Disgrace of health science north

So yesturday I went to Sudbury health science north to get my shoulder looked at after I dislocated it and yes I popped it back in by my self.

But I was still in alot of pain so I went to get checked out the nurses are laughing about my injury right outside of my room and asking why did I even go there . Plus they didn’t even get me to go for x-rays ,thats not protocol . I have broken enough bones to know that I should have been sent for x-rays .

How is this okay to work in the medical field and be mocking patients ? I’ve heard they do this alot and its a disgrace to medical professionals. if you don’t like your job ,why even do it ? lol.



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  1. say what says:

    In my 40 years of living in sudbury I have visited the hospital 5 times. Twice for pre scheduled surgeries, twice for injuries, once for an emergency situation. I”ve always been treated with respect . The professional attitude displayed by all the staff was impressive. The heart unit at HSN in particular is well run and something sudburians should be proud of.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t have to be a medical expert to tell you our health care system is abysmal. If we had a half decent system in place we would not have needed 2 years of lockdowns to prevent the collapse of our hospitals. As for our local hospital, it’s been overwhelmed since they closed the 2 other ones to make a “super-hospital”, now the situation can only be worse since one of the top guys that helped sink laurentian university is now “working” at the hospital. Some of the nurses and doctors there are great, others just want the paycheque and treat people like wastes of time. Then there are the games they like to play one on one in the supply closet. If any health care worker is reading this, be one of the good ones and remember not every patient is there to waste your time.

  3. Brock says:

    You sound like a hypochondriac. The nurses are doing one heck of a job. They were right. You took the seat of a person that needed the attention.
    You should be ashamed of yourself