Hi! I have so much beautiful clothing that I would like to donate to women in need. I would love to see someone get use out of it. Just wondering if there are any shelters, or places I could donate too? Thanks so much.



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  1. Better beginnings better futures.

  2. Better beginnings better futures has a community closet where anyone can go in and take what they need for free 450 morin ave

  3. Personally I would look around and you can tell who the homeless women are. Do up some bags and just pass it to them. That way they will get it for free. I done it with food items a little while ago.

  4. Better beginning BetterFuture on Morin in flour mill

  5. Women’s sexual assault victims on Larch st Sudbury

  6. St vicent of Paul val caron

  7. Betty Dupuis Betty Dupuis says:

    also the Genevra House is a shelter for abused and battered woman that would take it just call them

  8. Monarch Recovery Services

  9. Cedar Place Women’s Shelter?

  10. Infant food bank. They take clothes. Adult and children!

  11. In out of the cold shelter

  12. Angie Young Angie Young says:

    Community Outreach Program. They give the clothing to those who need it most.

  13. Women’s centre 324 elm! Amazing place. Have brought much of mine there over the years

  14. Mazra Lepack Mazra Lepack says:

    Most shelters in town will take them.

  15. The detox and rehab center can always use them so if those women go in with just the clothes on there backs

  16. Maks Bee Maks Bee says:

    Women’s Center at 324 Elm St. Takes donations 🙂

  17. Kim Dubreuil Kim Dubreuil says:

    He Genevra House is a good place to donate to

  18. Women’s shelter excepts donations to my knowledge

  19. Are they suitable for work? Cambrian collects clothes to give to those in need for interviews.

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