Don’t Feed The Panhandler Junkies

So I’ve been sore for a long time and had stomach issues for years now. Just found out today that I have a hernia, liver and spleen issues. All I wanted my doctor to give me is something for pain. Instead I was given a stupid antidepressant prescription which is now torn up and in the garbage. Even medical marijuana isn’t helping with this much.

So why am I’m upset at the local panhandler junkies you ask? If it wasn’t for them. People with “verifiable” real physical problems could get pain control like in the old days. These disease magnets have abused every clinic and doctor in town. Now doctors seem to wait until bones are broken or blood is spilled before helping with pain management.

Anyone giving these people money might as well be giving them a clean syringe and heroin. You’re only encouraging them to continue.

I like the idea of throwing a roll of toonies into the highway in front of them and letting natural selection take place.



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  1. Pretty sure hernia pain can be managed with ibuprofen and Tylenol

  2. You have medical issues and you’re blaming people who have an addiction as the reason why you can’t get pain meds.
    Last time I checked sunshine, addiction is a disease just as much as your issues. If these people withdrawl, the pain would be brutal as it’s systemic.
    I particularly don’t like the last statement of throwing money on a highway to let them get flattened, can we say psychotic much?
    With all the pent up rage you have, no fucking wonder you have a hernia along with a fucked up liver and spleen.

  3. Jen Stone says:

    A family member of mine was dying from bowel and pancreatic cancer and his strongest pain med was Tylenol 3…
    I’m sorry to hear you are in pain…but count yourself lucky your issues aren’t worse…
    Good luck to you!

  4. I have colitis and use Tecta for it (not a pain med) it’s another form of panto which is an acid reducer. So far all I need for the colitis at this point.

  5. Depends on what anti depressant was given. Some of them have off label use for pain mangement.

    I think you jumped the gun before trying the med. Lyrica for example is both an SSRI and a pain management med for many forms of pain (particularly neuropathic pain from diabetic neuropathy, fibromyalgia and even MS).

    It’s always best to chat with a pharmacist before using a new med. They can give you better information on the medications perscribed to you.

  6. I’m unsure of what exactly you’re going through and if it is warranted for pain meds, if legit (by being prescribed anti depressants for pain by a Doctor tells me it’s legit), there are an incredible amount of people suffering and have the same sentiments. Best of luck to you.

  7. you have liver problems. They aren’t gonna give you pain killers unless you REALLY need it

  8. Perhaps addressing the “why” as in why do i have stomach and spleen and liver issues…would be a better start

  9. You didn’t take care of yourself so you blame someone else’s ailment? All you want is drugs instead of treating the issues? Hmm.. That’s a pothead calling the bong a stoner

  10. Paul Pilon says:

    The junkies are all tripping out now.

  11. ok it’s gross you are blaming the homeless for your issues…. bet you are low to middle class. the people who made the decision to publish new guidelines aren’t the panhandlers it’s the politicians. depression causes physical pain in people your doctor according to these guidelines should try all other forms of medicine before prescribing opiates. if you don’t like the guidelines contact your representative and *while your at it maybe ask them to put the death penalty in place for panhandlers* (that was sarcasm) a hole

  12. You’re dumb. No one listen to his asshat. Nothing more.

  13. Your a dumb fuck and have no clue about addiction homelessness or medicens. Go back to fucking school if u got stumach issuse yoy dont use opiate pain killer and and for giveing homeless change makes them all junkies wtf some maybe lots no lots are hard up maybe stranded or running from an abusive relationship… stop fucking judging cuz you Are an undercover Junkie that cant get junk fuck off

  14. My doc wouldn’t give me an oxys or anything like that for my pain. He gave me tramadol. Works pretty well.

  15. You’re obviously not using the correct strain of medical marijuana .. look for higher thc contents

  16. take an Advil and stfu!

  17. Pam M Burton says:

    Ask your doctor if you can go to the pain clinic in Toronto. It’s a bit of a wait but better then nothing

  18. trust me pain control is not all you want. you want to figure out what’s causing the problem and fix it. Your situation sounds exactly like my hubby’s. goes in for abdominal pain and walks out with a script for amnitripoline of however it’s spelled. getting a script for pain you run the risk of becoming one of the junkies you’re bashing. Make an appointment at the Lockwood in t.o and get answers before it ruins your life!

  19. Kyle Lalonde says:

    Ya well I know first hand with stomach problems they don’t like to prescribe any pain killers because it actually does more damage to those organs in which you speak of maybe your a junkie looking to get high

  20. lots of addicts start out with legitimate prescriptions and because opiates are physically addictive they end up not being able to stop.

  21. Lol the OP is exhibiting drug-seeking behavior

  22. Mike Gratton says:

    Ironically, Many on those PEOPLE got there because their doctor “gave them something” for their pain. Also stomach problems are not normally solved with pain medication.

  23. He gave you an antidepressant because some antidepressants can be used to manage pain and are safer to take than actual pain killers

  24. Pharmaceuticals are very bad for you. Cannabis for pain. You won’t need to take 30 pills afterwards to counteract the first pills 😉

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