Don’t Buy anything from the Brick!!

Don’t buy anything from the Brick!!! I purchased a bedroom set in the middle of September and I was told it would take 3 weeks for it to arrive. 2 weeks later the Brick called to tell me my bed rails were being recalled and I would get them mid to end of November. A week later I got the night table tall dresser and dresser with mirror, when we opened up one of the dressers it came with no handles. I called the brick and they informed me it would take a month and a half to receive handles.

Yesterday I got 6 loose screws in a envelope in the mail (I need 16) with no handles, again I called the brick and they said this is normal that the handles are on their way. But now I’m missing 10 screws? WHAT…COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE!! I finally get bed rails today with no pre drilled holes to put bed together, again I called the Brick and they said they can’t help me tonight as they are unsure how the bed rails go together. I told her that as the instructions show there is clearly 2 holes at each end to attach headboard and foot board and my rails have NO drilled holes at either end, how is this even acceptable to give this kind of service when you pay so much money for furniture? I WILL NEVER EVER BUY ANYTHING AT THE BRICK AGAIN!!



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  1. Jody Lynn says:

    Oh and my “matchy matchy” sister spent thousands there and returned it all after they didn’t deliver it all together within 3 weeks. Parts and pieces missing, same damage on the piece they kept replacing…. It was her nightmare and she pushed the issue so hard, they had to take it all back. Even the drawers didn’t fit in the dresser.

  2. Jody Lynn says:

    Bought a bed with a year warranty. It sagged in the middle within 6 months, not covered under warranty ???? Very hard people to deal with. Replaced the bed through Sleep Facotry Outlet. Very nice bed. Very poor service at the Brick.

  3. Glad you commented as I have been trying to decide where to buy some tall chest to replace big furniture in bedroom

  4. Im just curious for reviews on Leons??

  5. Alex Mcphee says:

    All stuff from there is junk

  6. Anne Ponch says:

    I would never buy from them again either. They always send things in parts. They did that with my TV Stand. One piece one piece there. Their furniture is garbage

  7. Go to the showcase room with a bunch of fart bombs and shove them between couch cushions
    Also sandwich them between the mattresses and boxsprings in the beds…
    Bring a bunch with you, they can be bought pretty cheap

  8. Luds CL says:

    Yup, my husband and I had a nightmare of a situation and all our furniture was damaged. Marissa I think she is a manager anyway she actually hung up on my husband and was completely and utterly disgraceful. Needless to say, haven’t stepped foot in that store again.

  9. Deb Lessard says:

    Yup haven’t shopped there in years. Crooks

  10. I would’ve told the brick to come get there stuff, and get your money back. I would’ve have put up with any of that crap.

  11. Amy Cole says:

    return it all..fuck that!!

  12. We purchased two leather couches that fell apart soon after purchase. When we called them for warranty purposes; they advised that the warranty did not cover the portions where the pleather connected the leather. Funny when they sold us the leather couches they forgot to mention there was pleather. Never again!

  13. Kyle Lilley says:

    This all seems par for the course with the brick

  14. Not impressed with the brick worse store to shop at for anything.

  15. Dave Eastman says:

    But they’re have a huge sale! Lol

  16. I bought a couch that was too big and didn’t fit in the door and they took it back BUT it took them 3 mths to reimburse me 1500$

  17. Yup The Brick pretty much sucks.

  18. My friend had the same kind of frustration ..bought a tv and it came well over 3 mths later giving her every excuse in the book as to why it was late..I don’t know how this company can stay in business doing this kind of thing

  19. Steven Sauve says:

    I bought a couch from the am had nothing but problems

  20. Brige Rochon says:

    Hate the brick, terrible customer service

  21. return the whole bedroom set

  22. Bad service from them. When the flyer comes it goes in the trash unopened.

  23. Andrea Baird says:

    They will never see another cent from me either!

  24. Shylo Parent says:

    Call The Bricks Head Office….Trust me they will not think that is acceptable…

  25. Alby Mak says:

    Lmao 10 screws

  26. It’s not just the Brick. Most furniture that doesn’t break the bank is cheap and won’t last long.

    It’s all made in third world countries now.

  27. Janny Lamb says:

    Yup its a shit show, if I say anything else I could get arrested LOL

  28. Omg hahaha no shit, luckily mine wasn’t to that extent or my story would have been even more dramatic

  29. I also have had bad service there and dealt with a clerk that was not honest. But should you ever see a piece of furniture you like at the Brick but don’t want to buy from them because of bad service in the past go to Leon’s or any other furniture store with the info item # etc… and more than likely they can get it for you. All furniture stores can order same pieces of furniture.

  30. Bought a fridge from them. 2 weeks later wake up to a flood on the kitchen floor coming out from it. Called customer service and was told they would not come out for adleast 2 weeks because we live”too far”and they needed to have another service call to come out our way. Went into the store and politely asked to talk to the manager and was told no. The associate than proceeded to get extremely rude. All the while the office door was open and the manager could hear what was going on and refused to get off his butt. We will never buy from there again

  31. your problem is with the manufacturer that the brick is working with and not the brick itself.

  32. After messing up our house of furniture that we ordered from them I will never shop there again. Picked everything out was to be delivered to our house and the order didn’t come in until a week later and only half the order.

    Then they wanted to charge me delivery for our bed frame and I refused told them I wanted to talk to a manager. The least they could do was deliver at no extra cost considering that we got a call saying our fridge was coming in on a specific date so I did my meat order and guess what never showed up for almost another week our fridge.

    So when I complained and told them that I refused to pay delivery as we literally live on the other side of the rock in their backyard lol.

    Needless to say we got free delivery and just FYI for anyone don’t go to Leon’s either as it’s all owned by the same company.

  33. Dan Arnold says:

    You think that’s bad, you should here the horror story I have with Leons and the dumbass customer service girl. I didn’t even go back there for the credit that they gave me, screw that.

  34. I have dealt with the brick and nothing but problems 🙁 and never received what I paid for 🙁 they have very poor management as well.

  35. Those are all horror stories. Never thought they would be that bad. Wow. Won’t be buying from them any time soon.

  36. Oh wow, that’s awful; get your money and bring all of it back. Who knows what condition it’ll all be in when you do get the whole thing. That’s too bad.

  37. Paula Rennie says:

    Mattress factory beside mcdonalds across from the brick is much better, they deliver within a few days and put it all together for you therefore insuring you have all your parts-hate the brick

  38. I don’t understand how they’re still in business.

  39. Jen Stone says:

    Years ago they had good service…now not so much…
    We bought a bed there too…ended up waiting over 3 months for it…was a bitch to put together….
    Never again…

  40. Yes my bed but the frame was stupid and didn’t work took it back

  41. I have never had any issues with the brick and I have bought a lot from there.

  42. It’s amazing how the brick is still in business cause all I see is complaints from there. I bought from them 10 years ago and had to buy new stuff a year after had problems with everything we had bought so it’s been 10 years and I think it will be another 60 years or if I die before I go back

  43. Shop local! The Notre Dame Boys all the way!

  44. Oh I can attest to this. Bought an entire house full of furniture in 2012. Spent $15000 cash. By 2013 most of it had fallen apart. Delivery nightmare as well. 4 times for one chair…They kept delivering the same cat scratched leather chair. Never again will I step one foot in that place.

  45. I just spent 5000 there and they will never see another cent from me. Same exact issue

  46. I’ll never deal with the brick again . we bought a bed last year and it was like pulling teeth working with them .

  47. We went to The Brick last night to buy a bed. A woman greeted us and asked us a few questions .She let us look around the store and we went to ask her about a bed we did like. We looked around the store for her but she was no where to be found . We politely asked another sales rep and without him even looking up from his computer he said “Nope …no idea where she is” Not once did he even look at us. We walked past another rep and we were talking about how rude that sales guy was and he looked at us but didn’t offer to help or apologize for his co workers attitude.So we found another rep all together who did help us! Unfortunately we did not buy from him as they didnt have the colour in the bed we wanted. So we went to Roys furniture and bought from them and the Sales lady was awesome! Having worked in Retail Furniture sales myself I can tell you that I would have been fired had I treated a client like that or left the client alone on the sales floor. Advice if your a sales person give the client space but ALWAYS stay in sight !!!

  48. Jesse Landry says:

    i have a similar story from The Brick. We knew well in advance that were were moving to the west coast. We had nothing to furnish an apt. so before we left we went to The Brick here and picked up everything from bed room sets and couches and chairs ect. Spent like 15000. We arranged for it to be delivered 2 months later on a certain day when we arrived at our new house.

    Long story short, they didnt deliver. We ended up living on a futon for 2 weeks while The Brick tried to get their shit together.. eventually i told them fuck you and got a full refund and went to one of their competitors that not only gave me a better deal they were there the next day to drop everything off. I would never shop at The Brick again.

  49. Tori Miller says:

    Bri Limbrick-Wilson did you get your bed from the brick?

  50. If you sell a product receive money for that product then you must make sure your customers are satisfied. If you bought a car from a dealer and he told you delivery would be late then it came with no tires I am sure you would be PISSED and would you call the plant that it was manufactured at I think not. They have your money and should make sure you get what you paid for.

  51. The Brick only wants your money.

  52. I would also return it all!!! When you buy something you clearly want everything sent together!!!

  53. Luc Rioux says:

    i would of returne it all before too late and stuck with it …

  54. Mike Reid says:

    The brick doesn’t not make the items they sell. They purchase them from a manufacturer. I been in this issue , I just called the manufacturer of the product talked to them politely and I got my missing parts in a few days.

  55. Drake White says:

    it does not even sound like it is the Brick’s fault but rather the manufacturer and shipper. Do you get mad at any cellphone providers for selling the Samsung note 7 because they were catching fire? or how about apple for the Iphone’s “touch disease”? these are just a few examples but if you did, you need to inform yourself on how box-stores/large corporations/businesses work because you are slandering a company for reasons not of their control. listen to what some other lad said, why didn’t you return the whole bundle on the first recall of the product? there was obviously a reason for the recall..

    • Tyler Leduc says:

      It’s up to the business to have a good/reliable supplier/manufacturer in place to have a good business. Rogers and any other cell phone provider get blamed daily for the products they sell. Unless their bought on a no contract term they do provide a warranty in place the supplier/manufacturer fail to provide a product up to terms. An ultimately a business will only do as good as word of mouth.

  56. Return it all. Why put up with that kind of service. Buy local.

    • The brick doesn’t let you return anything, I learnt that the hard way

    • Laura Lalonde me too!!!!

    • Another reason for me to continue to not shop there.

    • Laura Lalonde, ya, well, they’d have to, they didn’t keep their end of the bargain, time and time again. I’m sure if you stomped your feet and cried and yelled, they would. I would do that, lol.

    • Lisa says:

      I bought a bed and comforter set there. I went to put the new sheets on and they ripped along the seem. The throw pillow had pulls on it and hem started to unravel. I tried calling but they said in their contract I signed (after the purchase) says no returns on bedding. I told him it was not my fault, it was the manufacturers. I called them in California only to hear that she would only deal through the brick. Back and forth. Eventually I gave up.

      The new bed frame was squeaky…and I was just rolling over! The guy came to fix it and told me it was I bought a cheap bed frame! (I paid over 1000 for it) I called his boss and she said he would have NEVER said that. I asked if she was calling me a liar….no response….Now I have a squeaky bed, was insulted by the worker and called a liar!

      Never again. McQueens all the way…bought a washer but was worried about having to install it. Denis gave me his home phone number and told me to call him and he would come over after work to install it for Me! Now THAT’S service!

  57. As soon as they called you 2 weeks later, I would have cancelled the whole thing.