Disgusting Red Scarfs on City Posts

I have a suggestion for all those red scarfs on our cities posts.They should all be taken down, washed, dried and placed in zip lock bags then they can be tied back up with string. This is a more sanitary way of doing things.

I know I wouldn’t want to put a scarf on that has been soaked in salt and dirt from the roads. Here is another thing, you can even add a pair of dollar gloves in the bag with the scarfs. Let’s keep our city clean.



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  1. Line Bigras says:

    Well, then maybe you should bring them home, wash them, put them in ziploc baggies and then go to dollar store and buy gloves for each bag then once thats comepleted you should go and tie them back to the poles…. i understand your point of the ziploc but honestly, i think someone whos in need of a scarf wont care about salt so on. They will be greatful for whom ever put the scarf there for them. Lets just say thanks for those who actually take time to leave some warm items for our less fortunates

  2. I shake my head at the idiot that decided to rage on Shoutout Sudbury to post this, read the story behind the red scarves, just as North Bay has over 30 red dressed hanging up outside all of campus its doing us a good deed, so before you post something really fucking stupid, do the world a favor and get your head out of your ass, thanks! πŸ˜‰

  3. Better than nothing

  4. Mike Huard says:

    No one is stopping you from doing it

  5. Josee….I work hard for the little things I do have.I do realize alot of work was put into the scarfs.I was giving a suggestion to make it better and if people stop thinking of new and better ways of doing things where would we be now?Don’t be so quick to judge.

  6. I learned something new…I didn’t know the meaning of the scarfs..thank you for informing me.I thought they were for the homeless and that is whom I was thinking about.

  7. Rae Anne says:

    Feel free to go buy gloves from the dollar store and hand them out to those in need! It’ll feel a lot more rewarding than complaining on Shoutout Sudbury ☺️

  8. Are they for homless?

  9. Tony Martin says:

    OP: Those are great ideas. Seeing as they were donated, and people actually took the time to go hang them out there, then why don’t you go ahead, take some time out of your life, and do what you’re suggesting other do? Don’t ask for the change… the change.

  10. Ashley Adams says:

    If it bugs you so much, Go take care of it. You’re complaining but not doing anything about it.

  11. Lol….. this is why activism doesn’t work. People are too picky and not appreciative enough. Maybe if everyone got out there and started grabbing em. It’s not like you have to keep it. It’s for the sake of raising awareness about hiv/AIDS not just a free hand out. Take your pic and support the cause or just continue on with your crappy life. Honestly why don’t you try getting out here and making a difference and then you’ll see how much it sucks when people sit there and complain instead of doing anything to help anyone in spite of all your efforts. Please consult your doctor for proper instructions on removing sticks and tampons or other stiff rigid objects from the human anal cavity without causing internal damage. It sounds like you have quite a problem. My god this post is just so incredibly arrogant and the worst part is it’s written to seem polite. Kudos to the program runners for the proffessional response.

    • Jo Watson says:

      The concept to give out scarfs to those in need still works. This just makes them even more useful.

      There is nothing wrong with giving suggestions to better the original goal

    • Ya but this wouldn’t rly better it. It would make it twice as expensive for nothing, the scarves are too thin to keep anyone warm for very long and I doubt most people end up keeping them anyways.. And as I had said in my comment. this wasn’t meant to give scarves to those in need it was to bring awareness to hiv/AIDS and I mean if someone who needed one got one great, but it’s supposed to get Sudbury talking. People are supposed to take selfies with them and post it on social media with a hashtag to win a gift card. One person below suggested they just hang the scarves inside of plastic bags to protect them abit from weather. A heck of a better idea than expecting them to go around and collect them every few days and wash them and put them back that’s just absurd.

    • Jo Watson says:

      So how many do you think will take a selfie with a wet dirty scarf if they can actually use it at all and it isn’t frozen in place?

  12. Do you actually think when your homeless and cold you’re thinking of that crap? U mm no. Most of them have the utmost gratitude

    • Jo Watson says:

      If it is wet and frozen how much do you honestly think it is helping.

      I once did a contest where we had to put on a frozen in a call shirt. The first with it in won a prize. I can tell you no one kept the mostly defrosted shirt on. It was too cold. So I don’t think the frozen scarf is helping keep them warm

  13. And i cant see a whole lot of people in serious need of a scarf having quick access to a washer and dryer. Good idea

  14. I don’t think those are meant to be takedown and wore actually… Please don’t wear decorations

  15. Katie James says:

    I seen them the other morning and i was even thinking its a good idea but not the best way of going about it. They are gonna grt wet and freeze and stick to what ever they Are tied to and sadly be useless.


  17. If someone’s grabbing a scarf off a pole to actually use… they probably don’t care what condition it’s in

  18. Awesome idea, great to see too that someone from the organization behind the scarves saw this and responded as well.
    Sometimes when you are doing a good deed, the flaws in the idea are obscured by how much good you think you are doing.
    It’s like the people who hung the coats in the trees, yes it’s a good idea to give coats to those in need, however for the most part these coats were too high to reach, and were frozen solid by the next day. Constructive criticism is always handy to remedy flaws.

  19. Mike Gratton says:

    I am sure the people that need it are absolutely thrilled that they are there no matter if they are in a ziplock or not.

  20. Good idea for the start of the program maybe they could be bagged first I would donate some money for the bags

  21. or you can wash the scarf before you use it?

  22. Why don’t you post your name , that way I can tell you to Fk off asshole .

  23. You should go ahead and start. Someone from the city will take over later…lol

  24. I was actually thinking the same thing. I appreciate the work that the volunteers put in by putting up all of these scarves. But Im worried about nights when it rains and the scarves get stuck to the poles(frozen) and then get dirty because of splashes from dirt on roads etc. I I agree with OP. That way, When someone really needs that scarf, It’ll be nice and dry for their use πŸ™‚

  25. Hello folks, I work for the agency that put those scarves out. I’ve forwarded these comments / suggestions to our program coordinator. Thank you so much for your feedback. πŸ™‚

  26. Its an idea for the future but then you have the problem of attaching them to the post and making them visible so there is added cost and work. Plus you would be responsible of removing duct tape by law after the bag was removed.

  27. Gary Schuran says:

    Someone tries to give a positive suggestion, then gets slammed for it. The Grinches are alive and well in Insultbury.

    • Yes! And in this comment as well I see…..thanks for the insult hypocrite!
      I’m far from a grinch, I donate more then I have the means to all the time! Just tired of people complaining about nice gestures and then posting anonymously instead of taking the initiative to find the source and make suggestions there

    • Honestly thoug I thought it was a great suggestion to consider

    • Gary Schuran says:

      Ok Josee Grinch..stay tired

    • So how in the hell do they know who to make the suggestion to? I bet 90 percent of sudbury doesnt so they post the idea on here, and oh look, it worked someone from the organization saw it. And just cause you donate doesnt make you any less miserable, and your the bigger hypocrite anyways, you are bitching about someone trying to give a good idea because you think they are bitching about a good idea. Idiots everywhere

    • Jo Watson says:

      Seriously no need to be offended Josee if your not the one attacking the original poster. Oh wait that was you. Yep your a grinch and offended for being called on your BS approach.

  28. So OP, if you think that’s what should be done, why don’t YOU do something about it and go grab all the scarfs and clean them. Then go buy a bunch of dollar store gloves and put them all in plastic baggies and then go back and put them where you got them from. The people that are in need aren’t going to give a rats ass if the scarfs are dirty. It’s called hand washing them. When you’re in need, you graciously take things without complaining. I’ve actually seen people taking them and putting them in a bag to take home more then likely to wash later. I’ve also seen people wearing them and they look more ten happy to have them

  29. Dai Marissa says:

    Eric Cashmore …. thought you’d absolutely love to this this post today. Smh

  30. Oh it’s not enough that someone took the time to get and tie all these scarves up all over town now your entitled ass WANTS BETTER OR MORE…….you must never have wanted or needed anything growing up eh silver spoon!? Someone tries to do something nice then your royal highness chimes in…………..always has to be one dick who knows how to a better job but never gets off his ass to do it

    • It’s literally a just a suggestion. And a very good one at that. Why not consider putting them in ziplock so that when people get them they are clean and dry? Why bash this good idea?

    • No where in there did I say that wasn’t a good idea…..maybe you should read things over more then once before commenting

    • You just bashed their idea without recognizing the merit. Since they aren’t the people directly putting up the scarves you seem to think they shouldn’t be able to make suggestions.

    • You called them entitled and insulted them over suggesting a good idea. Trust me I read the comment you wrote and was very dissapointed.

    • Oh sorry I disappointed you mom!

    • Again nowhere does it say that’s a terrible idea
      However it does say stop whining, get off your ass and get it done…..sorry if you don’t like that princess

    • If someone is going to take the time to put clean scarves on a pole for those who need, wouldn’t you want them to stay clean and dry so they can be used. I can’t believe such a childish and completely unnecessary comment towards the op for such a great suggestion.

    • Josee St.Onge aww I see you can’t read. How sad.Josee St.Onge

    • Matthew Martin don’t waste your breath, everyone else is the problem

    • You didn’t need to tag me twice everyone knows you’re replying to me but thanks for clarifying that …..and if I couldn’t read then I couldn’t very well be typing any of this, nice stab at my intelligence I totally felt the sting

    • Josee St.Onge i didn’t actually, it was a fb glitch. But thanks to sticking to what matters. You bashed this person for having a great idea, which makes you look pathetic. And I’m glad you caught that, I tried to make it easy for you to understand

    • Amber Af says:

      She’s a Chelmsford st onge, don’t waste your time. Not much in there

    • Amber Af I got that from her first comment, didn’t need to go much further lol.

    • Amber and Samantha, everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone also has a different perspective than others. Why either of you bothered to comment on Josee’s comment is beyond me.

    • Tiffany Commanda except she literally just bashed the OP for having a good idea. An idea she doesn’t even see as bad apparently

    • Al Manion says:

      She doesn’t just get a sign… she gets an honorary degree from the sign school

    • Josee St.Onge your an idiot plain and simple. They dont know who to adress so post on here which is a good idea. And before you say again you never said it was a good idea this doesnt make jer entitled. Its her trying to contribute and give back with an idea, the only entitled drama queen royal highness is yourself. However Merry Christmas I hope your shitty attitude changes for the holidays.

    • I think it’s a good suggestion. With our weird foggy/rainy times.. It sort of makes sense.. Seen these and thought of myself being where I needed it. The admins seem to write the headlines, so there’s no reason to fly off the handle

    • Hey Nigel eat shit! πŸ˜€
      And Amber what would anyone being from Chemmy have to do with this!? You’re probably from Dowling yourself and that’s why you couldn’t come up with something witty to say yourself, riding on someone else’s coat tails! Who in the fuck are you child!?

    • Josee, funnt how you are saying cant come up with a good response however all youcould say eas eat shit , not even a hair of intelligence from you so far in this thread. Just thought id point that out

    • Tony Martin says:

      While my reply was worded differently, I have no major issue with Josee’s post….other than some of the wording.
      I said essentially the same thing, to paraphrase “You want it done, then go do it”.
      OP is suggesting all the scarves be taken down, washed, then put back up in bags. The people who hung up those scarves already took time out of their lives, not to mention donating the scarves. Should they be asked to now go back, remove them, launder them, bag them, then hang them again?? I think not.
      It’s a good idea, granted, and something to keep in mind for those hanging scarves in the future, but for OP to suggest someone else go to all this trouble, well, why doesn’t OP volunteer to kick in some effort?
      But hey, if y’all want to sidetrack the post with some puerile, shoolyard-level squabbling and name-calling, knock yourselves out. πŸ˜‰

    • Tony Martin I agree with you in that I disagreed with her wording more than her opinion

    • Jo Watson says:

      Entitled, ass wants better or more…

      Yep you were definitely supporting a great idea!


    • Laura Dee says:

      they have boxes for books why not boxes for scarves and other clothing items

    • Lmao Calm down. The OP’s suggestion is a good one. Why would someone homeless or in need of a scarf take one that’s covered in slush and wet? The point of a scarf is to warm you up. It’s not about entitlement or silver spoons in mouths, it’s about common sense. The red scarf campaign is fantastic, and the OP’s suggestion will only improve it.

  31. Dave Lalonde says:

    Well the red scarves are for HIV awareness… plus there is something called a washing machine….

  32. Zack Tryon says:

    But you ingest over 10 carcinogens before leaving for work in the morning , but that’s none of anyone’s business …