Do men actually care about breasts

If you met a great woman who you really liked. You both had fun, laughed and got along really well would it bother you if she has terrible breasts that sagged really bad. Keep in mind she has has kids which can really ruin a womans breasts.

Would it bother you if she insisted on keeping her bra on during sex? Do breasts really matter enough that you would decide not to pursue a relationship?



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  1. A real man . says:

    Big or small I love them all. Plus a woman can change how she looks if she doesn’t like it. Still beautiful from the first time we met and still love her with all my heart. Almost 15 years.

  2. That guy says:

    Doesnt really matter, unless the individual is shalow, if you feel sexier in your bra, and dont want to take it off then lay down the law.. would be more of a turn on then asking permission and letting one mans opinion hurt you or change how you feel about yourself… you dont have to live in anyones opinion about yourself, even tho some would like to have you conform to their ideals, stay sexy and do you girly! Your allowed

  3. Anonymous says:

    Depends , it’s not a deal breaker.
    I was banging this married girl Natalie, who had these tiny titties, but sagged and were kinda weird looking flat pancake things (because she had a flock of kiddies) she was good looking though (reminded me of that movie star that died I forget her name the one with the bug eyes from “just married” and “spun”)

    She sucked a mean dick, but then she got knocked up again (who knows if it’s mine) and I had to split wasn’t dealing with that shit.

    Anyway she got real fat after that so I dodged a bullet.

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