Do Emergency workers know what they’re really doing?

I was just wondering what kind of training police officers and Ambulance drivers have really received…I suffer from Epilepsy, and had a seizure last night. What I’d really like to know is how and when they were told within their training that a person starting, having or coming out of an Epileptic seizure is supposed to be handcuffed to the ambulance bed? Anyone with medical training should know that you do NOT handcuff a person while in seizure mode!! This is very frustrating, and I am concerned about what would happen to someone not knowing what is going on, which I did, or someone having a heart attack? Things like this should be made aware to all Emergency workers before something serious really happens to the person they are trying to “Help”!!



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  1. I have heard it done and more so done in the safety of the workers and nurses and yourself. They are able to do that if they feel there is a safety reason to do so.
    And, also under constraint they are better able to help you as opposed to spending the time keeping you under restraint.
    They are aware of what they are doing. Something worse could happen if you were not under restraint. Not everyone is aware or sane during an episode and some people, out of confusion and fear can come out of it lashing out and so forth, hurting the workers as well as themselves. The brain in that state doesn’t know better. And, the paramedics need to use precautionary measures.

  2. Something similar happened at the hospital to a friend of the family. 🙁

  3. Luc Rioux Luc Rioux says:

    sudbury like to tie people up, even 8 years old that are no treath to any one tie up in these hospital and need a key to untie him unreal ….

  4. Hope you are ok. I have epilepsy as well and have woken up tied to something several times. I have a habit of hitting people when I am postictal. They tie you down for their safety as well as yours. I know this because for several years I also worked security at the hospital, part of my job as doing that to somebody. I remember once being told a coworker tied me down and I broke his nose headbutting him lmao.

  5. Lol….. no one even knows if u dont work in health care u , you wont know the true real protocol no matter what he did wrong even if it was murder its against the law handcuff someone having a seziure.

  6. Can we have the rest of the story?

  7. Yeah life’s rough. I’ve been restrained to a bed with multiple straps( not cuffs). It sucks. Oh well. The next few days/weeks/months depending on the person,and severity of the seizure activity will really mess with your body and head. Be thankful you were restrained. There are a lot of ways to be injured in a small space

  8. You sound so ignorant! I hope they dont come to you at all the next time. Drive yourself.

  9. J Martin J Martin says:

    Paramedics don’t carry handcuffs!! Not part of their job description.
    Either a police officer of security guard would have had to cuff you!!
    Maybe you should get educated and not blame someone for something you obviously know nothing about!! Wow!!!

  10. I’d be thanking the “ambulance drivers, and police car drivers” for not allowing you to hurt anyone in your time of emergency!

  11. “Ambulance drivers”
    You’re a moron

  12. Hooe you wear a medic alert bracelet or had family that was able to give proper history. They do the best they can with the information they get. We are lucky to have highly qualified Paramedics @ Sudbury EMS and GSPS.

  13. Paramedics dont carry handcuffs, sounds like you were having an issue with the police.

  14. Dont break the law. No need for handcuffs.

  15. Rick Shaver Rick Shaver says:

    Epilepsy or fentanyl OD??

  16. Elle Bee Elle Bee says:

    2 sides to every story…agreed there is more to this one.

  17. My son had a very bad seizure at 14 years old which lasted a long time. I called the paramedics and yes I say paramedics and they came over once my son woke up he started being very aggressive physically verbally. Which that is not your fault. It is not every person that comes out of a seizure acting the same way you some will be aggressive and I mean very aggressive and some will be mellow. First of all the paramedic did everything to calm my son down there and brought him in the ambulance and talk to him quietly and after all he did calm him down there. But like the other paramedic was telling me if he was would have continued to be too aggressive that they would have had to call for backup because they have to protect themselves. Which I do not blame them since I have seen it with my eyes. One paramedic told me some people when they come out of their seizures they don’t know what they are doing consciously but they had put him in the ambulance and they had to come out and just let that person calm down by itself and once they open the door the whole ambulance was destroyed inside. They told me said this happens a lot after having a seizure the person is aggressive or very verbally abusive. And that most of the time that person does not remember what she has done. Which was the same in my son’s case.

  18. JD Tait JD Tait says:

    If this was a riddle, I’d say the cops were there first. The police were called on you because you were being violent and the strobes on the cop car caused your seizure, so the police called the ambulance! Boom! What do I win.

  19. person might have been acting weird before seizure and called police! Just like people with low sugar, are often mistaken for being drunk!

  20. “Coming out of an epileptic seizure……”

    So you were done, then? And what if you were violent beforehand and already under arrest prior?”

    I’m sure they’ve dealt with that kind of scenario before. There is nothing wrong with they’re training.

  21. For you to have been handcuffs. Police were called to the scene it is possible that you combative coming out of seizure. 3 sides to the story: yours, theirs and the truth.

  22. even first aiders know you have to place a person having a seizure in recovery position, which is on side! You are not to hold them down!

  23. Joel Whipple Joel Whipple says:

    Sounds like someone was getting booked, had a seizure, and woke up handcuffed.

  24. If you feel like they did something wrong then you should be talking directly with the city or the director of the paramedic service. Emergency services people are not perfect and make mistakes. That being said this is not the forum for your question and a post like this only shows that you are wanting to enflame the public against paramedics not actually wanting to get an answer to your question… Shame on you for picking on people who are there for all of us during any emergency situation… emergency services people including police, paramedics, firefighters, and 911 dispatchers are there to help us 24/7 and you talking shit about them in a public forum is despicable…

  25. Kim Parker Kim Parker says:

    I know this will be hard for you to believe OP.. but I guarantee you they know a lot more than you do. Paramedics are not going to handcuff someone just having an epileptic seizure!! Like Vanessa said, there is way more to this story.

  26. I had to take a ambulance last July, the paramedics couldn’t have done a better job. They were beyond professional and caring.

  27. Daniel Enous Daniel Enous says:

    When they get thir ass sued because of injury due to the handcuffs, they will be sing a different tune.

    Ashley Alexandra STFU

  28. It looks like there more to this story.. and ambulance drivers are called PARAMEDICS

  29. Probably thought you were on drugs

  30. HA! If you were handcuffed there was good reason “seizure mode or not” “Ambulance drivers” are trained to save lives and know exactly what they’re doing.
    Maybe don’t do in life whatever it was that cause you to be handcuffed in the first place

  31. Char Aikia dick! Doesn’t matter what he calls them.. seriously like come on, you don’t have to make fun of him, your just making yourself look stupid!!! And a bully, grow up

  32. Char Aikia dick! Doesn’t matter what he calls them.. seriously like come on, you don’t have to make fun of him, your just making yourself look stupid!!! And a bully, grow up

  33. Heres a thought. Keep the control in your hands by not getting arrested in the first place

  34. The sad thing is they probably thought it was an overdose and not epilepsy which is why they handcuffed u was cause some junkies are violent when they come out of it sorry they did that to u

  35. I feel like we are missing some of the story here. They won’t handcuff you unless you did something wrong.

  36. Shoutout to Sudbury EMS – they are highly trained and competent.

    • Eric RB Eric RB says:

      Agreed but someone in my family had a seizure and one paramedic argued that the patient should be put on his back, which was wrong… and they teach it in first aid what to do… you are suppose to hold them on their side. You can be highly trained and competent but it’s how you react and think in a high pressure situation that makes a difference. Just to be clear I have lots of respect for first responders and paramedics , don’t get me wrong.

    • Eric RB hey I totally agree with you but OP is clearly trying to get people mad at emergency services workers, which is not the way to solve the issue… Everyone makes mistakes for sure…

    • Eric RB you actually don’t hold them in any position when having a grand mal. You protect their head, and that’s really all until they are coming out of it, then put them in the recovery position.

  37. JD Tait JD Tait says:

    Paramedics don’t carry handcuffs. There’s obviously a reason the police were riding with you in the ambulance to cuff you. There’s obviously a reason they were called too. There’s also a difference between a seizure and drug induced convulsions.

    • JD Tait he’ states he has epilepsy so he’s got a illness.. and either way you never keep anyone cuffed while having a seizure they can seriously hurt themselves unless he was already cuffed then they obviously can’t take it off while it’s happening

    • JD Tait JD Tait says:

      Kendra Nicole nobody calls the police for an epileptic seizure. Ask yourself why there were handcuffs there in the first place.

  38. Ivan Leo Ivan Leo says:

    Is your issue with the restraining during the ambulance ride or the fact is was a handcuff and not a belt?

    The Epilispy Foundation of America stated that although restraining is not recomended during emergency transport it may be needed to prevent harm to the EMT during assessment and immediate care. The area is very small and injury is very possible. They prefer belts however in the case they are not available mechanical restraint borrowed from a Police Officer is not uncommon.

  39. Adam Read Adam Read says:

    All the paramedics I’ve seen seem to know what they’re doing, ps shoutout to all the paramedics in sudbury I’m sure it’s been awhile!

  40. Tyler Leduc Tyler Leduc says:

    Firstly just read that slowly. Your in a state your not aware of. Sooo if things were to level out at time doctors not around. Would you not get up and just cause commotion. Creating a risk of other patients? Would it not make sense to do this tho so the person can actually be looked after and not get up and leave. Also if handcuffs were involved paramedics are not supplied these meaning 911 dispatched police to your residence feeling their was a need to.

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Tyler Leduc not all individuals coming out of a seizure get up or cause a commotion…

    • Tyler Leduc Tyler Leduc says:

      Jen Stone your comment is just stupid. The fact some do would probably make it mandatory. The fact some do, idc if all don’t its the safety and wellbeing of the individual as well as others. How do you expect doctors to just automatically know their not going to cause a commotion. Another thing do you even know what a seizure is ??? These cannot be measured as each one can be different. So one time you may be fine another time can be a different story.

    • Tyler I cant count how many times Ive had a seizure (Ive had thousands over the 24 years Ive had epilepsy) that Ive recovered sitting on the floor and walked away. Very very painfully granted but its happened probably with most of my seizures. Hell with an absense seizure you often dont need time to recover, just shake it off and keep walking.

    • Tyler Leduc Tyler Leduc says:

      Andrew Ph Way true but like i stated firstly. There are different types. So as you may recover easily some may not. Some come out of it completely confused and un aware of their surroundings at first.

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Tyler Leduc I’ve witnessed MANY seizures over the years as in my field it’s a pretty common occurance….and I’d say the majority do not become combative or just get up and walk away…
      To say my comment is stupid when yours came off as though everyone who has a seizure just gets up and walks away is ignorant…
      Btw…it’s you’re* not your….

    • Tyler Leduc Tyler Leduc says:

      Again stupid comment. There are some that are un aware its not about being combative.

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Tyler Leduc have you ever seen or assisted anyone while they had a seizure???

    • Tyler Leduc Tyler Leduc says:

      Jen Stone yes in fact i have. Do you just comment for attention ?

    • Mary Smith Mary Smith says:

      Tyler Leduc do you comment in hopes no one responds? Do you have control issues?

    • Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

      Tyler Leduc not at all…but judging from your comments…you don’t come off as someone who knows much of anything let alone seizures that’s why I asked…

    • Tyler Leduc Tyler Leduc says:

      Lmfao! Much of anything eh? I know when someone calls someone ignorant for stating facts their just simply small minded. But small minded people herd in large groups right? Fucking losers nothing better to do then waste your breath with useless unknowledgeable self doubt.

    • Tyler Leduc Tyler Leduc says:

      Mary Smith nope. I just don’t entertain stupidity

  41. That all depends if you were arrested before the incident. I’m sure they don’t use handcuffs for having a seizure

  42. Do YOU know that paramedics are not called ambulance drivers?

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