Do not give animals to these people!

Public awareness post! PLEASE do not give any animals to these people!

These people constantly rehome animals for every reason under the sun. They get animals then sell them after a few months. They can’t and don’t get proper vet care for their animals.

These two have multiple Facebook accounts, check out the screenshot to see names they go by. Most of the woman’s facebook pictures and cover photos are animals she has once had then rehomed. One orange kitten she rehomed because she claimed he was getting “too big” for their apartment (which makes no sense it’s not a lion), then got a puppy after (that possibly had Parvo, 2 photos showing a message screenshot and her “fundraiser” to help it, never ended up taking it to the vet because it magically didn’t have parvo anymore according to her). She then got rid of that puppy.

Shortly after, she got another 2 puppies, now is rehoming one (black and white) not sure what happened to the other. She had also inquired about how much an adoption fee is for a cat NOT NEUTERED on a local rescue page, because she commented she wants to breed.

They got caught in their lies and called out on a post where they were saying they will have kittens soon. They claimed that it wasn’t their fault their cat got pregnant when called out on the post.

These people do NOT deserve animals, please do not give them any pets, and please let others know.



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  1. Bernie says:

    Ricky The Dogfucker. He raped his 8 year old daughter and fucked a dog

  2. Reba Twain Reba Twain says:

    Theres a group for this already. People who not to give animals to.

  3. I actually got death threats from these goons for calling them out on this shit lmfao

  4. This is what one of their buddies replied when a group of us called them out on their shitty practices

  5. Here is another account she is using, her only “friends” on this account are her other accounts

  6. Celeste remillard says:

    I have the black and white puppy now she quite happy now then she was before

  7. Celeste says:

    I have the black and white dog they abuse their animals but she’s in a good home now where she’s happy

  8. Someone should die the hair on a skunk and tell them its a kitten with a gluten intolerance….these people are shit

  9. Alex Vitrani says:

    That guy Ricky been in prison for raping a minor

  10. Taylor Jones Taylor Jones says:

    Report them to police, what they are doing is called Fraud. Asking for money from people to pay bills that don’t exist.

  11. Wtf is wrong with those idiots ? I hope they never get another pet – or rather an animal – as they sure don’t think of them as pets.

  12. Isn’t there a list they can be put on.

  13. Sharon Ann Sharon Ann says:

    Horrible people. Animals aren’t bill payments. And they take training and love and affection. No animal is evil unless you train them poorly. Quit buying animals.

  14. Sad part is the aunts uncles moms dads grandparents all sick up for them and approve this sad world

  15. These loons literally have half a dozen fb accounts. So bizarre.

  16. Jasmin says:

    I know Ricky. Hes well an ass, he messaged me months ago told him I didnt want to talk then i got a message from his gf telling me stop talking to him or I’d get my ass kick. Not smart very low and Shady people to take in pet then sell to feed u and ur kid.

  17. Anything for a buck these days eh? Poor animals don’t deserve that.

  18. Please stop giving or selling these people animals.

  19. Ricky Brieanne Kirchner-Bruneau
    Brie Kirchner
    Brieanne Kirchner

    Can you do me a huge favour and not use my fucking last name to cause continuous problems on public forums? That’d be absolutely great! You’re disgusting.

  20. Greater Sudbury Police Service

    • Jasmin says:

      Yeah and children’s aid I feel for the little girl who gets to see all those cute faces then they’re gone. This is not a way to provide for kids, she going to grow up thinking that’s what she gotta do

  21. Weren’t they begging ppl to pay for their sick Parvo puppy who was going to be a service dog? But the rehomed a cat a month before the puppy cuz they didn’t have enough room in their apartment? Can someone not report them?

    I would if I knew who these ppl were.

  22. They use animals to pay their bills as neither of them work

  23. Ginger Niemi Ginger Niemi says:

    This person is a scam artist by the sounds of it.

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