Discusting humans!

Shout out to these two losers injecting each other right in the middle of the park.

The second duo I witnessed in 15 mins.



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  1. You do realise blasting them on a public forum with pictures isnt going to help anybody right?

  2. These 2 Misfits Of Science made their choice.

    Some Mothers Do Have Em..✍

    Call Doctor Phil McGraw for a badly needed Intervention…

  3. They’re not disgusting. They are two people with a fucking addiction aka a disease! Don’t judge people unless you know what having an addiction is like. It’s sad, but even sadder is the poster calling them out like this.

    • Wayne says:

      First hamming on the post is wrong. Addiction or not get away from public places like a park where kids frequent what do you think happened to the needle after they were done. Discarded on the grass where kids play and its an addiction not a disease an addiction is self inflicted a disease is not.

    • Jayne says:

      Stop making excuses for them, everyone knows the dangers of drugs and anyone taking them are nothing but idiots

  4. Scary! But, for the Grace of God, goes you or I. So very scary! 🙁

  5. What’s more disgusting is how people choose to react!! These people need help, not your arrogance! Shame on you Sudbury !

    • Brad says:

      There doing it in a public park. That’s ignorant and gross that’s where my friends kids play and I wont have sympathy for ppl who do that . Know if they were seeking help and doing it in private that’s a different story but this is disgusting and deserves a big FUCK U to these assholes

    • Jayne says:

      Again making excuses for these lowlife people, they are putting children at risk, they are nothing but selfish idiots

  6. Reba Twain Reba Twain says:

    They look so young. So sad. The overdose rates will grow as well sadly.

  7. Maybe they’re diabetic? Type 1 diabetics inject themselves with insulin every day.

  8. Sam Kiss Sam Kiss says:

    This is why safe injection sites are needed. And I’d be careful about your name calling. Being so judgemental and posting their photo is pretty despicable.

  9. Once upon a time my elementary science class would walk down to junction creek and enjoy our science class outdoors…. now … god lord … It’s just riddled with needles, tourniquettes, condoms. Everywhere is being ruined.
    I have a friend who does needle clean ups once a week…. and every single time there’s Hundreds

  10. Skyler Pacan Skyler Pacan says:

    The amount of comments defending this even tho it’s at a park is funny Chris

  11. Could you call that tailgating?

  12. Matt Hickey Matt Hickey says:

    Safe injection sites, public needle disposal boxes, needle exchange programs, and community outreach…

  13. Chris FrankDoucette byeee sudbury

  14. Sick sick world we live in

  15. The fact that there is still this many closes minded, ignorant people is blowing my mind. The basic education for this is FREE, stop speaking about an issue that you know nothing about.

  16. Josh Ua Josh Ua says:

    That’s not a nice way to refer to people with a mental illness.

  17. Jadon Conroy Jadon Conroy says:

    Puts it on facebook instead of taking it to police. Smfh if u really gave a shit this wouldnt be here, it would be getting dealt with by authorities.

  18. Jason LaFaci Jason LaFaci says:

    Thanks to Sacy and the public health unit targeting aboriginal peoples … remember folks these organizations purposely push out needles like its candy to try and force our city to get a injection site …. if support it if they actually were doing some good but they are neglectful and some of the sacy blue coats are actually Antifa members doing this in communities across our country …. since when do we employ hate groups to promote needles which contributes to organized crime …. personally I think some sacy staff are selling junk on the streets right now cuz we were told that by many Addicts

    • Fuck You Moron says:

      Fuck right off you pathetic moron and fuck the horse you rode in on.

      • URAcumdumpster says:

        That’s right… The only thing that’s sad is your , stupid blonde hair and your one of MANY fuck buddies who drives a CHICK TRUCK….. LMAO.!!!

  19. Mary Brewer Mary Brewer says:

    Wouldn’t go as far as in calling them disgusting ( correct spelling by the way ) or losers maybe first get their story before judging I knows park might NOT be the BEST place BUT u have to judge right EVEN THO u DONT KNOW their stories
    Start by putting up here HOW WE can HELP NOPE judge first right that’s much better
    Geez people today !

  20. They are humans, not disgusting humans. They have a disease….

  21. Bad to have posted a pic of it…they r someones kids

  22. You are an addict. That is on you. Help is available, but you have to want the help. Leaving dirty needles in parks and alleyways puts everyone else at risk, especially in parks where children are playing. It is so sad that kids can’t be allowed to play because someone needs their fix in the playground. Come on. As an addict, you still have a choice to not shoot up in the park. You still have a choice to not make your choices put other people, especially children, in danger.

  23. Dan Rancourt Dan Rancourt says:

    Yep and let’s make all diabetes patients pay for their medication that is life or death for them! But no let’s spend money on safe injection sites! This society has their priorities # screwed up! Just pisses me off!

  24. Lina Vali Lina Vali says:

    Imagine if the person who took this picture actually took action against the opioid crisis instead of looking down on it like it is someone else’s problem. Then imagine if everyone who comments negatively about these two again took action against the opioid crisis. I feel that would make better use of time. You have no idea how these people came to be addicts, what they have gone through or are still going through. Addiction is something that can’t just be ignored, and its something that effects everyone. Instead of saying “oh, it’s so sad that our children can’t play in the park alone anymore, these losers have ruined the city,” why not try to say “this is something that needs more action and awareness against, this is something that more people should be educated on. How can we start to clean up the city?” We know the city governance isn’t going to take much action, so why do we continue sitting around, complaining about it? We have just as much, if not more power to do something about this as citizens.

  25. Show they’re faces I hope you told them to f off

  26. should be offi wrs patrolling parks and beaches

  27. Mur Skyy Mur Skyy says:

    Why blur out their faces?

  28. Lori McInnis Lori McInnis says:

    The struggle is real

    Everyone has something going on in their life, none of us are perfect. We all fuck up and make mistakes.

    When it comes to addiction whether it’s alcohol, drugs, food…it’s real, a disease that grabs on and has no plans of ever letting go!

    There’s a huge stigma associated with addiction that really needs to end. People have hatred and judge addicts and call them junkies, low life’s because they aren’t educated enough about the disease.

    They aren’t monsters and don’t deserve to be shun or treated bad.
    It can happen to anyone! Your mom, sister, child. It’s not racist and doesn’t care about age religion or gender!

    I lost my sister to addiction on June 2nd, I watched her go from a happy, healthy amazing person to being embarrassed, ashamed of herself, depressed and giving up hope, an existing shell of skin and bones.

    So to everyone out there who’s judgemental or doesn’t have a clue about addiction, please take a few minutes out of your life and educate yourself it costs NOTHING.

    And to anyone out there who is struggling with anything and wants to give up, DON’T because you matter.


  29. Government started the addictions with pharmaceuticals making a profit on people’s lives
    They need therapy not just a safe place to do their drugs


  31. Emilie Mae Emilie Mae says:

    I think you mean disgusting…. if you’re going to degrade people the least you can do is know how to spell your insult. These people are sick, not disgusting they’re only a product of a broken society.

  32. Joel Quesnel Joel Quesnel says:

    Uhmm don’t just sit there and take a picture fucking say something.

  33. When are they going to realize that since the free needle program and the promotion of injection sites the problem has dramatically increased. They haven’t prevented, stopped, or helped anything or anyone. These addicts in fact feel more entitled to do whatever they want then ever before. Because boohoo.. they pull the addict card and get a free pass.
    There’s bylaws on smoking a cigarette in a fucking park … but nothing to be said about shooting up ?!? Alrighty then.

    • Matt Hickey says:

      Fake fake fake. Not true at all. Safe injection sites and needle exchange programs are statistically proven to reduce disease and prevent overdose. So if you have no idea what you’re talking about…don’t make things up!

  34. All what I say is, my prayers that non of you, or your loved ones be in that situation. With whipped brains like theirs, they can not control anything in their lives. They need more help from us than cirticizeing them. For me they are with disabilities. Very sad.

  35. There is a time and a place….for years everybody knew what drugs can do to a person and yet they still try. They become so addicted and everybody knows this before becoming an addict. Its simple don’t evwn try it unless you want ro be an addict.

    • Matt Hickey says:

      Your thinking about the 1960s when you grew up. This is 2019 and addiction and concurrent disorders are on the rise. When you were a kid, there was no fentanyl. Poverty levels were lower. Families could afford to raise their kids. Family dynamics/ divorces were different. If you think it’s as easy as “just say no”, you’re sadly mistaken and part of the problem.

  36. If people think that that people just randomly decide to become junkies since having a safe injection site, they are clearly dumb as nails. These addicts have ALWAYS been here, you’re just noticing it more and more because we are using PROVEN methods of handling the situation.

  37. Lara Maclean Lara Maclean says:

    Ever sick !! They need help ! No one wants to see that shit !

  38. So easy to judge, be thankful you were not brought down to having this to be your life. These are most likely very nice people who have had something happen in their lives that brought them to this point. It is very sad to see and sadder to hear the hate towards them. They need help not hate.

  39. I feel bad for kids these days. You can’t let them go to the park on their own. When i was a kid a bunch of us would go to the playground and not go home until dinner time. Now you can’t let your kids go to neighborhood playgrounds unless you inspect it first. I don’t care what you do. Just go home and do this shit.

  40. So much for that safe injection site.

  41. When I think of the definition of a “disgusting human” this definitely doesn’t come to mind. These people are at their all time low. The drug epidemic is a very sad situation that unfortunately may never be resolved. When I see something like this it makes me feel extremely sad for them. And for you to capture them and post it as if you’re living a perfect life is a little fucked up.

  42. I would have called the police.

  43. Sum dumbass Sudbury tweekers

  44. Kathleen these comments…..

  45. Least when the parks were full of Pokemon GO players, there was less of this.

  46. Dawn Venne Dawn Venne says:

    Can’t even bring your children to a park in this city its disgusting

  47. Go do this shit out of the public’s view fucking lowlives.

  48. Just give it time. These people will die off. Consider it the new natural selecton process.

  49. And the cops do nothing?

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