Does the police clean their Breathalyzer after each use?

The new law says the police can have anyone take a breathalyzer test, which is ok but I’m wondering.. is the mouthpiece on it cleaned or replaced after each use? Don’t want to put a device in my mouth thats been in 1000s of mouths, talk about spreading disease…


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  1. They do infact use the same one for every single person, in fact they actually only have the one breathalyzer,they’ve only ever had the one and it’s been the same mouth piece on it since day one.

  2. No and they giggle about it after they let you go.

  3. An old friend of mine had to take one… and it was positive.. but he hadn’t been drinking… so stick with breath mints, not mouthwash

  4. They are replaced every time. The police did a demo back in high school

  5. Don’t you need to take a breathalyzer to get into school dances… I did anyways so you would have to live under a rock not to have taken one. It’s a new mouth piece each time

  6. Spanish inquisition…….you no longer have any rights.

    • Yes, because blowing into a tube to ensure you aren’t driving drunk is akin to the Spanish Inquisition.

    • Astrid Fournier ….does matter what it is…..being controlled and told what to do is…..

    • Paul Tereshyn But society literally doesn’t function if we don’t have any ways to ensure that the laws are followed and people aren’t needlessly endangering others. Blowing into a tube is not controlling you in any way, it’s just checking to ensure you aren’t endangering the public, and will only happen when there’s a checkpoint (which happens when risks of these crimes are highest) or if you get pulled over for other reasons.

  7. very good question!!! it should be a new one for each person, as I’m sure they wouldnt clean properly! just like a tattoo artist or needles at hospital , you should see it come out of a sterile bag!

  8. I would worry about the machine itself still having residual from the last drunk that blew into it. I’ve never done a test but must reset itself??

  9. Sandy Blake Sandy Blake says:

    Just don’t drink and drive and you don’t have to worry what is on that mouthpiece. Simple, really. And a lot safer for everyone.

  10. Bob Jones Bob Jones says:

    Last week I was almost late for a hockey game in the Valley because of a spot check that violates my Charter Rights of being able to travel without being harassed without just cause! 20 min in traffic for no reason

  11. Zack Tryon Zack Tryon says:

    Lots of food you consume will make a false positive on a breathalyzer. Just know your rights and film every interaction with police. Whats next in the grand scheme of taking away our basic human rights? The UN forcefully entering our homes and taking our firearms after spray painting numbers over our doors ?

  12. It’s SUDBURY I’m sure you’ve put worse in your mouth lol

  13. Ivan Leo Ivan Leo says:

    Richard Paquette bud, yes I know. What’s your point? I don’t see where I said they couldn’t.

  14. Bob Jones Bob Jones says:

    So many stupid people don’t even know their Charter Rights are being infringed on

  15. Well how about don’t drink and drive and this won’t be an issue………….

  16. The breathizers they install in your car are also disposable. I installed them for years.

  17. Bob Daigle Bob Daigle says:

    Just use the standard form

  18. Never give breath sample. Ever. No cop ever will and the reason is huge. They will still charge you with impaired and throw refuse on top of it. In court deals will be offered. Cops get offered that the impaired be thrown out and that the refuse sticks. This way cops still lose license for 1 year, still the same fine, however on conviction it shows that it is refuse to blow conviction and you can still travle into USA as it is same as impaired by alcohol. The umbrella of convicted impaired can mean impaired by. Nothing and the drug portion makes you and a miscible into the states. Google case records of police officers charged with impaired driving and what their convictions and up being and you’ll see what I am saying is true. So many do you get charged with impaired but they all refused to blow and then you have to look at the conviction

    • Cool, lets give advice to people who continue to drink and drive and put others’ lives at risk on how to get a less severe repercussion…..

    • Jeff O Jeff O'Byrn says:

      Di dnt they pass a law now that they can give road side breath tests and they can’t be refused

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Jeff O’Byrn I’m pretty sure you’re right…

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Jeff O’Byrn I’m pretty sure you’re right…

    • Jeff O’Byrn So what are they going to do? A person under the amendment right has the right to refusal of any demand. Also it’s going to be very controversial as to enforce anything such as this would mean that they would have to suspect, which means any and every person they would have to suspect meaning when they are looking at anybody and everybody everybody in the world is a suspect to them or guilty of something. Makes it a very very suede legal system. I think there’s lost in the translation And people have only heard or read what they’ve seen on Facebook or on the news. However until there is a case law, or where you can Google the exact law and get the word to word definition, I wouldn’t believe or agree with the word in that media has put a spin on.

    • Zack Tryon Zack Tryon says:

      Rick Clint Orton wow one smart man out of so many ignorant idiots. Lots of food you eat will cause a false positive on a breathalyzer. Then your lifes fucked until you prove your innocents. Know your rights 🙂

    • Jeff O Jeff O'Byrn says:

      But they say they are mandatory.. don’t get me wrong I’m not trying to argue it lol.. I’m just trying to get a better understanding… I physically don’t really drink so none of it affects me lol

    • Jeff O’Byrn neither do I. However they cannot break the law to enforce the law. When it involves constitutional rights, they are sworn in to uphold those same rights. That’s why I posted the video. People Are so confused when it comes to a lot of things that are put into the public about the police and about conduct or how to conduct certain procedures. So most people they just conform to make it easier all the way around not realizing that they have thrown away their constitutional right in doing so.

    • Bob Jones Bob Jones says:

      You cannot violate someone’s Charter of Rights to enforce another law! Any lawyer will have their client off very fast

    • Bob Jones Bob Jones says:

      DUI checkpoints are against our Charter of Rights and Freedoms but still they are out there…

    • Bob Jones And the people have confirmed to allow it, much like this new law other trainer passing for mandatory breathalyzer. They should get creative and have something that while they’re there they can complete a full medical examination on us as well. Swab even a DUI checkpoints for impaired driving by narcotics now mandatory breath sample what’s next bend over automatically just to make sure nobody’s hiding Anything in a body cavity at any time? Where does it stop of people just don’t start standing up for their constitutional rights?

    • Wtf.. lets just give reason for drunks to drive by giving them a stupid loophole… congrats, if your loved one is killed by a drunk, I hope it’s due to the shit you just wrote here helping to encourage it.

    • Shawna Larose your interpretation is so very flawed. I’m not promoting anything whatsoever. Read it anyway you want but your assessment is greatly flawed.

    • Rick Clint Orton you are giving them an out… THAT alone is a stupid thing to do.

    • Shawna Larose Not at all given them the option to stand up for the rates the same way as I said in my article that when police officers them selves get pulled over for impaired driving to do that. But then I also further it by the constitutional right that they cannot make it mandatory by law. It’s no different then the Kurt in law that was just thrown out because it violates our constitutional rights. Simple meaning the new mandatory breathalyzer means it can be anywhere anytime. You could be walking down the street just walking down the street and a police officer can pull up and administer this random breathalyzer. So a lot of people start standing up because they only get the bits and pieces of how those laws going to work but they haven’t actually read up on the lawyer yet and how it is intended to work. So I have stayed it very strongly about our constitutional rights and to stand up for them before it stripped away. Not telling people to go out and drink and drive and then refuse the blow. And my statement is nowhere even close to any nonsense like that. I have simply stated to follow the police example and that when they get caught drinking and driving they always refuse to blow and take the lesser conviction in court. Thought it would be nice to inform people to keep them selves on the same playing field is a cop that they use the charter of rights as the reason to not give Brett a sample. But so many people can put whatever twist they want for whatever their agenda is. Please look up in research with this new law is imposing. It’s not just for when you’re driving down the road and coming into a ride program that if they think you’re drinking your blow. You could be walking down the street you could be at a function somewhere you could be doing whatever you want and they can come and request a mandatory blow, just think how that will go over with officers that hold a grudge towards certain individuals in the community? Because everybody associates a breathalyzer to driving when it’s not, it could be used for drunken disorderly in public which is a very hard charge to fight in court, it could be used to have people trust past or it could be used just to run people through the ringer into the court system to prove a point of power. Again no different then the card in process for profiling. In the charter of law I believe it’s under highway traffic act and I want to say 48 we’re just talking about right programs, and the actual law is to state that they can only stop vehicles if they suspect the person is impaired, so all the other cars that they stop means they have to suspect that person to get them to stop which is a breach of constitutional rights as well because you cannot just walk up to anybody or everybody and use the blanket or an umbrella To demand breath samples, identification anything. One more rolls into the other law and buy the making and that they can request mandatory brought the samples is no different than any thing they do when they have a suspicious or suspect that drunk driver, but the change now is again it’s for anywhere, if you walking home from the bar at night, from your next-door neighbours house. It just gives too much open power to Violate your rights

    • Rick Clint Orton blah blah blah.. You are missing the point.

    • Rick Clint Orton, you make some very interesting points! Thank you for sharing.

    • Shawna Larose no you have missed the point. Blah blah blah. I guess charter of rights only apply if it is yours being violated right? Blah blah blah?

    • Shawna Larose do you were poppies? If you do you are a hypocrite! Our ancestors fought blood were injured died for a constitutional rights and to uphold them, and just from you missing the point of my statement and actually putting intelligence behind it, knowing what’s the new law is and what it is developed for, knowing what is to be taken away any and every time it happens you may as well spit in every Veterans face

    • Shawna Larose Your response just now is the point. I’m quite sure many things fly over your head on a daily basis and you can’t figure out why. Good luck in life.

  19. Ivan Leo. Bud, they dont need reason to test. They can randomly test anyone anytime

  20. Yes, the officer shoves it up his ass between each reading, which is exactly what you deserve if you need to blow into one.

  21. Refrain from drinking and driving and you wont need to worry about it

  22. Mike Reid Mike Reid says:

    They need to upgrade their breathalyzer to the ones used in Australia. Theirs you don’t put your mouth on it, you just talk into it..

  23. The mouthpieces are disposable one time use only. As if they’d endanger the public like that.

    • John Brown John Brown says:

      Being arrogant,…doesnt make you smart or better. Makes you less.

    • John Brown not arrogant at all. It’s quite the accusation to imply police would use the same mouthpiece on thousands of people, so I’m defending such a statement.

    • Ashley Alexandra I’m pretty it was simply a question and not an accusation. I’ve never had one either so wouldn’t know. I’d assume it would be a no but it’s definitely something to consider!

    • John Brown John Brown says:

      Ohhh the outrage of it all. Haha accusation,…really. you and the poster have a lot in common. I can see now,…why you respond as you did. Carry on

    • John Brown the only person outraged and picking fights with strangers is you friend.

    • Lori Howard Lori Howard says:

      It is a good question….just because the mouthpiece is new each time does not mean the machine is sanitary. Germs can be left in the breathing apparatus itself. Sanitary issues are a very big concern. Your breath can leave all kinds of infectious spores inside od that chamber.

    • Adam Read Adam Read says:

      “As if they’d endanger the public like that.” Lol

    • All the armchair geniuses in here asking the obvious questions as if this wasn’t considered by educated people in the system years before the scholars of Shout-out Sudbury pondored it.

      And yes, I am being arrogant about it because it’s a dumb question with an obvious answer.

      If not, every defence lawyer in the world would have any DUI charge thrown out in a hot minute and every police force would be sued into oblivion on the first communicable disease infection from shared mouthpieces.

      Stay in school kids.

  24. I’m sure you’ve had lots of cops things in your mouth ! Bit late to worry now lmao ..

  25. Drew Guillet Drew Guillet says:

    Don’t drink and drive and you won’t have to worry. Simple as that!!

  26. Hey if you have never had to take one that’s a good question I love how ignorant people can be I myself never had one so I didn’t know

    • Zack Tryon Zack Tryon says:

      Pierre Lalonde youre about to if you get pulled over. Those tests arent accurate lol. Different food makes it test positive even if youre sober. Then even YOU will be guilty and have your life ruined until you prove yourself innocent …

      So youre ignorant .

    • Rob Everlast Rob Everlast says:

      This is the dumbest thing I’ve heard all day…. What kind of food are you eating that would give you a alcohol reading high enough tonhave have you charged with a DUI? Fermented apples?? Lol

    • Hey buddy all I said was I never had one so how am I being ignorant ppl are commenting about how she was inquiring about the mouthpiece on the breathalyzer and being ignorant about it maybe you should learn how to properly read zach Zack Tryon

    • Zack Tryon or maybe you are one of the fucktards that got caught drinking and driving and instead of owning up to it you blamed the fucking apples

    • Pierre Lalonde ignorant means you don’t know as oppose to being rude

    • Zack Tryon Zack Tryon says:

      Rob Everlast a simple google search will tell you.

    • Zack Tryon Zack Tryon says:

      Bread . Pepsi. Chocolate . Ibuprofen. Different colognes and perfumes just to name a few.

    • Zack Tryon Zack Tryon says:

      Pierre Lalonde fucktard ? No bud lol. Grow up . A machine is not accurate. especially a machine in the hands of sovereigns.

    • Zack Tryon Zack Tryon says:

      Rod Stevens wearing it lol….

    • Rob Everlast Rob Everlast says:

      If you’re talking about mouth alcohols… We’re talking about rare cases. If it means that a few assholes have to get a breath test done for nothing… I’m ok with that. Less drunks will be able to go and ruin other people’s lives, because they are too stupid to have the basic self preservation instinct, and just sleep it off.

      Until we start seeing excessive amounts of people getting wrongfully charged with drunk driving… I see nothing wrong with people submitting to a breathalyzer.

    • Rob Everlast gum have a certain alcohol level and that’s a fact

    • Rob Everlast Rob Everlast says:

      K… Try that when you do a DUI… Let me know how you fair in court.

      If you fail a breath test, they bring you in for blood work. If you have a blood alcohol level higher than what is the legal limit… Then they can charge you with a DUI. You can’t be charged with a DUI until they draw your blood. But they can charge you with refusing to provide a sample… And unless you have something to hide?? Why would you refuse?

      Bottom line, hundreds of thousands of people die annually, from drinking and driving.

      My uncle lost his wife and baby to a drunk driver…. If you really think that your chewing gum is a reasonable excuse and reason to argue this new law… I suggest you speak to my uncle. The man’s life got turned upside down, because some fool decided to drive drunk.

    • Brian Emery Brian Emery says:

      Rob Everlast whatever bud…if someone is drink enough to cause problems the police should be able to smell it on their breath or give them a motor skills test
      . Not letting innocent people drive freely down the street without being harassed is a big deal to me…look at the ‘immigrant’ checkpoints in the us…100 miles from the border and some have dogs lol…immigrant sniffing dogs? …let’s just slowly loose our freedoms until we wake up one day and realise it’s too late and we’re treated like shit in a ‘free’ country

  27. Anna Perry Anna Perry says:

    Why is this even a question.
    The device piece is disposable just like when you go to the clinic!

    • Shawn Irving Shawn Irving says:

      It’s a question because clearly not everyone has had a breathalyzer done, and they wanted to make sure they’re not putting their mouth on shit others have put their mouths on? Legit question if you ask me.

  28. The mouth piece part is disposable so ya on the ones I’ve seen anyways

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