Going to be making my divorce legal soon. Was wondering with anyone whose been threw one if you went for alamony. Pros and cons??

Long time together. Always said I wouldn’t but living on a min wage salary is crazy hard.

Yes I get by, but just.



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  1. Kimmy Ksg Kimmy Ksg says:

    Why must people be so rude??!!! Call and see if you qualify for legal aid and let the courts decide

  2. It’s called a divorce, so end of relationship means, you’re on your own, out of his life, unless have young kids, child support yes, but not alimony.
    I surely wouldn’t want to support an Ex, and wouldn’t expect him to support me. Ladies, put your big girl panties on, move on with your life, and let your ex move on with his. No wonder there’s so many bitter angry men out there.

  3. Scott Lauber Scott Lauber says:

    So you’re gonna make him still support you? Fuck outta here. Support yourself

  4. James Nash James Nash says:

    Your a worthless bum get to work. Alimoney meaning not your money but a paycheck from someone else. One halfs probably glad your gone. Wonder if its the guy or girl.

  5. If he doesn’t make enough..agree to keep it open even if you ask for 20….when he makes a bigger amount the alimony will increase. This what I did I kept it open at 1.00…never made it past that lol

  6. Ok, alimony should be to help you get back on your feet. If you were a stay at home mom and gave up your career and you wanna go back to school to help. It just to help you get on your feet. Anything more then a year, is taking advantage and just proves that you cannot provide for yourself. I like to believe women are stronger then that.

  7. Megan Ashley Megan Ashley says:

    Awwh I so miss that days back when when vows meant something. And you worked out your problems instead of running to something else or jumping ship when things get hard. To go back in time.

  8. Male or female 100.00 for every day you hated each other…than divide that by how many days you loved each other…who ever has the lowest amount wins and the loser pays out the difference…imo

  9. Don Guay Don Guay says:

    How can we smart FB readers help you. You don’t give no information. What’s your income, what’s his income. Do you have kids? Do you’s own a house, boat, quads, cars.So get back to us and we’ll see how we can help.
    You say you want a legal divorce. I’ve never heard of an illegal divorce.

  10. Shawn Timony Shawn Timony says:

    Why don’t you just go your way and let him go his way and stop being a bitter twat?

  11. I just did a divorce and didn’t go for anything at all … Just walk away and support yourself you’ll feel more independent that way .. n my only advice if u have children please don’t use them as a pawn in your divorce …

  12. My suggestion, as a Law Clerk, go get some legal advice. Spousal Support is a taxable income and must be claimed as an income and you will have to pay taxes on it at the end of the year. I don’t know your situation, so the best thing for your to do is get some legal advice. There are many, many Family Law Lawyers in this city. Go see one.

  13. You are basically a theif if you do that. Don’t be a scum bucket lazy female

  14. If you are entitled to it then go get it… No one knows your situation except you…. Good luck

  15. How can anyone give you advice if they don’t know why you’re marriage fell apart
    Is he abusive, cheating on you.
    Then you deserve it..
    If you were then you deserve nuthing from him.
    Need alot more information

  16. He’s not responsible to take care of you once your divorced!
    Take care of yourself. Get a job and handle your own. Not his job.

    Why should he pay your bills and your way through life because you don’t want to.

  17. Mandy Roy Mandy Roy says:

    I don’t believe anyone should have alimony personally. Child support yes, but if you’re not a couple then why should your ex have to pay for you. I don’t think it’s right.

  18. If you want more than minimium wage consider gettig a skill where you are doing more than the minimium. Why take what he earns working?

  19. marriage is a business and while married decisions are made together with both assets combined so when divorcing should be reviewed with lawyers and a fair agreement should be made. neither should goninto negotiations with greed, resentment but just a practical and logical mind

  20. Personal opinion, why should one person work their ass off, do good for themselves, and then have to support someone who didn’t do the same. UNLESS it was a mutual decision that he work, and you stay home with the kids, therefore hindering your chance at a career, then I say no, let him help take care of the kids, and you take care of you.
    I personally could never have to depend on a man to survive, and sure as hell wouldn’t want one dependent on me.. At least not monetarily, emotional support thought, of course…
    End of the day, the lives we live reflect how much work we ourselves put into it.. At least that is my view as an independent woman..

  21. Given that you are obviously considering all scenarios and facets of your divorce, I wonder if maybe seeking third party help might be a better route than asking on Shoutout (because as you can see, you will be met with a lot of judgement). There is Family Mediation Services on Larch I think … I don’t know the number but I am sure a quick search will find it.
    Best of luck on your new chapter in life!

  22. Get a job…why should someone pay you to leave

  23. Wow… ya’ll are pretty quick to judge! I, personally, do not agree with alimony as a whole, as it was originally put in place back when women didn’t work outside the home. HOWEVER, there are some circumstances in which it may be necessary. I’ve worked my whole life and supported myself since I was 14, but when I became a mom at 36 I made the choice, along with my husband, to stay home and raise our child. After 5yrs, I was ready to go back to the work force, but unfortunately I was hit by a car while crossing the street and that put me out for another 5yrs. With that said, I’ve had to start back at the bottom once I’ve returned, which means that IF my husband and I were to separate, I would definitely need his help financially. If child support was not enough to help me support our child, then I would have to ask for some assistance from him.
    Another example…a good friend of mine went through a divorce as her husband was cheating on her, and she was a stay-at-home mom, so with good reason, she went for alimony. With that, she put herself through school and became a Nurse so that she could provide for her 3 children well after the money stopped, and was able to put all 3 through College ON HER OWN!!
    You all attack without an iota of information on her situation, and that says a LOT about your character!! If the first thing that comes to mind is that she’s lazy, it’s probably because that’s how YOU would do things!

  24. Ya just leave his money alone.

  25. Omg some of these comments are downright disgusting. I cannot believe the heartless people in this town alone. Ontario is toxic, and those who are trying to be good people are judged like this and this harsh…. wow. Just wow. Shame on you.

  26. Unbelievable comments.. shes home raising HIS KIDS.. guarenteed 100%of her income goes to the kids, if the kids are shared 50/50 maybe no alimony, he should pay you for taking 20 years of your life.

  27. Kyle Lalonde Kyle Lalonde says:

    I see it as you wanna leave well you shouldn’t get to take the perks with you find a better job or get someone else to deal with your bullshit

  28. Joey Adams Joey Adams says:

    She made her own decisions, this brings back the saying. If someone told you to jump off a bridge……men are being left with half of what they make while busting there ass more and more everyday. Support your children, not the women who left you.

  29. Renee Di Renee Di says:

    I have a super crazy idea here. There are about 400 lawyers in Sudbury. Call one. You may have entitlement to spousal support, you may not.

  30. There is simply not enough info to guide you on this. How long have you been married? Do you have children? What type of work does your husband do? Do you both have RRSP’s, savings, a home, cars? Etc… division of property and marital debt is tricky. Sounds like you need a lawyer. If you are looking for something quick And easy make sure there is nothing for him to contest. Perhaps even seek the help of a mediator as well before a lawyer. You both can work this out. Good luck

  31. Judy Karn Judy Karn says:

    You will have to claim alimony as an income and he gets to claim it as an expense so it’s one more deduction for him to claim. I personally did not want to have him benefit from something like that so i went for child support plus extra curriculars and he can keep his alimony.

  32. Roger Blake Roger Blake says:

    a divorce lawyer will push that you get cash for life. You may get it, but keep in mind, you will be regarded as a low life POS.

  33. Ricco Swave Ricco Swave says:

    Cheeper to keep her/him.

  34. Apply for it … let them tell you you are not eligible…

  35. Lynn Feher Lynn Feher says:

    Talk to your lawyer about the dollar clause..

  36. Child support is one thing but alimony is something else ..stand on your own feet

  37. Guess what that seems like a you problem I’m pretty sure you can get a full time fucken job like what. You can’t live off minimum wage but then you expect him to live off less then minimum wage by the time he pays your ass

  38. I have been separated 7 years. I don’t make a lot of money and sometimes it can be a struggle. But I have never asked for alimony. He is taking good care of the kids and that’s enough.

  39. You just want some dude to pay for you? Do you have kids or are you just trying to milk this guy because you’re lazy?

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