Do some of you Proof Read?

Every day I read posts and comments from people on my friends list and on other posts from people I don’t even know. As I read them, I sit here and wonder what the hell they are talking about. They repeat the same word 10 times, there’s no punctuation, there’s no sentence breaks, it’s just one long ass post that makes absolutely no sense.

I’ve had to stop following a lot of the people on my friends list because their grammar hurts my head, and as a college grad, I feel myself getting dumber by the minute reading it. Reread your post and make the necessary changes to make it readable. And another thing, you have to put the proper word “and” is not spelled “an” there is a “g” after anything ending in “ing.” Either go back to school for an English course, or just stop posting all together.


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  1. Amy Welch Amy Welch says:

    first off for someone who is a grad student i think you should go back to school yourself and here is the reason on why…..Every day I read post and comments…..well it should say Every Day I have read the post and comments…LMAO…..So your english is not so good yourself now is it…..its called pretense something that has happened in the past tense lol…here is another reason….Reread your post . Well if you take into consideration the first few words before Reread it should be like this…..I feel myself getting dumber by the minute reading it. You should reread your post….And here is another example ….there is a “g” after anything ending in “ing”….it should be …there is a “g” after anything that would end in “ing”…lol……so stop trying to make yourself better then others when YOUR POST HURTS MY HEAD!!!! So what if people are not perfect…..and another thing…..don’t post about others spelling and corrections unless you intend to you the proper way of using sentences yourself…….Have a Great Day! Oh i hope my post doesnt hurt your head….thats right there is no ‘ in the word i typed doesnt…. because heck this is the internet and i am sure that people on here can read my post just fine without me needing to be an english major…

  2. Who cares. I’m about to unfollow this group. Pointless posts all the time.

  3. Alex Lische Alex Lische says:

    Meanwhile in Sudbury…

  4. Lol at this guy who’s a collage grad but can’t use his brain to fix the mistakes in his head an understand what was written… just imagine the poor teachers that go through things like this everyday , yet you’re gunna be petty an stop talking to friends cause you feel MR. better than everyone else . Why is it that no one can read through mistakes an correct them in their head an go on with their day ?:p

  5. There’s bigger problems in the world !

  6. It’s the internet fuck what people think

  7. I agree w/ the OP & in no way do I discriminate against those who have a legitimate affliction/disability that lends to their improper use of the English language…spelling, grammar etc. Having said that, as frustrating & often incomprehensible as some posts are I’ve learned to take deep breaths & keep on scrolling when these present. Otherwise, I could spend all day, every day feeling stressed & correcting ppls posts. The thing that really blows my mind is how many ppl, of ALL education & professional levels can’t differentiate between ‘then’ & ‘than’! Their meanings are nowhere near similar…smh!!

  8. Linda says:

    Don`t let this distract you from the fact that in 1960 KRAFT Peanut Butter was first introduced to Canada in two varieties – Smooth and Crunchy.

  9. Linda says:

    Ok there Sunshine. And proof read, is spelled proofread. And secondly, who cares.

  10. Nickers says:

    To flaunt your skills as a “college” grad and make some very obvious grammatical errors yourself, speaks to the scale of the problem.

    Don’t worry, though: Soon Google will be listening to your words AND your thoughts, and no one will ever have to physically type anything ever again. Ever.

  11. Im writing tis on a tablrt lrts sre how it gors

  12. Jeph Hall Jeph Hall says:

    I concur, is it that difficult to take 10 seconds to re-read what you are about to post.

  13. I would let everything go at this point if I could just get everyone that means ‘lose’ or ‘loser’, to stop typing in the words ‘loose’ and ‘looser’ in their place.

    I used to feel just as the OP did but my soul has slowly been crushed by Facebook and other platforms. However, I have retreated as far as I am able. I don’t know why it bothers me so much when some illiterate idiot tells the world that they are ‘surrounded by loosers’ or that they ‘hate to loose arguments’. But the loose/looser hill is the grammatical hill I have chosen to die on.

    I am similar to my friend Dennis LeDrew in that I don’t obsess over spelling and punctuation when communicating online. All that is required is the basic spellcheck that google provides and the occasional period. If I can understand your post and see that you made an effort that is good enough for me, but lazy mistakes are the ones that bug me the most.

  14. I have a learning disability, hell literally less of a brain than all of you (right temporal lobe removed to control epileptic seizures) and I still write better than most on the internet. Ive had concussions and 24 years of seizures damage my brain. Whats your excuse people? I know I was taught in grade school to proof read.

  15. I guess dyslexia cannot be used as an excuse? 😛 dam that suks 😛 hope you all have fun with learning how to properly spell.. we all have flaws why bother pointing them out, we live in a world now that everything is digital, if auto correct isn’t on the most people just want to get the typing done and on with other stuff.. not saying that should be the standard. 🙂 but as this person is a grad student.. stature is everything.

  16. Soooooo spellin’ boters u real bad an grammor two. Ahhhh dat sucs realy bad pour u. SO, from a skale frum won too ten. How much is your stress level now. One being great and ten being, “throw me off a bridge.”

  17. I literally type full corrections of grammatically incorrect posts, then promptly delete my correction. Yes, I am afflicted with a bit of O.C.D. but I agree with the initial poster; why can’t people proof read before hitting “send”? And yes, I know it is Facebook, or the local online news or whatever, but has our education system fallen so far in such a short time? My only way of dealing with this problem is to completely skip over posts that appear to be gibberish, therefore nullifying the contributors opinion and/or intent.

    • Dennis, even if you tried, you could not type a response so vapid that you would not cringe and refuse to hit enter. I completely understand that today’s English is much different from the one I grew up learning. I, too, use the occasional “LOL” or “SMH” as these abbreviations have become common place with the increased use of cell phones. Perhaps I have become the old fart who shakes his fist at the youngsters listening to that “rock and roll” music……

    • No sir, you’re just espousing a higher standard, and that is always a good thing. 🙂

  18. Rob Dobson Rob Dobson says:

    Wat do u cair about if peole spel rong.

  19. Jon Cyr Jon Cyr says:

    And as a college grad lol

  20. Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

    That’s funny Dennis

  21. As a university grad, I figure if I can make out what someone is saying, it’s all good. Ha!

    • Linda says:

      I vote we call everyone this, who starts in with the grammar/syntax thing again. They`ll stop. Who wants to be called a pecker

  22. Sentences aren’t supposed to be started with “And”. Also, I’m not exactly sure why you felt the need to declare yourself a college grad… That makes you no better than someone who isn’t.

  23. You said it best yourself! Stop posting, and leave the group if you don’t like it. It is not rocket science!

  24. It is Facebook, not a thesis defense.

  25. Kayla Penny Kayla Penny says:

    I’m not understandin.

  26. I speake da’ engrish!

  27. JC Watson JC Watson says:

    Seems like you may be very insensitive to people with dyslexia and learning disabilities.

    See not everyone’s major is English, in fact many struggle to pass just basic high school English. Does this mean you are too good to hear their thoughts, just because their sentence formation or their spelling is below yours?

    Here I would have thought a college graduate capable of comprehending the world is an melding pot of people with diverse skills and educations.

    Sad place the world would be if we all assumed people to be unimportant if they didn’t match our grammar and spelling.

    These people have other gifts that likely far excel grammar as being a basis of worth in the world.

  28. What has that got to do with messaging something intelligent and coherent?

  29. Maybe you should have proofread your post buddy!

  30. Not everyone is an intelligent IDIOT like you are

  31. Sarah Webb Sarah Webb says:

    You forgot a comma after everyday!

  32. Don’t let this distract you from the fact that in 1966, Al Bundy scored four touchdowns in a single game while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, including the game-winning touchdown in the final seconds against his old nemesis, “Spare Tire” Dixon.

  33. Jessica Bard Jessica Bard says:

    Why did you capitalize “Proof Read”?

  34. Scott Seguin Scott Seguin says:

    Sounds like a U problem.

  35. Talon Farmer Talon Farmer says:

    You aren’t supposed to start a sentence with the word ‘and’….. lmao

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