prefer having masturbation material.

  6. Jen Stone says:

    There is someone on a friend’s fb who does this…
    It does get old…

  7. Here’s a picture of my ex giving me the finger leaving the liquor store downtown and breaking a family court order stating she’s not to consume alcohol while my daughter is in her care. I love selfies. Lol

  8. I doubt KIM Kardashian reads shoutout Sudbury.

  9. Al Manion says:

    Narcissism at its best

  10. Jo Anne says:

    I like your pics, you can keep posting them 😀

  11. Some people truly can’t see their beauty, just remind her to see and believe, what others are saying.

  12. Kevin Levert says:

    I totally agree. People should take social media for what it truly is – superficial entertainment. If you are looking for justification see a shrink or talk to your friends face to face.

  13. Some people just want attention …

  14. Does it hurt you to tell someone they are beautiful to make them happy? Not everyone is as confident or as secure as others. When I see posts like these I’m the first to tell that person thy are beautiful. Build ppl up

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