Delivery drivers

I don’t understand why when people order take out and never tip.just drive your own vehicle or take a bus or walk.the drivers who bring your food to you on time and still hot drive in this heavy traffic rushing to get your food to you.and still hot

its a slap in the face .drivers only get mileage and tips.we don’t get the delivery charge they charge you..when you pre pay with credit card we don’t get a tip from it unless you give us one..

I’ll get a lot of ride comments but at least I’m not on welfare and living on people hard earned money I’m out working trying to survive like a lot of us.



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  1. Leslie Chow Leslie Chow says:

    Maybe sell weed on the side, then they’ll get the munchies, have to order again and soon you’ll be rolling in tips. :v

  2. My son was a pizza delivery person in high school for a while in order to work and get a diploma in order to get a job in the future that pays more than minimum wage. With the price of gas he was paying on average $50.00 for a Friday and Saturday evening and put over 300 kms in his crappy teenage car which pretty much destroyed it and had to pay more for his car insurance because he was using it for work. That was really the least of his issues with this type of work. As you can see by the type of comments people are willing to say on social media about things they have never experienced, it was the worse type of job anyone can do. If you think people can be an asshole on social media page in the safety of their own home you should hear what they would say and do to a teenage kid at their door when they are intoxicated at 2 am. He was threatened, chased, spit at and literally held hostage in a house by a man twice his size for over 40 minutes because his order was wrong and he wanted his pizza for free. So how about instead of saying “get a better job” or “take the issue up with your employer” how about maybe just maybe consider the other side for one minute… or go get your own food and then you can make comments on other things you have no idea about!

  3. The minimum wage is just that if you are not getting it change business.

  4. Jeffery Taus Jeffery Taus says:

    get a real job then

  5. Jane Picotte Jane Picotte says:

    I was told by someone who served are country he never tips because no one never tipped him for serving are country made since to me . I on the other hand always leave a tip for service I no it’s not expected it’s just a little something to show appreciation for the service I receive .

  6. Chris Gravel Chris Gravel says:

    I was a waitress for many years, never once expected a tip, when I started at 20 it was just as much of a surprise up until I finished school at 26,; receiving a tip didn’t make my service any better or worst, I did my job, tips were a’s expensive to eat out now, some ppl are on tight budgets and just want a night off from cooking after a horrible day at work..get another job if your depending on are a bonus not an expectation or dependency to make your ends meet

  7. I waitress at a restaurant and dont expect to get a tip at every table I serve, and clean their mess and do their dishes and still guess what? Dont expect people to give me a tip, if they do awesome if not I move one in life and not dwell on it its expensiveto eat out some people may only have a small budget.. stop being so greedy.

  8. Fight for a better wage from your employer. Don’t make me subsidize your shitty wage.

  9. Darryl John Darryl John says:

    Never worked in the service industry, always tip. Can’t afford to? Don’t order expensive delivery.

  10. Glenda Tyson Glenda Tyson says:

    Well it’s odd you don’t get a fee for delivery and only mileage. When my ex delivered pizzas to make extra money on top of his full time job, he got paid $1.50 per delivery. That was 20 odd yrs ago. I’m sure it’s double that now. He made really good money on Friday and Saturday evenings delivering with his fees per delivery and tips. Perhaps you need to work for a place that has more business and pays fees

  11. I find it funny when people say “if your not happy with the pay find another job”.
    If all these workers listened to that logic who would delivery your shit? Or make you coffee in the morning?

  12. I was a delivery driver for years, not only do drivers get an hourly rate yes below minimum but that is because you also receive a deliver commission as well as the countless tips you receive through the night for the 20$ in gas your spending, you are bring in almost $200 a night…. if you dont like the pay get a better job and get off your ass.

  13. If your not making money doing it then find another job. When tgey have no one left to deliver maybe they’ll increase wages. Not up to the customer to pay you. They already purchased the food with the deliver included

  14. I always give 5.00 when they deliver pizza to my house

  15. Jeff Pigeon Jeff Pigeon says:

    Drivers get paid an hourly wage, you don’t get server wage like a waiter/waitress/bartender. Why should you get tipped for the job you’re doing? When I worked at Blockbuster I was always running around the store getting movies and games for people, no one tipped me.

  16. There will always be people who dont tip. Its to be expected.

  17. If I can afford it I will but expecting it… wrong
    Don’t like your wage or your job? Change it
    Don’t expect other people to

  18. Dave McMende Dave McMende says:

    Not tipping is pure ignorance. Don’t @ me.

  19. Shylo Parent Shylo Parent says:

    I never order delivery unless I can tip. Price of Gas, wear and tare on their cars so I can be lazy. Love how they all now carry debit machines so no excuse.

  20. Don Guay Don Guay says:

    There should be a tip jar for the cook, the only person who deserves a tip. Bugs me when the waitress gets the credit for the great meal. All tips should be shared with the cook. I know this is the policy in some places. Better yet share tips to all employees on payday , then all are happy

  21. Get fucked.. it’s not an obligation to tip?? Its simple, some do some don’t.. now go play in traffic bud.

  22. Jason LaFaci Jason LaFaci says:

    We pay enough with high prices and the delivery guys get paid either which way …. don’t like it too bad find another job

  23. I always tip – money in the person’s hand, even if I’ve prepaid on the website..

  24. tips aren’t for wage subsidy they are for exemplary work. I would suggest you all form a union for fair wages

  25. I overheard an interesting conversation about the skip the dishes. Apparently some of the drivers choose not to pick up if the tip isn’t big enough. This then results in the food having been made, but the establishment having to throw it out, or perform the delivery, which is something they never signed up for in the first place.

  26. Nick Kennedy Nick Kennedy says:

    Stfu and grow a pair

  27. Nick Kennedy Nick Kennedy says:

    Did you knowingly get the job thinking you were to deliver pizzas ? And do you think we have the best roads to be driving for your day to day job?

  28. ? So when I give you a tip from the credit card you don’t get it? For real?

  29. Ben Stronge Ben Stronge says:

    Good service I will tip. Most of the time the drivers from skip the dishes are rude and expect to be tipped for their shitty attitude. Paying for the meal, a $10 delivery charge plus tip is a little hefty anyways

  30. The problem isn’t people who don’t tip drivers – the problem is that companies aren’t paying fairly because they’ve started declaring delivery drivers to be independent contractors.

    If you’re a delivery driver and not getting paid hourly, and being reimbursed 58¢/km (if driving own vehicle) you are most likely being exploited and if only making a “commission” and/or mileage, you should really examine if (once you’ve paid for the gas) you’re even making minimum wage.

  31. Ok but the single mom at walmart that ran through your $300 of food in a timely manner never got a tip either. Or how about that kid that carried your heavy items from a storage area to your car for you. Didnt tip him did you? Tipping is the dumbest thing Ive heard of and never will support it. Why does it only apply to food service or somebody giving you a ride.

  32. Okay you aren’t on welfare but you want people to give you free money?? Sorry you choose to keep a job that doesn’t pay, but that doesn’t mean customers are responsible to insure you have a decent wage

  33. After many years in the restaurant industry and after watching times change, I’ve stopped etiquette tipping.
    The world has grown an entitlement persona.
    I tip on service.
    Doesn’t matter who or where either.
    Tipping on coffee?
    Why? What did this person do outside of the bare minimum requirements that deserves a gratuity.
    Bc your using your personal vehicle ?
    That was your choice to choose when you applied. I’m in transportation now and yes, owner/operator drivers bill for use if their truck.
    Take it up with your boss. It’s not on the customer to make good your paychecks. The gratuity is above and beyond your pay. Not in addition to.
    It was free, so don’t expect it.
    Your job as a food delivery driver is to accurately present to me my order on time.
    However that needs to happen is up to the restaurant to accomplish.
    Do something that makes you and your guest better.

    I’m not tipping fake ass people anymore so I dont appear as rude ?
    How did that happen.

    You know what IS a slap in the face?
    Someone who expects you to give them free money.

  34. My son delivered pizza for years he never got the delivery charge paid his own gas maintenance etc he only got paid his minimum wage no extra so whenever he got a tip he was happy as it helped him with his gas expense

  35. I do nails for a living. And I DO NOT expect to be tipped. It is much appreciated but is not expected. I am doing my job to the best of my ability and they are paying me to do so. Anything extra is out of pure kindness from them and I am so grateful for it.

    But as for deliveries, I tip what I can. The cost of food and delivery charges alone have skyrocketed. We are all trying to get by. Some struggle more than others. Maybe consider a job that doesn’t rely on tips alone. And fyi, shit talking people on social assistance was unnecessary. You don’t know what people are going through. I understand you feel frustrated, but bringing other people down to make you feel better about yourself isn’t the way to go about it.

  36. Joshua Moses Joshua Moses says:

    Get a better job that doesnt rely on tips. I’m hiring

  37. It’s your choice and discretion to tip or not. You don’t like it?? Get another job that pays more.

  38. Ginger Niemi Ginger Niemi says:

    I had a friend who ordered from Skip the Dishes, the driver punched in 20% tip then handed the customer the machine. My friend refused to give a 20% tip and made the driver remove the amount. I think that is pretty rude and ballsy. Good way of not getting a tip at all.

  39. I used to tip good for toppers till they started charging delivery. Now, unfortunately, it’s less. I’m already paying! I feel like I’m paying twice when I pay delivery AND tip!☹️

  40. Kayla Roy Kayla Roy says:

    A delivery driver gets between $5-$15 each delivery.
    I do tip my delivery drivers but many justify the delivery charge instead of a tip.

  41. Do people still tip when they use skip the dishes or is it included?

  42. I’ll always tip for good service that goes above and beyond. However, it is arrogant to assume I’ll give you money just for doing your job. It is up to your employer to pay you, it isn’t my responsibility to subsidize your wage.

  43. When I delivered pizza I was making the same wage as servers and bartenders plus $2.00 per delivery and tip. Delivery drivers have to pay their own gas and maintenance plus insurance on their vehicles so I understand where this guy is coming from. I always tip as much as I can but I’ll tip a delivery driver before I tip a server (doesnt cost them extra to walk your food to your table).

  44. I tip if the service is good, but I don’t like it demanded of me to do so. It isn’t mandatory, you should be getting paid. Better take it up with your boss.

  45. If you aren’t getting the tip I paid through the app which is expected to go towards the driver, you need to take that up with your boss, that isn’t on the customer. If your not getting the 4$ delivery charge that customers assume is going towards the delivery driver, again, you need to take that up with your boss. Tips are a courtesy, not mandatory charge. If your boss isn’t paying you atleast minimum wage, take it up with him not the customers BECAUSE if everyone started picking up their food you wouldn’t have a job, plain and simple bro.

  46. Get a new job that doesnt depend on tips??

  47. What ever company you work for sucks. I do it for a pizza company as a side job. We get the $5 delivery charge plus $2 something per delivery also the tips. As a extra I get a mini pizza every night I work. Yeah I wont lie when people dont tip it sucks. I wont lie but the fact that you will still make $7 on that delivery in the end you cant complain.

  48. %100 of the time i get it delivered the food is late and bosses or even the 1800 line defends the company saying it wasn’t. So yeah, no tip

  49. Lain St Onge Lain St Onge says:

    I was all for this. Until you had to state you weren’t on Ontario works. You don’t know what other people go through and why they need social assistance. You can back up your cause without bringing other people into the mix.

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