Dental industry beware

I would like to clarify the misconception that the general public has in regard to the dental field unless of course you are the greedy dentist him/herself. It’s not a high paying job with great benefits and a killer pension.

The reality of this world is that the pay is very minimal for having attended a college for 3 years, incurring approximately 50 k of debt. There is ZERO benefits and ZERO pension. You cannot pick your holidays, if you want to take YOUR EARNED holidays it must be when the hungry dentist decides when they want to take theirs. They do not pay into WSIB, therefore if you get sick or need to take time off due to health reasons, then it’s without pay. There is no paid lunch, no such thing as 15 minute breaks and we are required to pay fees in order to keep our license up to date. This is the practice used right here in our greater city of Sudbury. The pay is substantially higher if you are willing to move out of this region but the working conditions stay the same. What this field needs is a union to regulate the inequities that have been placed on our poor, overworked and under paid hygienist/assistants. Students that are eager to enroll in this program, think twice. This profession will wreak havoc on your back and hands leaving you crippled down the road.

To all the dentists out there, be fair. Invest in your workers, in return you’ll have a healthy work environment and that in turn will create more revenue. Thank you everyone who took the time to read this and I hope It shed a little light onto this dark profession.



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