Are there any dentists in sudbury that take payment arrangements? I’ve got a tooth that needs pulled and it’s been a long ass time and it needs to be gone sooner than later…

I do work, just bills piled up while off work and getting them out of the way has taken a priority for now… now it’s time to deal with the tooth…

Help please



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  1. JC Watson says:

    Get a payday loan and go get your tooth pulled. Worst case in two weeks you pay it and get another one ideally taking less each time.

  2. Kelsey Scott says:

    I paid 160$ per tooth for all 4 wisdoms at dr trelvean office in the south end beside buzzy browns

  3. Chelmsford dental clinic. Are amazing

  4. Jeez… too bad Dr. Delosio isint still alive… he’d yank that sucker out for sport!

  5. Call college Boreal, they have dentists in training and they don’t charge lots.

  6. Dr Al
    Sudbury smiles

    South end

  7. Dr MAJIC in the south end

  8. Dr.Boro is the cheapest and best. I have Dr.Laura (she works in the same office) and I absolutely love her.

  9. Goof luck. I called many of them when my husband had the same issue. They all told me they don’t do payment plans. And then I found out that they only do payment plans for clients who have been with their office for a long time. My suggestion would be Dr. Bora on LaSalle. He was the cheapest. Pulled my husbands tooth for $160 and it was complicated

    • Ally Rebekah says:

      Shannah Williams Wss^
      Asking a dentist to do a payment plan for a brand new patient is literally like asking (and expecting) to borrow $500 off a stranger you run into on the street.

  10. I was lucky enough to have Dr Gerhart in Hanmer let me make payments on the past. Cracked a tooth having a seizure in the shower, she pulled it and let me pay off the cost.

  11. Cambrian Collage is looking for clients for the dental program

  12. Lance Guy says:

    I’ll do it for you for free!

  13. Marty Neas says:

    Dr Karpentier is a great dentist. But 450$ to pull a tooth is outrageous. Pull 2 cost 920$ and they were next to each other! The price makes no sense.. no dentist should charge that. It’s almost a quarter of what I earn a month for one tooth!

    • Marty Neas you got ripped off. I had 2 wisdom teeth pulled for $260. My husband had a complicated tooth pulled for $160

    • Kat Lyyli says:

      My dentist quoted me over 3grand to remove 2 wisdom teeth that are partial eruptions (didnt come all the way through).
      I swear some just want $

    • Bob Jones says:

      And that’s why you goto school people

    • Bob Jones what does school have to do with it? Just because you have an education doesn’t mean you’re going to get benefits. I can be waiting to get benefits for years and I went to school. The reason I’ll be waiting is because only permanent employees (employees who have postings) get benefits. Since I don’t have a posting, I’m considered casual part time

  14. Sudbury Dental group. I hate the dentist normally but look forward to my next visit. Had teeth cleaned, a tooth extracted, and more dental wrk all amazing wrk

  15. Try Dr. Karpentier on LaSalle. Not sure if she does payment plans but she used to… and shes an awesome dentist!

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