Do Women in Sudbury Work??

So with all the snow days, I don’t understand how kids stay home and not go to school. I used to live in southern Ontario and 80% of kids still went to school on snow days and that was because parents have to work. Here, I notice the complete opposite. Are there really that many unemployed people that are just at home anyways, so there kids can stay home? My daughter said her teacher told the class yesterday to enjoy their snow day at home. Teacher, your job isn’t to tell the kids to stay home and it has my daughter questioning how you feel about your class. Not only do all the unemployed people tend to breed more unemployed kids, but we are also teaching our kids that when there is snow, ice, a storm, whatever, we shouldn’t be expected to do anything. And that my friends, is not the real world. Most employers would laugh at someone or fire them for not coming to work on a day like today. And you are welcome, unemployed people….you get to spend the day with your kids today while I go to work so I can pay for you to stay home and show your kids the example that they don’t have to show responsibility and work.



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  1. So lots of moms drive their kids to school lol…just a thought

  2. There his big differences between down south and north maybe if don’t realize how much snow we get and maybe they have babysitters to watch the kids like the grandparents?

  3. I don’t get snow days god damn kids so lucky

  4. Hey fuck nuts….my wife stays home because we can…..its our choice to have my children raised by the parents instead of a daycare….when it’s a snow day my kids enjoy spending time with their mother while dad is away at work….and at no time do I fear raising a generation of kids who arent taught to work….so as politely as possible….maybe think more before you speak

  5. Urghh, not your business, begone

  6. Brian Emery Brian Emery says:

    I seen a unicorn once! Lolol. Jk

  7. Nan Young Nan Young says:

    ouch someones a little bitter

  8. Mars Barrer Mars Barrer says:

    Its called calling in . Works for snow days as well my friend. Uneducated fucks like you are the reason single moms have such a hard time being judged with every move they make. Fuck right off. And before you get on your high and mighty horse. No I do not have kids. I’m just an understanding human being. You should try it sometime 😉 They pay into their sick days too . Just like everyone else :p and if they are stay at home moms then they dont have to call in. They are already at work. Cause yeah its a job and half. No breaks. Unless you lock the door to poop in some cases lol also they could be staying home with dad? Or grams or gramps? Or aunty or uncle? Or older brother or sister who also has a snow day? Or maybe because it is a SNOW day they had to call into work anyway cause they couldn’t get through the snow either? We are NORTHERN ontario not southern . We get like 10cm at the least . So get off your high horse. Loser.

  9. Even when i dont work my kids go!! There is no need to be hanging out at home

  10. Gregg Hill Gregg Hill says:

    Why do I get the feeling that you feel hard done and put upon because you have to do your job? Your deal is your deal, and everybody else’s deal is their deal. If you hate your life so much then change it, but it is toxic to carry that much resentment for other people. That attitude alone will harm your daughter far worse than anyone else’s “bad work attitude”. As a matter of fact, if she is currently conflicted about her teacher it is almost certainly the result of you ranting and bad-mouthing the teacher, not anything to do with the snow day. Your lack of respect breeds lack of respect – the cycle of nastiness is just as persistent as the cycle of abuse, or the cycle of poverty.

  11. Some of us work and some of us stay home. It’s a good thing your post was anonymous because it was mean spirited. Shame on you! Other people ‘s family situations are none of your business. If you have an issue with the teacher take it up with her. Otherwise if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.

  12. Im perfectly happy as a stay at home dad. Thats how my kids can stay home

  13. Mine are old enough to stay home alone so I would rather my kids be safe at home than on the roads in inclement weather. Let them enjoy being kids and having the option to stay home.
    Sudbury has a lot of shift workers so many are home during daylight hours.
    Perhaps you should head back to Southern Ontario so your kids can develop a better work ethic.

  14. Gail Decaire I agree! I can’t believe someone said that?!!!

  15. Wanda Deloye Wanda Deloye says:

    Do men in Sudbury work? Why do you assume that only women have to stay home and look after the kids? And just because you stay at home with your kid, for an illness or whatever, doesn’t mean you’re unemployed. Moron.

  16. James Fine James Fine says:

    Fuck off asshole. Take your assumptions and stick em up your ass.

  17. Chip on your shoulder much? Why make it about women?

  18. Cory Leblanc Cory Leblanc says:

    The OP is a good example of pure ignorance.

  19. Josie Barnes Josie Barnes says:

    What about the mom’s who work afternoon or graveyard shift….. They are home during the day…… very judgmental of you to just assume everyone is unemployed.

  20. I’d rather take a sick day from work and tend to my kid, then risk driving out in dangerous conditions. If you wanna risk your kids life on those roads so you can go to work, thats up to you, but i’d rather know my children are safe. Just saying.

  21. Rod Golden Rod Golden says:

    lol you talk about living in southern ont we had a snow day the other day and they closed the schools and all the kids stayed home so i have no idea what your talking about as we live in southern ont and its not parents fault if they close the schools and pull buses off the road and police tell ppl to stay off the roads

  22. You do you and let people do people ….that is all

  23. I ask my self this all the time . Makes no sense .

  24. Schools are not babysitting services. I will not send my children to school in a snowstorm whether they take a bus or walk or are driven by car. Alternate childcare should be set up for emergencies, holidays etc.

  25. Ignorant troll. Why not worry about your own life and keep your snout out of everyone elses. Get a hobby or something.

  26. Wow this is quite a message. When my children were younger, they walked to school even on snow days because they lived close enough. I was a stay at home mom and their father worked to support our family…which was our choice. Snow days are nobody’s choice as we do not have control over mother nature. I know many mom’s and dad’s who miss work because their children are home. No wonder your post is anonymous…I wouldn’t want to attach my name to such a hypocritical statement.

  27. This is highly sexist. My husband stays home and I work full time, my kids stay home on snow days.

  28. Sudbury has a lot of high paying jobs that allow for a single income home. Asshole

  29. Disgruntled teacher probably… Just the green jelousy monster popping in.. hahaha NEXT!

  30. Kelsie Dawn Kelsie Dawn says:

    Holy crap, who pissed in your cornflakes this morning? Relax Sally, some people have the option of staying home with their children, doesn’t mean they are unemployed and living off of mothers allowance. Even if they were why the fuck do you care so much? You do you deary.

  31. sometimes its grandparents or siblings that helps out

  32. Brian Carter Brian Carter says:

    This town is right full of shift workers who’s entire lives are making schedules work I work out of town constantly if there is a snow day when I am home I am glad to have my girls with me as I miss them when I am gone

  33. I am a stay at home mom because my entire paycheck would just go to daycare, once all my kids are in school I can hopefully go back to work, you must not have children if you dont know the answer to this lol

  34. I chose to stay home, we lived with less money but my kids got all of my attention..and I was there for them every step….and when they got home from school I was there to greet them..its better than them coming home alone and getting used to it…

  35. Dean Farinha Dean Farinha says:

    It’s Sudbury. “Stay at home mommy”.

  36. jealousy is showing here…..maybe they are doing well and dont have to work dude!!!! stop judging women..your hate for women is showing..

  37. Jen Bertrand Jen Bertrand says:

    Well you have a job right??? well stop complaining and worry about yourself

  38. Carrie Rioux Carrie Rioux says:

    I dont live in Sudbury but ..
    I work
    Snow day .. Oh hi paid sick day thanks education for allowing me to have a job that i can take paid day off. Wow doesnt that sound assuming and pretentious!!?? Bitch so do u!!
    A lot of ppl bring their kids to day care or a sitter on a snow day. Lots of ppl also dont work 9 to 5 min to Friday and may happen to have the day off. Some work from home, some make theornown hours on salary we all walk different roads can ur assumptions and mind ur own.

  39. Just cause the kids aren’t going to school on snowday doesn’t even mean there at home with mom cause people who are at work can’t leave at 3 just to pick them up or who knows maybe they work from home so they can stay home cause why send the kid to school on a snow day unless the kid acually wants to go but it’s not like they are learning anything because to many kids won’t be there so the teacher won’t be teaching anything with that many kids missing and to me it’s alot easier to drop the kid off at grandmas house cause u don’t need to leave early just to pick up and bring the kid to grandma’s after school anyways then drive back to work and most jobs won’t just let you leave to do that anyways. Who ever wrote this post is ignorant and obviously doesn’t think about all the other possibilities rather then moms not working like wtf does this person even care mind your own business..

  40. Lisa Hill Lisa Hill says:

    OP… A bit judgy? You have no idea what each family is going thru. I am older and don’t have kids at home anymore. However, I was a single parent of 2 kids. I held 2 jobs and when snow days hit I lost income. So, on behalf of all the parents out there that actually have kids and work… Keep your judgemental attitude to yourself. You just show the world what an ass you are.

  41. Ash Hervieux Ash Hervieux says:

    Bitter much. Its northern ontario we get more snow then southern ontario. Fyi just because it’s a snow day doesn’t mean the school is closed totally means the buses are only normally so you can still drop your kid off at school then head to work. Alot of people shift work, run their own businesses or have jobs they can take their kid to work with them the rest have family or friends that can watch their kids. 11 years old they can stay at home alone 12 years old they can get their babysitting course. So quit whining suck it up it’s the north or move back south

  42. Andrea Wilks Andrea Wilks says:

    I dont see why your so wound up over it. Every family situation is different. Some people are able to stay home some aren’t. My kids are old enough to stay home while I go to work. My husband leaves for work before the kids get up. I don’t drive so can’t drop them off/pick them up so they stay home on snow days. Like the saying goes, you do you. I’ll do me lol.

  43. Kim Parker Kim Parker says:

    This my friend, would be a good time to mind your own business. I would bet anything you dont have a husband or kids!

  44. Sam Wentzell Sam Wentzell says:

    No. There are a lot of shift workers though.

  45. After you see a school bus off the road because of icy conditions or extreme conditions think about your post. This post is only worrying about yourself and not your children. You live in the north and are aware this can happen so have plans in place simple.

  46. Mine go if I’m scheduled and stay home if im off, i work full time just not a typical monday to Friday routine

  47. Carie Adams Carie Adams says:

    My kids have to stay at daycare because I have to be at work for 8am and drop them off for 7. So if the bus isn’t running to bring them to school they have to remain at daycare for the day until I get off work and go get them.

  48. We just like our kids more up here !!!!!!!! but then again if my kid was from Toronto I’d probably send the lil bastard to school on a snow day too……..

  49. Welp… I have the option to work from home when the roads are bad…. you know.. so I don’t risk my life to get in to the office…
    Most people with good jobs have personal days they can take to stay home on occasion..
    it’s funny that you assume they are staying home with mothers, when a lot of men are laid off from their construction or labor jobs, during the winter DUE TO WEATHER… lolol

  50. Joey Telfer Joey Telfer says:

    I am in school and dont work at this moment but I still take my kids to school and daycare on snow days. But sometimes we live busy lifes that it’s nice when you can have that extra day to spend with you child. But some people dont live close enough to be walking threw big snow falls . Sometimes the 4 hour jurney us not worth it for the people who take city bus .

  51. Paige Ashley Paige Ashley says:

    Its called babysitters duh, I’ve sent my own children to school only to have them neg to go home because all they did was sit on the Ipads (because the class was so small)

  52. Tanya Werden Tanya Werden says:

    Why is everyone explaining themselves to this person?

  53. I’m a shift worker. I was off most snow days this year, or coming off a night shift.. So I let my son stay home.

  54. We call in sick if I can’t find child care.

  55. I’d wanna remain anonymous if I was dumb as fuck too.

  56. There’s all kinds of sexism, judgment, and inaccuracies in this post. Wow.

  57. For ur fyi, your one dumb fucking person. You probably sit at home doing fuck all any ways lmao you don’t run people, you have NO say weather who stays home and who dosen’t, your not their moms, dads, sisters, etc, worry about you and yours u dummy

  58. Judgey judgerson straight outta judgesville! I keep my boy home with me, not because I’m unemployed, but because I am currently on maternity leave… my husband is also employed but laid off for the winter. Also, there are employers in Sudbury that care about their employees and would rather them stay home with their kiddos, then drive in unsafe conditions. Also, employed parents that perhaps don’t drive, and have no other choice but to stay home. So take off your judges robe and think before posting. ✌️

  59. I’ve had to count on my in laws to take care of them or take my sick days to stay home which is unfair as they could go to school but ya w to be picked up by 3 and o work until 4 so they can’t go or they would

  60. Jenna Rae Jenna Rae says:

    what about dads, grandparents, aunts, cousins, babysitter..

  61. Gail Decaire Gail Decaire says:

    How sad for you to try and belittle and stereotype every single “mom”’that you pay taxes for, girl stfu! If they are stay at home mom, do you really think some families are all low income to be able to stay home??? Go back down south , we don’t care for the negativity.
    Go on with you Valentine’s Day lady, try and no spread such annoying negativity.

  62. My son is 15. He’s a big boy and can stay home by himself. I’ve worked every year he’s been alive and when there were snow days when he was younger I’d drive him to school.

  63. I’m sorry that you still have to work but not sorry that I am a stay at home mom. I would love to be working and my kids would have still have gone to school and daycare. but unfortunately daycare spaces are far and few between. oh and you don’t pay for me to stay home, you assumption and ignorance is astonishing to me. just because some moms stay home doesn’t mean they are on welfare or don’t work, but some employers are actually understanding. oh and your comment of growing up in southern Ontario and not getting snow days REALLY, last time I checked I’ve gone to southern Ontario in the winter and don’t even have half as much snow as we get EVERY YEAR!!!

  64. Jenna Rae Jenna Rae says:

    there are plenty of people who couldnt work due to conditions.. they still have their job. Get real OP.

  65. Pam Bourcier Pam Bourcier says:

    And also many parents work shift work or work when there partner is on days off! So they are able to be home.

  66. Pam Bourcier Pam Bourcier says:

    A lot of people work from home. I myself run my own business so if there is a snow day and I choose not to drive her she stays home.

    I know many employers are Lenient and parents use up sick days ect

    Maybe they are on Maternity leave with another child!!

    Why be So judgemental that’s what’s wrong with the world today – Gawd

  67. What the fuck does it matter to you? If they want to keep their kids at home during snow days that’s their decision. Not yours. Back off with your fuckery.

  68. I work at home.. but even if I didn’t I had kids to raise them I’m a stay at home mom. Nothing wrong with that if you can afford it.

  69. Reba Twain Reba Twain says:

    Somebody has mommy issues.

  70. How about do men work as well!!! Women work and they work their asses off. Get out of the old days. The men dont work to support their woman anymore..women work to support their man as well… If it makes you feel better then by all means send your children to school and if that’s what makes you feel good about yourself then good for you. I choose to keep my children home and if it bothers you then that’s youre problem!

  71. It’s called friends and family.

  72. Zack Tryon Zack Tryon says:

    Triggered alert. Nobody works in Sudbury mind you.

  73. The ignorance is strong in this one.

  74. I’m single and do not work, because I DO NOT HAVE TO!, and have three kids.
    Snow days we spend them outside or doing crafts if it’s to cold.
    I’ve worked three jobs since I was 16, if there are no busses my kids stay home with me to spend time with them

  75. Why does every woman have to work you tool if husband is a man he will support mom and kids

  76. When the kids get a snow day I get a snow day! Some working parents do have flexibility. Guess it helps if your a private contractor. But none the less I’m sure some parents get babysitters or grandparents or may have an older child that can stay home with the others if any.

  77. My kids stay home because I do work – I can’t leave work to go and pick them up when school ends, so they have to stay home all day (without me).

  78. Fathers and mothers should have plans in place. Some single parents don’t have much of a choice. I have seen parents bring the child to work until help can pick them up. There are options. And most parents do have the plan in place.

  79. Rachel Denis Rachel Denis says:

    Southern Ontario closes their schools over 2 inches of snow. Sudbury schools remain open and we get triple that amount of snow. Ridiculous post.

  80. I’m a school bus driver, so yes, if busses are cancelled, I keep my kids home.

  81. You dont pay for me to stay home!, my husband does but thanks .. some people have to stay home.. you know how expensive daycare is?? Id be working to pay for it only having 2 kids and not being eligible for subsidy. Why pay out my whole work cheque to someone to raise my children when I can ? And again YOU dont support us in the least my husband does!

  82. “Unemployed people tend to breed more unemployed kids” this whole post is just wrong.

  83. First of all, why do you assume the mother would be the one to stay home? Second of all, many times there is a parent who works nights or afternoons and can be home with the child. Some people also have retired parents who help out with their children and can spend the day with them on snow days.

  84. Workong mom’s mom probably do what I do and drop them off at school as the schools themselves are still open!

  85. Amy Elisa Amy Elisa says:

    Why does it have to be women who are “unemployed”???? Cut it with the gender stereotyping, it’s not the 1950’s.

  86. As for some of us we dont drive and cant get a sitter so yes people take the day off work I dont see a problem with that at all why assume that women don’t work give your head a shake bud

  87. I do always wonder why there’s so much traffic at 2pm.

  88. Scott Seguin Scott Seguin says:

    what’s the difference of the kids are taught not to go to school on a snow day or that when you go to school on a snow day you get to play board games all day… cuz they don’t teach new curriculum on a snow day… I own my own business so therefore I set my own hours so on snow days since I work from home anyways she stays home… Missing school on a snow day doesn’t even count towards a child attendance… Also some employers care more about their employees safety then anything else so they give them the day off when the weather is really bad or they got sick days they can use… I know two people who use sick days yesterday.

  89. Shannon Dawn Shannon Dawn says:

    I grew up in southern ontario and we never got snow like this. And if we got a foot of snow the army was called.

  90. I will just post this, from the local bus consortium yesterday…

  91. I will just post this, from the local bus consortium yesterday…

  92. Someone’s angry he doesn’t get snow days anymore. Awe poor you you need to go to work still like the rest of the adults.

  93. James and who are you to tell me not too lmao

  94. Schools don’t close on snow days only school buses.

  95. James and who are you to tell me not too lmao

  96. Schools don’t close on snow days only school buses.

  97. you should ask yourself how much of their wage do you actually pay. be a good sheep and get back to work.

  98. Leslie Buffett then why the hell are you posting on a page in sudbury????

  99. Leslie Buffett then why the hell are you posting on a page in sudbury????

  100. I was just saying the same thing to my spouse,. What’s with all these mom’s going on about spending every snow day at home with the kids lol Dont they work?

  101. Schools in Sudbury never close for weather, it’s always that the buses are cancelled and therefore attendance is optional. Just because the definition of a “snow day” says schools are closed doesn’t mean that’s how the practice is done in Sudbury.

  102. Eric Caron Eric Caron says:

    If school buses are cancelled schools are open but if municipal transportation is cancelled then the schools close

  103. Teacher says enjoy your snow day tomorrow then they are telling your kid to have a good day.. as most kids don’t go to school on snow days, this is just being polite.. people are reading to much into it.. And what if the parent staying at home with the kid is unemployed but their spouse isn’t.. they’re just a stay at home parent.. good for them.. everyone has to quit being so judgemental

    • This! Teachers can’t say anything anymore without some parent getting mad and taking it the wrong way. It’s the what, 15th snow day of the year, that teacher knows how many kids won’t be there the next day and it’s probably most of them.

  104. Farhan Salah Farhan Salah says:

    Hello. Please send me the scholarly article which proves your generalization and fake stats, please very much. %80. Ok. Let’s see it.

  105. Ladies and gentleman. We have ourselves a winner here. Leslie Buffett gets millenial snowflake of the year award…LOL just cause there is snow on the ground. Does not mean you can choose not to go to get fired for that…lol

  106. Carla Kassinen this is why I love you lmao

  107. Leslie Buffett sorry but it’s just buses that are canceled schools never close

  108. Why would you assume that they are staying home with their mother and not their father?

  109. Some woman have young kids at home. Too young for school and too young for daycare. They are called stay at home moms. And if ANYONE tells me that’s not a job. I suggest you come to my place and try it for a week.

  110. Anna Perry Anna Perry says:

    Many working moms figure it out and have plans in place
    Many married moms figure it out and have plans in place.
    Just figure it out.
    Edit my kids are mostly home with my husband their dad on snow days

  111. Brent Parker Brent Parker says:

    No daddy ally is closed!

  112. Kids 11+ can stay home alone on a snow day, or go to a friends/grandparents house if parents are working. In my experience, it’s not delivering kids to school on ‘Snowy Day’ that was the problem, but collecting them afterwards as I do work past 3pm. I had to find other arrangements. Some kids within walking distance can not walk on ice rink type sidewalks to even get there (like last Friday)…… so many variables you have not considered here. I think the teacher is wishing all his/her students a safe day, wherever that is. The less kids on the roads in bad weather the better, walking or driving.

  113. First of all
    If you lived in southern Ontario your “snow days” are 2 inches of snow …. were in northern Ontario and in case you haven’t noticed we have 10 feet of snow!!! Schools are still open but it’s the buses that are canceled for safety of “YOUR” child you can easily drive them and pick them up …

  114. If buses are canceled it’s up the parent to decide if the roads are safe enough for travel

  115. Leslie Buffett omg it’s the law they gotta be open for the exact reason I think that ppl have schedules please tell me your trolling and your not this stupid

  116. listen to the radio everytime they announce snow days… “schools remain open but transportation cancelled” every snow day we’ve had this year has been busses cancelled but schools still open. Teachers are still expected to show up and if you drop your kids off you’re responsible to pick them up.

  117. Shyla Myatt Shyla Myatt says:

    Our schools are open when buses are cancelled, parents are free to drive their kids to school is possible. I drive my son and he hasn’t missed any school, I’m in school too and I certainly don’t get snow days lol

  118. well HERE yes if it’s a snow day our schools are closed

  119. Lol leslie. Schools are always still

  120. Hence why it’s called a snow day

  121. Wow. Judgey much? So, not that I owe anyone any explanation…I just won’t explain. K?

  122. Snow days buses are cancelled and schools remain open.

  123. Leslie Buffett sorry. But no. Schools are not closed when buses are. Teachers are all still at school. Ours still goes. You need yourself some education.

  124. Wow, I feel a lot of bitterness and judgment from this post. I can certainly see where you are coming from, but I would argue that childcare is a job, and a very unappreciated one. I’m not a parent myself, I’m a full-time student on placement (which is like a job but one you don’t get paid for) 😛 But honestly, I’d have a -much- harder time raising a child than working full-time. To answer your original question, women absolutely work! The non-profit organization I am on placement at is staffed by both men and women who are hardworking and wonderful people, and the executive director is female.

  125. if its a snow day schools are closed

    • Ashley says:

      Idk where u live but basically everywhere,if buses are cancelled schools are always just half to bring ur kids there and pick them up right at 3:00 or whatever time the school is done…Never are any schools closed if it’s a snow day lol

  126. Lee Baxter Lee Baxter says:

    Leslie Buffett (schools are open on snow days, tho..)

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