Do you like Russians?

This may be a weird question and please don’t get me wrong, I just want to hear honest opinions because this is internet.
How important political topics in your day to day relations with other human beings? I hope some Ukrainians can shed some light on this 🙂 after what Russia has done to their country.
Do you like, or agree with the ones who openly support Putin? Should we as a society with true Canadian values do something about these people who came to live here and support our enemy?




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  1. My grandfather came here when he was three because of russian aggression. Its the corrupt government not Russia itself. It has a long history and beautiful people

  2. My great grandparents fled Russia together, personally every individual in every country has their own political beliefs not all support everything a government does.

    To assume an individual just because of their nationality that they agree or disagree with their government is ignorant at best.

  3. Lori Richer Lori Richer says:

    I am Canadian born … I think you should not focus so much on what the media tells us and listen to some of his interviews… Oliver Stone has a great series of interviews done only a few years ago.. I liked Vladimir Putin before and after watching several videos about him… I liked him even more!

  4. Maggie Bite Maggie Bite says:

    Ask Any Latvian Estonian or Lithuanians

  5. Dennis Lopez Dennis Lopez says:

    I love russian people but their government is ass plain and simple.

  6. America is great, like all countries it’s the government that is the problem.

  7. The Russian people are wonderful…it’s the leaders…same can be said for americans

  8. Married one! Pretty sure she doesn’t support Putin. Poutine on the other hand, well that’s a whole other story.

  9. Big difference between the Russian people and the Russian government. You can like the former without having to agree with the latter

  10. Every single one i have ever met….yes

  11. Adam Read Adam Read says:

    Do you like America after what it’s done around the world?

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