Do the right thing

To the person who was at Home Depot Saturday Oct 12th and found a Ash shop Vac for cleaning fireplaces sitting on the ground in the parking lot and decided to take it instead of return it , I hope you enjoy it .

Went back an hr later to find out no one handed it in. was a honest mistake that it was left from a person recovering from a surgery who was trying to tie something else down in the back of vehicle and just walked away without thinking .



10 Responses

  1. This is awful. But there are still many good people out there. Someone found a brand new decorative clock on the side of the highway in the Valley and posted it as found.

  2. Thieves run rampant everywhere. Disgusting they didn’t turn it in…. it was obviously forgotten in error. Do the right thing & RETURN IT !!!

  3. Pathetic !! This city is going to shit everything gets stolen lately people weed plants people deliveries breaking into cars robbing people quite sickening and I’m starting to loose hope for humanity

  4. Jen Stone says:

    I left a bag on the floor once in a store when I was looking at something else and walked away…
    I wasn’t even 3 minutes out of the store when I remembered and went back…
    Of course it was gone and no one turned it in…
    Lesson learned and I will not forget a bag again…

    Although the person should not have taken it…people also need to be more mindful of their purchases as well…

    No offense but trying to make someone feel guilty for taking it…isn’t going to work because if they had a conscience to begin with…they would have turned it in…

    Maybe they will have a change of heart and return it…

  5. Peter Barry says:

    This city…..i dont know anymore

  6. Shame on you………. you’re just a common thief, no better then the punks breaking into homes/cars. You make your family proud. Do the right thing and return it to the store and call it a mistake.

  7. Adam Read says:

    They don’t have cameras in their parking lot? The fuck?