Don’t Depend on Operation Rednose !!!

I hear advertisements on the radio for Operation Rednose…. “Just call, they will drive you and your vehicle home- safely”
We learnt the hard way last year, On two separate occasions, we had tried to use Rednose services, and both times we were left stuck without a ride home.

The first incident occurred while we were out at a local establishment, we did not have a DD with us as we were planning to use Rednose… At the end of the evening, I could not locate the ownership in my car, so they refused to help us home.

On the second occasion, we had a party at our house(located in Hanmer) one of our guests was planning on using Rednose, when they called and said they needed a ride to capreol, they were told only for a 3 digit donation!

I don’t want to see people stuck, thinking they will have a safe ride home.

Make sure you have an extra “back up plan.”

Safe travels to all …



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  1. Elle says:

    The boundary map on their website is pretty clear and show that Capreol is not an included area.

  2. Lol, k, so first you couldn’t prove you owned your own vehicle, which, honestly, is all on you, not Red Nose, because I’m pretty sure you won’t blame a cop for misplacing your information when he asks for your license and registration and you can’t find it; then, you make up some lie about them extorting a “donation” from you, which no, they fuckin don’t, stop lying. If you’ve got such a big problem getting home at night, how about you go out and party like an adult and not get smash faced? You know you don’t have to drink, right? It’s your choice? You can also forego those last 5 Jager bombs and get yourself a taxi, if you’re too much of an alcoholic to not drink for one night.

    Tl;dr, OP is just bitching for the sake of bitching.

  3. Paul Pilon says:

    Tell them you live at another bar. :V

  4. I have used this service from Wahnapitae, as I was drinking Scheduled for 12:30am and they were there with bells and whistles on. I don’t believe you! I was never told about any donation. Nor did they solicit one. Did I give one I am pretty sure I did as it was a great experience! I call Bullshit on this post! I probably failed to mention this was on New Years Eve/Night!

  5. Larry Styles says:

    Drink responsibly means just that . Most people know their limits . If you have to drink beyond that to have fun you’re a moron regardless .

  6. Don Mac says:

    Rednose is a great idea but very unreliable and not worth planning on

  7. Remember to be responsible people.
    1) Download the app
    2) Create your account (takes only 90 seconds)
    3) Book your designated driver team that will get you home in your own vehicle.
    (Bonus: you get entered to win $1000 cash!)
    #DSApp1000 #Driverseat #PODS

  8. You can use Driverseat. It’s the same concept as red nose but it’s a charge. Download the app and voila you have access to scheduling us to pick you up.

  9. Perhaps more people need to help and volunteer more instead of just complaining.

  10. Robyn Ashley remember that time we called them and waited 3 hours? LOL!

  11. I smell a business opportunity!

  12. Luc Rioux says:

    sometime it better to find a good friend to drive you around that day and reward them for there trouble

  13. Iv seen a Van with the advertisment as a DD in sudbury. Not sire if its still running but heres the number for anyone looking 705 805 8686

  14. I use red nose to go from Sudbury to hanmer ever since thry were available no problems they are great

  15. First of all I worked for them before…they need proof of ownership/ insurance- we take the risk to have an intoxicated person , that situation is never a safe guarantee for us either! Who knows if the vehicle is not fit for the road…we volunteer n don’t need bias in our account! Second….we r allowed to mention donations to inform you and no it is not obligatory…maybe u couldn’t take a joke or where too intoxicated to even understand! Red nose is good shit!

  16. Unfortunately it’s happened to me as well. I was using my mom’s truck and I couldn’t find her insurance slips ( glove compartment was full of paperwork). We ended up finding a DD thankfully and got the truck the next day.

  17. Scott Yarkie says:

    so because they are avoiding the chance of someone attempting to have them steal someones car for them aka unable to provide ownership of the car, thats thier fault? im sorry but thats just smart thinking and poor planning on your part

  18. Megan McCabe says:

    Cant depend on anyone but yourself 😉

  19. Eric Belaire says:

    It’s your responsibility to get yourself home safely. They have boundaries within city limits. When you are asked your address when you call, you will be informed wether the location is within their boundaries so there will be no surprises.
    Their availability when needed depends on the number of volunteers that night. Could be limited to only 8 groups on a Thursday night or 20+ on Saturdays. The more volunteers, the sooner they can get to you. Hint hint.

  20. What people need to realize is that operation red nose is run entirely by people who are good enough to volunteer their valuable time to make sure you have a safe ride home during the holiday season. Guess what…when you are volunteer run, sometimes you are short staffed, yes it’s important to be there but nobody can be forced to be there as it’s not a paid job. As for the ownership issue…how else are they to ensure that you’re not trying to steal someone else’s vehicle???

  21. I’ve never had issues but you have to call well ahead of when you want to leave. They forgot to give my husbands keys back at the end of the night once which wasn’t fantastic but it was an accident so what can we do (other than hope buddy didn’t make copies of his keys)

  22. Try the driverseat app, download at the app store , put in the info of where you live and where your going and they give you an estimate.

  23. I’m with the op on that one! It’s ridiculous to encourage people to drive to their destination relying on Red Nose! I’ve called red nose at least for the last three years and you knwow what? I’m still waiting for those fuckers to show up! Yes, that’s right, they never even showed up! So my advice to Sudburians, plan well and take a cab!

  24. Andrea Major says:

    Love red nose. They’ve helped me so much 🙂

  25. I guess it’s a money scheme

    • No, it’s a not for profit, volunteer run service. Do you expect these people who are volunteering their time to also pay for the gas to drive people home?

    • Eric Belaire says:

      Money scheme? It’s a free service. No charge. On the house. They will not ask for money but donations are accepted which get handed over to local charities. Fuel gift cards for the volunteers using their own vehicles are graciously donated by one of the many sponsors of Operation Red Nose. None of the donations from their clients end up in the volunteer’s gas tank.

    • I don’t know, I’ve never needed the service myself so I had no idea lol When I drink I walk no matter how far it is

  26. Chris Lapal says:

    I think you’re all confusing operation rednose for a taxi service. Do not plan your evening based on Operation Rednose. It was set up for those people who, weren’t planning on drinking, but did, and now cannot safely drive home. It was made to stop those people who think they have “no choice” but to drive home drunk. It is not to be used as your method to get home if you do plan on drinking. They don’t have enough volunteers to do that. think of operation red nose as the company you would tell your friend to use if they really wanted to get their car home but you know they’ve had too much to drink.

    • Rose Burke says:

      and why do commercials/advertisemenst/radio say if u plan on drinking call red nose…i agree peeps shouldnt rely on it but those same peeps should know the rules of red nose,,,insurance and ownership papers are a must and no cracks in windshield and so on….as for dropping off peeps before their destination i have a hard time believing that one but hey anything can happen i suppose…

  27. Dave Bennett says:

    Free service bitch bitch bitch. I could have taken a cab bitch bitch bitch. I can’t enjoy myself without alcohol and it’s red nose’s fault…. blah.

    • Amy Trask says:

      Ugh. So entitled. Nobody told you to get so drunk that you couldn’t drive home, that’s your own fault. Make your own arrangements for transportation before dumping on a volunteer service. Nobody owes you anything, especially because you got sauced.

  28. Ive had nothing but good experiences with them.

  29. Kris Vouriot says:

    I’m extremely skeptical that they asked for a 3 figure donation. It’s a free service and donations are strictly voluntary.

    I’ve driven for red nose in the past and we never turned down anyone who didn’t have a donation

  30. Jo Zee says:

    Especially if you live in the Valley area, you’re screwed.

  31. Mike Reid says:

    If you want to use red nose I think more planning is required. Make shure you have your ownership and valid insurance and call ahead before you even go out .

    • you can try the call ahead before you go out….but i am pretty sure they do not work like that….if they let one customer do it than they would have to let all the customers do it

  32. Wesley Beers says:

    Ive called a few times as well without any success

  33. Sadie Marie says:

    I can understand their refusal upon lack of documentation, however I do believe they should be more clear in regards to where their boundaries are within greater Sudbury.

    I can understand why they would have to draw the line pertaining to distance, but be clear on the phone when calling would be substantially helpful in order for people to find alternate means of safe travel.

    That being said we used them on Friday, to lively and did not have an issue. Wait time was short and the team picking us up was very nice. We made a generous donation and will be using them again in the future!

    • About three years ago I was at a party at a friends house on Morgan roadie chemmy, I called they said ya were coming, about half an hr later they call back and said oh we don’t go to Morgan it’s to far unless we get a donation over 75$. I asked if they went to levack/onaping and was told absolutely. So how is Morgan to far but levack is ok.

    • Sadie Marie says:

      The gentleman I had on Friday said they draw the line somewhere after Chemmy. No ongoing or Levack service.

    • Well they used to anyway

  34. Kyle White says:

    Red nose is another option not a solution. If you are completely dependent on it you should probably just drink at home.

  35. A few years ago we went to a xmas party in Sudbury and called Opeation Red nose for a ride home to Dowling and they stated they do not go that far but they could drive us as far as Chelmsford . REALLY So we can take it from there LOL But another couple got a ride to Lively That is just as far

    • Um no. Lively is not as far as Dowling

    • Benni Norris says:

      Lively is like 10 minutes away, Dowling is closer to 40.

    • Actually to be specific Lively is 24Km and Dowling is 33Km So not even a difference of 10km.Not a big Deal I drive from Dowling to Sudbury everyday and it only takes me at the most 30MIN . I am not trying to justify how far Dowling is only that we are suppose to be the City of Greater Sudbury and operation red nose advertises to call them if needed but will not accomade We were willing to pay and they still did not want to drive us.

    • Ernie Watts says:

      I have used rednose multiple times.I donate whatever it would of cost for a taxi.I live in New Sudbury.What I am reading on here is a lot of people looking for a ride home for a lot less then they would of had to pay for a taxi.

  36. Izzy Silver says:

    We have been screwed over that way too which makes it worse because if you don’t have an other plan thinking that it will all work out but then doesn’t it puts more lives in danger because people decide to drive drunk not thinking clearly so on when if they weren’t depending on calling them they likely would have had a dd ride planned or cab money…

  37. Nat Rondeau says:

    We few years ago we had looked into taking Red Nose home from Capreol as we were attending a social function out that way and wanted to ensure something would be available to bring us back to town – Red Nose told us outright that they didn’t generally service Capreol due to distance and lack of volunteers.

  38. Well the first issue was your problem. The second one had you called in advance to let them know you were in need of their service they would have prepared for such a long trip.

    Operation Red Nose is a great programm and remember bus, cabs, call a friend or spend the night is still an option.

  39. Jaime Pauzé says:

    Ownership is a valid excuse… They’re not going to drive a car without proper papers.

  40. A few yrs ago my husband was out in town, and he called red nose.
    We live in capreol. Thy knew this. They dropped him off at the tracks at suez drive. And refused to go any further.
    My husband slept in the car for a few hrs and then drove home

  41. I’ve never even gotten through to them lol. Last year I tried for like 2 hours to call them, no dice.

  42. I’ve used red nose numerous times without issue.