Dogs at rib fest

Curious what people’s opinions about dogs at rib fest? I know it’s coming up.

I’d like to know if people think it’s the wrong place for pets!?



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  1. Not really a good idea. Too many folks milling around could make you pet nervous.

  2. Paula Hunter Paula Hunter says:

    I mean I brought my girl last year. She’ll be coming again this year.
    If the dog isn’t jumping on the table and stuff or aggressive I see no problem with it

  3. Omg if they arnt gettin some of those ribs, that’s ganna be torture smelling all that good stuff lol

  4. Can you keep your dog under control?

  5. I wouldn’t bring my dog. Dogs shed and it’s an event full of food. I think its unsanitary to bring animals, unless it’s a service dog.

  6. My dog looks forward to going every year, he starts to get excited on the friday when he smells them fire up the bar bqs. We don’t bring him into the tent where everyone sits, we try to find a quiet place away from the crowds to eat, and he is always leashed.

  7. Kelly Jane Kelly Jane says:

    I love to bring my boy with me to festivity’s. If I go I will be bringing him again this year!!

  8. Brent Parker Brent Parker says:

    Dog owners have 0% regard for anyone else.

  9. Just remember, the OPP are now aloud to act on animal cruelty or neglect complaints. So enjoy your picnic while your dogs at home by itself everyone

  10. Yes it’s the wrong place to take a dog!!

  11. Steve Boyd Steve Boyd says:

    That’s just wrong. Don’t want anyone’s dog walking around when people are trying to eat out doors.

  12. It’s usually too hot a crowded for a dog to be comfortable. Keep them at home, where they’re safe and happy.

  13. Who cares, it’s like saying to someone leave your kids at home. To some this is their children, some have to leave pets at home all day while they work! It’s nice to see people do things with their pets.

  14. Doesn’t bother me. Seeing puppets brightens my day. I remember last year there was a guy holding a young puppy and I was inlove

  15. Ribfest is definitely the wrong place for a dog

  16. Paul Normand Paul Normand says:

    You know I’ve been going to rib fest every year and it’s awesome great food great people around ….I have a dog and I’m sure he would love to socialize with people there but because of food and drinks and stuff I prefer to leave him at home ….dog parks and stuff is ok but not where food is …..sorry it’s not a place to bring a dog

  17. Leave the dog at home, too crowded. You won’t enjoy yourself worrying about your dog. I love my dogs but don’t even entertain bringing them to an event like that.

  18. I wouldn’t bring my dogs. As much as I love them, they don’t get human food at all so bringing them around all of that food is just cruel. My girl dog gets sick whenever she injests something a human would eat. I dont want to deal with puke and poop afterwards

  19. I wouldnt take my dog for his own good. Too many people and too much going on, plus pork and chicken bones are bad for dogs and mine would definitely find some when I wasn’t looking.

  20. Roger Blake Roger Blake says:

    Simple answer. NO!! FUCK OFF!!

  21. Katy Hart Katy Hart says:

    It really is! Leave them at home!

  22. Don’t worry Ol Pink haired lady will probably be there with her 2 “service” dogs

  23. James Brady James Brady says:

    Too many people for me and my dogs to enjoy it!!

  24. Tracy Baker Tracy Baker says:

    I have dogs. As much as I love them. Their place is at home. Dogs lose fur all the time any place any where. And for sanitary reasons,,,leave your dogs at home. Not fair for them to be smelling all these delicious scents looking at everyone for a treat or goodies to fall to the ground. There is nothing at this event to entertain your dog so why bring them?

  25. Jeph Hall Jeph Hall says:

    What are people’s opinions on Muslims at rib fest?

  26. Eh chicken n pork tastes better

  27. Jeph Hall Jeph Hall says:

    The dogs are often better than a lot of people who go there.

  28. Nothing wrong with it but I won’t bring mine. Mostly because she’s a very food oriented dog lol

  29. I personally don’t bring my dog. Why would I? I’m going to eat amongst people I don’t know. As awesome as my dogs are there will be people who are afraid or allergic. Public venue, my babes can stay at home and enjoy the doggie bag I bring to them.

  30. Valerie Risk Valerie Risk says:

    I’ve brought my dogs down there for walk to see the radio station and look around but I’m vegetarian and didn’t get any of the meals.

  31. Personal choice i don’t take mine because it is food and it’s also super busy

  32. Any where that there selling food they should not be there that’s like taking your dog into the super market and saying it’s to hot outside well leave him at home where it’s cooler

  33. I don’t want any ribs at woof fest then

  34. I’d say Don’t bring them! It’s a place where people are eating food and watching entertainment, gotta take into consideration the other people’s feelings. Also, you don’t want your little animal to get stepped on by people by accident !!

  35. Ty Lockton Ty Lockton says:

    Terrible, you don’t want your dog scarfing down a rib bone.

  36. What about the people allergic to dogs?

  37. Not a place for dogs to be. Lots of chaos

  38. Pets are welcome most places. Anyone that doesn’t like it. Should stay quiet and let others have the freedom my friends died for in Afghanistan..last we forget. Take a dog, hell take two

  39. Lori McInnis Lori McInnis says:

    If it’s hot out leave them at home!

  40. Mike Gratton Mike Gratton says:

    I prefer the pulled pork.

  41. Ashley Lebid Ashley Lebid says:

    Iv seen many people bring there dogs. Nothing wrong with it have you heard any crazy stories of dogs teaming up and raiding the booths ?
    If someone has a problem with it they can go home and cry about it.

  42. Downtown Sudbury Ribfest has allowed dogs for years.

  43. Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

    With a muzzle can’t see why not

  44. I feel it’s wrong for the fact dogs pee and poo also shed hair. It’s a place to eat food. I also felt this way and I dont see how the health unit allows pets of any kind anywhere food is served.

  45. Zack Tryon Zack Tryon says:

    Food everywhere? Umm. Asking for trouble .

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