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I am a single man in my mid 30s and I have been going on dates for over 2 years now. In this time I have noticed a few trends and I need to ask women of Sudbury if this is the norm(and I just need to suck it up or be alone) or if I just have bad luck(and need to find a better place to meet women).

1. Single women are mentally needy. It is so hard to find a women who is truly independent. Do women really need constant reassurance. I have dated a few women now who could not understand why I don’t text them all day everyday. I have a life, I work, I have kids, I have hobbies, and I enjoy my downtime. I hate responding to my phone 24/7. Especially when the text is about nothing. “Don’t you just hate so and so on this show.” “Hello.” “Why are you ignoring me.” “Have you lost interest.” Like no I was taking a shower and you couldn’t wait 5 minutes for a reply and I don’t watch that show. “Who you showering for?” Urg, this is just an example but ladies, we don’t like texting. Most of us hate it in fact. Plus if we are talking to you 23/7 then when we see each other we have nothing to talk about. Give us some space, get a hobbie, accept that we make time for you when we can and that we are obviously interested if we are dating you. This is unattractive.

2. Single women are financially needy and clueless when it comes to money. Being a full time mommy on welfare is not a full time job. I work over 40+ hours a week and raise my kids on my own. That’s why I can afford to buy the things I have. Being on welfare, living in housing and planning a trip to the Bahamas just doesn’t make sense. “I’m broke this week though can you drive me, buy this for me, pay for everything, and when can me and my kids move in with you.” I actually had one tell me she was homeless and wanting be my girlfriend to get out of the cold. This is unattractive.

3. Single women fall in love way to fast. I have had 3 women claim they loved me after less then 4 dates. This screams mental health issues and is unattractive.

4. Single women want to meet my kids way to fast. Listen, my kids are number 1. My kids do not need women in and out of their lives. Your kids do not need men in and out of their lives. This causes so many mental issues they will need to work out in therapy. Just stop doing it. It’s not attractive and it shows how bad of a parent you are. I know you want to see if we will get along as whole family, but please let us see if we get along first.

5. Single women want to rush everything. What’s wrong with a cup of coffee, then a dinner date, then a movie, then skating, then more dates before rushing into bed, being a family, or meeting my parents. I barely know you, we just meet. Why can’t we take time to get to know each other before rushing into a life long commitment. This is unattractive and makes you seem needy.

6. Single women don’t know what they want but rush into it anyways. Trying to change someone is wrong. If you meet a guy with a great job, financially successful, attractive and great dad but can’t stand that he loves to fish. Don’t try to change him. Leave if you can’t stand it. Also don’t get with a guy who loves to fish if you hate it. You’re wasting both of your time. This is unattractive and wrong.

7. Single women rush from guy to guy with little downtime in between. Ladies heal from your last guy before finding another. I am not him. I didn’t cheat on you. I didn’t yell at you. I didn’t steal your bank card. Whatever drama and baggage you got from him let it go before trying to find a new man. Nothing is more unattractive then hearing about the ex all the time.

8. Single women don’t want to commit. “I want you to be my man but I am not your women.” You can’t date anyone else but I’ll be out tonight with my girlfriends and may or may not come see you if I don’t find a piece tonight. This is not attractive in the slightest. If you can be wild and free so can we.

So in closing. Again I asked the ladies of Sudbury if these things are normal and I just need to suck it up or be alone the rest of my life. I’m a catch I know I am and I am not going to waste it on one of these types. So how do I find a women who isn’t one of these types. Do they even exist or does every women in this day and age have mental issues and I just need to accept it?



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  1. After some thought, I’m wondering if you are poisoning your own well by painting your own picture of women based on your experience with your ex

  2. Leslie Steel Leslie Steel says:

    Funny he could have just changed the words women 2 men and that’s how I felt about dating in sudbury. When u meet the right girl. U will know it and die 2 b with her. Until then keep it light or the women of substance will c u coming

  3. Kim Willis Kim Willis says:

    I think it can be seen on both ends. I too have met the over needy men that wanted to skip the getting to know you part. I stopped dating sites because it just sucks lol. Yes I’m looking for someone but not just anyone. So I feel ya there, but no, it’s not the norm. There are some amazing women out there like there are some amazing men, but I just think it’s getting difficult because of expectations today.

  4. Julie Munro Julie Munro says:

    I like the cut of your jib

    Ps. Single is the new happily ever after.

  5. Adela Sagle Adela Sagle says:

    Alot of people are like that. Not just women…

  6. I just want bang bang bang
    i dont want relationship
    i just want bang bang bang
    i dont want to know your name
    i just want bang bang bang
    i dont want to meet your mom

  7. Go to places that encompasses your values and things you enjoy.

  8. Sounds like you are perfectly rounded. I think you just aren’t meeting the right people

  9. Its not you its them! I am sooooo glad im not in the dating pool its pretty bad from what i can see…nobody wants to put in the work it takes to have a good relationship because it “takes to long”
    Or they are 100% afraid of committing to anything let alone anyone…i will tell you the same thing i tell my friends…..GO BE A WHORE!!! just wrap it so you are safe

  10. I stopped dating 3 years ago to focus on myself and my career. The men in Sudbury are all duds as well. One guy after the third date tried to move in with me. Another couldn’t even commit to a 4th date (“omg I want to go see this movie. Would you like to come with me. If not I’m asking my best friend” “we are moving too fast. Sorry” dude, it was a freaking coffee. Not a marriage proposal. And a 4th date in a month and a half is NOT too fast) I’ve also had men who got upset that I wouldn’t sleep with them on the first date or agree to be their girlfriend in the first week. Men who got pissed off that I was busy with work and couldn’t text them or men who didn’t text me for a week but still expected me to be at their beck and call. Maybe all the women who would appeal to you have already given up like I did.

  11. Kay Veaudry Kay Veaudry says:

    then why you reading it LOL

  12. Wow I would like to read all these comments but it would take me all day lol … i work own my vechiles they may not be brand new but they are mine I also have a daughter however i dont feel like getting a babysitter to watch her so I can go hang out with a guy is a good thing and either is bringing her so what do I do ?

  13. Shana Marie Shana Marie says:

    Or maybe your standards are what needs to change. You’re dating these women that are doing all of these things that you don’t enjoy, so maybe you’re attracted to a personality trait that you should be running away from. I know some single women that are single because they’re definitely too good for a lot of the men out there, and for the record I’m not single I’m quite happy. But at least one that I saying I love you after 4 dates maybe you should plan smaller dates and set boundaries up quickly, but that’s just my opinion

  14. Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

    Stephanie Lamarche dam.. those are the woman beaters.. that’s all toxic masculinity.. only the dumb ones are like that.

  15. Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

    Stephanie Lamarche dam.. those are the woman beaters.. that’s all toxic masculinity.. only the dumb ones are like that.

  16. Laura Dee Laura Dee says:

    you have bad luck… women can say pretty much the same about men btw

  17. Stephanie Lamarche I don’t see it either. Affects me none lol

  18. Please stay single for life!!! No woman needs your bullshit. I wouldn’t date you if someone paid me!!!! You need some serious mental help.

  19. J Martin J Martin says:

    Single women?!?!? Wow!!!
    No wonder you don’t have any luck, I don’t even know you and I would keep swiping. You seem like you are the one with issues, not the single women you are dating.
    Single women….I have to ask why you are single…what is the matter with you?
    Women don’t want men that have to go on Spotted in Sudbury to bitch about women or find a date!
    Maybe you need to take a good hard look at yourself

  20. Dumb bitches posting like someone gives a shit about there opinion lol… Worse than the guy who originally posted.

  21. As a single woman who is very independent, pays her own bills, has a good vehicle and a good job. I can’t seem to find a “ good” man, who doesn’t want me to pay his bills, who doesn’t want to move in with me, who doesn’t need to text me everyday about random crap, and who doesn’t plan “ our” future together after the 1st coffee date. Thank you for posting, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one seeing this trend.

  22. Your looking for a great white buffalo. there out there, but there rare.

  23. Diana C. Bedard my answer to the awe you’re so pretty and awesome why are you single. Cause y’all are fucked up and don’t realize it and I can. No thank you

  24. Exactly right! Narcicism is so gross. Funny thing is he doesn’t even realize he outed himself as a total self centered imature rigid entitled dipshit. He’s so gross…

  25. A lot of women are independent and financially stable and aren’t looking for someone to take care of them. If you aren’t meeting anyone like that than you are looking in the wrong places or prioritizing the wrong things when you first encounter single women. It most certainly is not how all women are though so keep looking and at some point you’ll meet someone who’s more in line with what you’re looking for.

  26. Linda says:

    keep doing you. you have a lot of valid points. it`s a whole new era with most everyone glued/ attached to their phones. yes, get a hobby. i agree. glad to know that some of the younger generation (younger than me) aren`t addicted to their technology. that yes, they have a life and no, they don`t need to know everything that`s going on with everyone. back when everyone had a landline, you would`ve been crazy to constantly call someone for absolutely no reason. same idea that needs to be reframed. people have lost their independence. and they`re bored. plain and simple. so yes, technology has replaced normal, healthy hobbies. Eats up WAY too much of people`s time. and they don`t notice. and yes y`all can keep your syntax comments to yourself. The capital letter police. no cares here. and this comment ain`t for you anyways.

  27. John Brown John Brown says:

    This screams i am insecure. We attract what we are. Maybe not to the T. But in the same ball park. So if you have a string of woman,..who act and behave in the same manner. Insecure stands out. Common sense tells you…you’re the common denominator. And since its only you,…that you,…can do anything about. Time to grow up, and work on you and you’re insecurities. And whatever else you can think of. Or do as you had suggested. They say,..when the solution to your problem becomes a problem. Time to find a new solution. Enjoy

  28. From personal experience, men are the exact same way. I finally found my perfect guy, but it wasn’t easy. I feel sorry for people dating now.


  30. Women are like that because in the end that is what a man will choose. Men say they want independent women who can hold their own but end up with the most needy drama queen

  31. Chelsea Jade Chelsea Jade says:

    Def not normal lmao… and clearly nothing was ment to be or feeling would be mutual

  32. I feel like you just described most of the men I’ve dated. Lol

  33. Fred Welch Hahahaha. Goddam maroon

  34. Alex Lische Alex Lische says:

    Are you the guy that keeps farting in the car and locking the windows?

  35. Stephanie Lamarche I think you’re my kindred soul lol

  36. Anne Roach Anne Roach says:

    To the boy who is posting this, Your obviously not intelligent enough for any woman.

  37. Melissa Gilroy that’s true lol.

  38. Debbie Piette-Dixon at least we would have a pic to “stay away” from lol

  39. Love this post…And there are definitely Great woman out there you just have to find them…You obviously know what it is you are looking for in a woman so just make sure you find it and do not settle for less…”Life is too short to settle for shit!!!”

  40. Fred Welch Fred Welch says:

    Patty Jo Derks I have some advice for him. Get over yourself. It’s not all about you! Wow. I don’t think he has to worry about being single! Lol

  41. This is like the whole you’re so pretty and amazing why are you single? Like my birth certificate says boo boo the fool and I was born yesterday. They want you to self validate yourself check your flaws and tell them where you insecurities lay. Get the fuck out of here with that bull shit

  42. Bob Jones Bob Jones says:

    So many fugly Shitbury women triggered by Truth

  43. Stephanie Lamarche like red flag #1

  44. I must admit you are very right. There is a reason why these women are single. In my personal experience I was having the same problems with men. It turns out that I was dating the same sort of guys. So I changed my dating tactics. I started dating people I normally wouldn’t and got a much better result. So my suggestion to you is to change your dating strategy.
    1. If they don’t work “for example, a part time job or something where they dont earn their money) dont date them.
    2. Don’t date anyone that you meet online. It’s way too easy for people to catfish or get you to believe that they are something they aren’t. Try looking somewhere that you would normally hang out. You’ll probably find someone you have things in common that way.
    3. You are entitled to having a separate life to the person you are dating. Dating is just that! Trying to find out if you are compatible, once you find out that you are, then you can slowly work your schedules together. There is no rush to anything.

    Good luck out there.

  45. Suck it up, be yourself and dont act dumb. You shouldn’t have any issues…shouldnt need to post that sorta stuff on social media, makes you look kinda desperate..

  46. Rara Paul Rara Paul says:

    Dude. You get what you put in. Maybe your post should’ve come with a mirror.

  47. Manon Duclos Manon Duclos says:

    They are not all like that lol. Ive also encountered the male versions of this and again, not all men are like that either. Just keep your standard and wait 🙂

  48. That was entertaining.
    Clearly no one is good enough. You sound highly narcissistic and that’s why you can’t find a “good woman”.

  49. I think it’s just the type you are going for. Start focusing on what you want from a relationship. You cannot expect any woman to fit what you are looking for to perfection. But, maybe one will be intriguing enough that you’ll look past a few flaws.

  50. Not all women are what you’re explaining, just be pickier about who you actually go on dates with!

    Most of the things you mentioned are red flags that you know about before you even meet in person!

    I am very independent, self sufficient, financially stable, own a business and have another full time job on the side, don’t have children and I’m 34, I don’t have time to go on dates with someone that shows any of these Red flags while just texting!

  51. Pam Jennings Pam Jennings says:

    He needs to ask himself where am I finding these women that is most likely the problem.. as being a single mom who is not in housing, who is not needy not all women are like this.. stop characterizing us all as one stereo type

  52. The problem is you op. High standards mixed with poor choices bro.

  53. First of all, you are “available”, not “single”. You come with kids. Reading all this, I suspect you are finding these women on Plenty of Fish. You being the fish. Sign up for a dating site geared for educated, working people. If it costs money, all the better. The welfare moms won’t be able to afford it. Screen your dates more carefully. Ask where they work, where they live … this will tell you a lot about a person.

  54. Yves Gervais Yves Gervais says:

    God I can’t stand how he says women everytime and not woman… Lol

  55. Great women and men are hard to find…but they are out there…you need to be patient and when you least expect it she will be there…im not sure of the age range of the women you date…but im sure that makes a difference…maybe older women would be better for you…good luck in your search

  56. There are some great points in here I have to agree to lots of them!!!

  57. Eric Foy Eric Foy says:

    Don’t fuck with my fishing

  58. Sometimes the best that comes is when you stop looking. Dating sites aren’t always the best way to go and wont always find what your looking for.
    I know not all women are like that as you described. But it does take time.
    I hope in time you find who you are looking for, because they’re are definitely women who are looking for a man with our all the BS.

  59. Haha I’ve been dumped cause apprently im too independant and finacially okay with out a man!

  60. I wish they came with pictures some of these posts LOL

  61. I’d say you’ve been unlucky in finding the right person for you. Everyone is different and searches for different things. I am independent financially and in general. I have my own hobbies and goals. I’ve been told by people I date that I was too independent. Who I think it’s just about finding your match.

  62. Well no wonder you’re having issues finding “love” my guess is your most likely on websites like POF and Tinder. Go out into the real world and let it come to you. Trying to post about all of women’s “faults” is going to make you stay single.
    However, you could always try men if you are so unhappy with the female brain or a flesh light. It’s up to you.

  63. Not just women. I had a guy tell me he loved me before we even met. Ot will happen when it happens.

  64. Sharon Depatie he’s complaing about his low standards are. This is his own problem he chooses these kind of women. He seems to have a lot of baggage and drama himself and not over allll the other single women he tried to date. He can’t be bringing that baggage on to new people it’s really unattractive

  65. All of your points state that you are an older individual like myself and you cling onto values that we ourselves were raised with but i hate to tell you none of these values exist anymore. After the nineties onslaught of destroying family values and the structure of all relationships by creating an entire new movement of sexuality and now teaches us masculinity and everything we were taught is now toxic so we now have an entire generation of us lost men being told we are all wrong and another generation thats the opposite of what we once were so theres no possibility of common ground

  66. Kyle Hupalo Kyle Hupalo says:

    I get what ur saying buddy tho I dont agree with I all I do agree with most of it. Either or even if this post was 100% positive ur still going to get flack for what ur opinion is.

  67. Jusst Carrie Jusst Carrie says:

    Good god I’m so glad I’m not single. Jesus.

  68. Lana Ranger Lana Ranger says:

    You generalize way too much, meet women in the wrong places, or maybe you’re trying to rush things if you’ve had several women over the last 2 years. With your busy schedule, your children and alone downtime, and still all those women? It’s unattractive.

  69. Holly L Good Holly L Good says:

    This is not true for some, i am independant, was single… not nomore so not all of us are crazy u see maybe its you lol

  70. Lmfao. And that is why youre single.

  71. Where the heck are you meeting these women?
    Stop shopping in the discount isle if you don’t want defective.

  72. Frank Papa Frank Papa says:

    I thought it was well written.

  73. Dont give up I’m sure find a (normal) girl! And no all single women are that way, you seem to have your priorities straight! Stick it out, Best of luck!

  74. You contradict yourself with point #8. (They’re too emotionally needy, financially needy, they move too fast, but they don’t want to commit?Or does it just bug you that while you don’t have time for said women, that they’re going out to hang with their friends, instead of sitting around and waiting for you to decide to take an interest in them?) Maybe you need to make your intentions clear to the Women you’re dating up front. I’m a single woman and to be honest, I don’t want some man who feels like it’s a chore to spend time with me. My time is valuable, I’ve got shit to do, and a job, and a life, and a great group of friends, I don’t want some knight in tinfoil swooping in and doing me the “favour” of rescuing me from my singledom. And I can assure you that there are far more women like me out here than you think. Good luck in your search though.

  75. Ivan Gervais Ivan Gervais says:

    Theres more than one type of women and this problem isn’t only in sudbury. Just relax work on your self esteem and you’ll attract the attention if a quality girl.

  76. Most likely because independent woman rarely use dating sites, for basically the same reasons.. You tend to get jaded, assuming there are no good men left, when 3 out of 4 men on dating sites want sex before even meeting you..
    My suggestion, do you, enjoy your life, and when something is meant to be, it will happen. (Full disclosure, I do this and it doesn’t typically work, lol) but, I do very much enjoy my life regardless.
    There are good people out there, not all match up, not all will be attracted to the other, not all will find a proper balance that works for them.. But if you are willing to search, just be ready for more disappointments before finding true happiness. It’s a needle in the haystack out there, you can either just live and wait till it pricks you, or put effort looking for it.
    Just don’t change your standards for anyone, sounds like you are one of the rare types left. Kudos to you.

  77. Stephanie Lamarche no wonder he is single seeing women this way.

  78. In closing, this is why you’re single

  79. Stephanie Lamarche He’s not totally wrong

  80. Not all woman are like that

  81. If you are using dating sites you will meet many incompatible women just as we ladies will meet many incompatible men. There are a lot of questionable ppl on dating sites. What is great is that you are well aware of what you do not want in a relationship. Many ppl have no clue what they actually want/need. Also dating sites are full of ppl who are on there for other motives such as just looking to get into bed, someone to buy them things or give them money, ect…there are far more of ppl looking to use other ppl rather than genuinely searching for love. Also I don’t understand why so many women have responded to this as though you personally attacked who they are. I am sure many of them have encountered men that are similar to.what you described. I would say that the women who were offended by you knowing exactly what is and is not aattractive to you are not women you should date. If a woman had written this post all these others would have been going on and on about “damn right” “so true” “exactly” ect…
    What I did find awesome is that through your entire post not once did you say anything about physical features…said to me that you are looking for more than just a pretty face but a woman of character and values, with a solid work ethic, & family conscious. Those were priority for you. Why on earth are so many women offended by your honesty??? I mean wow ladies a man who actually SAID what he ACTUALLY is looking for/wants. ✔

  82. Ummm ok, I am a single woman in my 40’s and I am none of the above, in fact its the total opposite!! The men are a joke here and doing exactly what your saying the woman are doing!! So… I have set my bar a bit higher, and voila some great guys are available!! Keep dating but set your bar a bit higher and don’t date younger, date a couple years older… maturity is a wonderful thing.. Good Luck!

  83. Carie Adams Carie Adams says:

    I didn’t even read your entire post because it’s way to long! Don’t lump us all in the same category! I’m a single Mom in my 30’s, my marriage made me crave my independence, I have a good career and work my butt off for my kids! I’m sure you will find the right girl at some point just be patient!

  84. Wow! Pardon my language but “Holy shit”! First of all, stop generalizing about single women. Obviously you haven’t screened well enough. You are obviously looking in all the wrong places. Yes there are a lot of needy people in general out there but there are some healthy people too.

  85. So all I’m getting here is.. instead of dating single women… date taken women? Idk im lost man

  86. We are all a little crazy lol

  87. hense why this single woman stays away from that crap and takes care of her children instead

  88. Dawn Carne Dawn Carne says:

    Get the hell of tinder and POF.

  89. Marty Neas Marty Neas says:

    Women are not the problem..the type of women you meet is the problem.. change your standard.

  90. You da man !lol nicely writen and all so true !! My advice stay single enjoy your life and forget all about Sudbury chick’s there all messed up dirty and always out looking for the bigger better picture ! ..then leave ya in the wake of it free bro nothing beats it !

  91. Just follow yr heart once you know shes the right one only You will know
    Don’t rush
    There is many ppl out there that are not like you said
    Be patient it’s a vertu

  92. I think he’s putting all of his frustration to a few women he may have gotten hurt from.. and is placing all women In one catagory, that is not right. Being and knowing single women I know we can be indepent as all hell, work our asses off me moms and be our own maid, have fun and live, fish and quad and have drinks! But a women who likes to party to me is not attractive when u have kids and make your family the priority that is attractive, or when she is putting god first, but a lot of men don’t even like that because they’ don’t want a good girl but they don’t want a bad girl and something in between is apparently to needy! Some women need to be loved a certain way that doesn’t disclude everything wlsw

  93. I have a hard time finding someone who likes me for who I am, honestly I’m so sick of dating guys.

  94. If you fish in a pond full of barbot……that’s what you catch

  95. If you keep dating those women its because you’re attracting them. Change your frequency, and you will meet someone who vibes at that same frequency. You can only do that if deep down you’re ready and want it. You keep getting thrown the same lesson because you haven’t learned it yet. There has to be some accountability on your part as to who you attract and let in.

  96. Get a dog? They like fishing

  97. to much reading take that stick out of your ass your sure not a guy I would look at or near my kids you are to stuck up I can go on and on about what’s wrong with men as well.. don’t blame the women men are just as bad. Who push to jump into bed with women who they just met.. It goes both ways..

  98. read every first sentence this guy types.Now if the author would read every first line they wrote.# 1single women are mentally needy,#2 single women are financially needy and clueless when it comes to money, #3 single women fall in love way too fast……etc,etc,.Dude,either your religious leanings are hampering your dating options( which is quite possible,but I doubt it) or you think your such a great catch that you could generalize 99% of the population in this way,and still be dateless,is hilarious.Heres what I do know;theres a “wonder women” out there,with a great job,tons of free time,financial success,and hobbies/interests that far outweigh yours,but you’ll never find her.Why? Its called compromise,and maybe your just not ready to add that word to vocabulary.And if your wondering if these things are normal,yes they are,just not to you,so keep at it,in the end you”ll get your “martha stewart” wife,but she’ll still tell you to stop your bitching and make a grilled cheese sandwitch.

  99. Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

    Dating in Sudbury should be obsolete it’s a very Bad scenario here

  100. Aron Dro Aron Dro says:

    Have you tried communicating with your partner instead of complaining about them on shout-out Sudbury? Sometimes a simple little chat can go a long way

  101. Laura Reid Laura Reid says:

    I wish you would date my daughter…I like you and your truthfulness

  102. Stop dating single moms? Duh….

  103. Not normal but they seem to be the norm.

  104. Lee Baxter Lee Baxter says:

    Sounds like you should be checking out MGTOW.

  105. I feel the same about guys.
    I’m 27 and literally gave up on trying to find someone lol.
    Been a year and I’m pretty happy lol
    To me it’s a waste of time

  106. Yep he’s clearly got a type

  107. Aaaand these comments perfectly illustrate who falls into the categories you described and those who don’t (yes they do exist). If this was a social experiment to garner a lot of responses and ultimately weed them out, well done.

  108. Isadora Sky Isadora Sky says:

    McMillan Christina right !?!

  109. Stop picking needy women, the fact that’s the type of women you find says a lot about you too…

  110. Barb Dupuis Barb Dupuis says:

    Honestly what independent, emotionally secure and financially stable woman would want a man who feels that all women are welfare dependent, bed hopping, emotionally insecure women looking for a one sided relationship. As a single woman who has raised her children and built a good career and is financially secure..after reading your posting..has decided to steer clear of dating.

  111. I think you’re just picking the wrong girl. You might need to change your taste and pick quality women, not just looks. Get to know her first.

  112. Best advice I’ve seen!

  113. Rose Anne Rose Anne says:

    A wise old man said to me “learn to love yourself and someone will come to love you.. it will come when you least expect it” I love being single !! Enjoy life day by day..

  114. Jen Bertrand Jen Bertrand says:

    First of all, you are having a hard time finding * the perfect woman* You are asking way too much that’s your problem right there.

  115. Those are not women. Those are girls. They haven’t matured yet.

  116. Wow nicely worded and a concluding paragraph !!! My advice is be patient… Find a person that knows who they are as an individual and what they want from a relationship…. I’m sure love will come your way when you are least expecting it! Good luck

  117. Gail Decaire Gail Decaire says:

    Stop dating women on “welfare” for 1.

  118. Gail Decaire Gail Decaire says:

    First “they’re needy” but then “they don’t want to commit” ..dude! Make up your mind. This post Sounds bipolar.

    Maybe you’re single because you complain way to much. Sounds like you just want a “nice women” to be a booty call. Sounds like you’re looking for yourself.

  119. Christine T Christine T says:

    Maybe you need a fishing buddy not a girlfriend ? It may not be the right time for you either to be searching for a partner ? I lucked out and met my bf he was a single dad and worked a full time job but we started off slow because he had a child and wanted to make sure that we would work. Maybe take the focus off finding a partner or dating just enjoy life some times the things we want most happen when we aren’t looking !

  120. Keep looking elsewhere!

  121. Natalie Bedard I agree well said

  122. Seems to me like ur unfortunately meeting the wrong women. U got ur priorities in the right place, be patient and the right woman will come along. It’s not easy for guys to date, a lot of women are like what u have described but not all women are I promise you that. I admire that ur kids come first and u don’t want women in and out of their lives. Some people just don’t fucking get that. Be patient man, she’s around here somewhere.

  123. Pm me…I have a perfect woman for you

  124. You obviously ain’t a catch if someone got rid of you. On another note, you sound like the needy one.

  125. Reba Twain Reba Twain says:

    Stop going on tinder. Those girls are like 16 to 18

  126. Ashley Holz Ashley Holz says:

    So what are you looking for…. because from what I read single woman aren’t your thing… your more looking for someone who’s been “trained” and then passed on.

    • Whoa.. If you think all single women are that description, then wow… Please be informed that many are not..
      So before assuming single woman are needy, think again.. I’m not the only single woman who does just fine on her own, in fact I know several self sufficient woman who are very much a great catch. If anything, our independence is what scares insecure men off. Because just like many needy girls do exist, there are equally as many men who need to feel needed, and not just wanted.

    • Joel Whipple Joel Whipple says:

      He did ask if it was his luck of the draw, or if it was the norm. It’s a grammatical style to write, though it would lead one to believe that’s what he thinks of all women. Personally it sounds like he’s looking at dating websites, which those are like picking at the leftover pieces of a pickled-egg jar.

    • Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

      Grant Kechnie.. your the one who posted this! Lmao

  127. Kris Parnell Kris Parnell says:

    It’s a two way street, not all women are like this but it’s not gender exclusive. For every woman like this there’s also a man like this.

  128. No not all single women are like that. Just like not all single men just want to jump in the sake on the first date.

  129. Zack Tryon Zack Tryon says:

    Here here! Seems you only find insecure ones who think Prince charming exists. Who watch too many soap operas .

  130. I am single, 30+ and the polar opposite of all this. You sound like a negative asshole; and it’s WOMAN, singular, not “a women”. Good luck with your dating life lolllll

  131. “Single women are emotionally needy” says the guy who needs to ask thousands of other people if his opinions are valid.

  132. Not normal at all.
    I don’t think you should give up, but maybe try meeting girls in different ways then you have been.

    Good luck with future dates, there are some great, fun loving girls out there.

  133. What are you doing to attract that??? If something not working do something different. ..

  134. Shylo Parent Shylo Parent says:

    Yup met the wrong women!!

  135. Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

    I wish this dude would comment on he what wrote.. this is like the jerryspringer show!

  136. its not just women i was singlefor alot of yrs because i chose it….and a single mom i work pay bills run for my kids and i dont need a man i wanted one . …so dont class every single mother or woman as such ffs…

  137. Unfortunately some woman need reassurance because they have been fucked over by men who say all tge right things but then do the opposite so ya the trust in men becomes questionable, so maybe if u thought about someone other then yourself then maybe you would find a nice lady, u seem like u want your time but only theres when its convenient to you , ya doesnt work that way , if u want a relationship u need to compromise

    • Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

      Erin Michelle Stargratt this is funny.. sudbury has a very high rate of abused and battered women.. I struggle with the mental illnesses of my xs .. but there is an amazing thing thow.. those women are great mothers and people just not a healthy relationship type for me anyway… he needs to listen, shut his mouth and duck his head and everything will be alright.. he cant let that ego get to him, it will never work here in sudbury.. men with high egos are most likely to abuse a woman

  138. Start doing things you love and the right person will come along. This is always the advice I give! You meet people when you least expect it. When you meet someone doing what you love, you already have a foundation for one thing in common. Dont rely on dating websites. They’re pointless. Bring your kids out to do an activity you all love and work up the courage to talk to the woman that makes your eyes sparkle. Vice versa. Goodluck! I hope you meet an amazing woman!

  139. I’ve noticed all single guys;
    1. Generalize women, which to me, is unattractive.

  140. Good luck! There are independent single working women out there.

  141. Pam Rose Pam Rose says:

    Sylvie Tremblay sounds like the men you date!!!!

  142. It sounds as though you are not ready for a relationship. If you keep seeing the negative parts of someone or if you see the negative aspects of the relationship from the start, then it is not meant to be or you are not ready to compromise. In a relationship, you need to make compromises and if you can’t then maybe you don’t want to be in a relationship. Also, it’s very offensive that you are generalizing women by saying that we all have mental health issues!!! Everyone is different and you may just be making dates with the wrong people. And if you don’t like the people you are dating stop bitching about it and get over it. Or stop dating

  143. I mean this in the nicest way possible….

    If this is the “norm” for you, you need to look at yourself.

    Also, while your criticizing the women you’ve dated, think of the men they’ve dated. This is a small town, the dating pool isn’t large. We have all ran into our fair share of crazy.

    Stand your ground on the things that are important to you. Eventually you’ll meet someone that is up to your standards.

    I’ve been with my bf for 13 yrs. It is possible to find a a good relationship, but don’t waste your time on someone that doesn’t meet your standards.

    Good luck.

  144. 1. I want a man who will help me clean the house.
    I guess we both live in fantasy land.

  145. If your looking for a good woman move out of sudbury lol

  146. Men are very similar. I enjoyed the read also. Good luck finding a partner to share life’s adventures with!

  147. Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

    Listen up… I’m a single man in my mid 30s that takes care of my xs kids who call me dad and my own.. I get treated like crap and I turn my head the other way and laugh. This is great…. I’d love to punch the guy who wrote this, right in the arm and say dude your a disaster lmao…..

  148. Where are you meeting these women? Lol…I’m a single mom myself, and fall under none of these categories. I may not have all my ducks in a row, but am not looking to anyone but myself to work them out. You need to look elsewhere, I think…

  149. Matty Morris Matty Morris says:

    Very well written. Some men are like this too.. ppl just need to grow up

  150. Amanda Kay Amanda Kay says:

    Seems to be an issue. Poor guy. Time to look elsewhere then where your looking

  151. Not all single women are like this! I think the ones looking are the more desperate ones who fit your generalization. I was a single mom for 4 years and dated but never committed because my child and my job was my priority. I happen to meet a great guy by chance and we are now married and have a great life! We both have good jobs and I think that’s key, we were both financial set and didn’t need anyone to fill a void! Best of luck!

  152. Wow… Ummm no. Generally productive people have jobs. Where are you meeting these people? Men don’t even get to come over to my house when have I my kids. I may only be able to see a guy once a week, twice if it’s my weekend without kids! I have a life, I do my own thing… I’d expect you to do yours too. I don’t need you for anything really. I’m self sufficient. I have a job, house, car… If you get some of my time, congrats, you’re pretty lucky because I really don’t have much of it that’s not occupied. More often than not, you’ll be the one wondering where I am, who I’m with, what I’m doing.

  153. So what you’re saying is you don’t want a single woman, you want to be the side piece?

  154. Lianne Gee Lianne Gee says:

    Switch up the type of lady you’re going for or the location you meet them in. Despite some of your generalizations sucking, you’re right to know what you want. Keep looking.

  155. OMG, I could not read all of your story. You, Sir had better smarten up and start looking for your dates somewhere else. I think all the smart women are too busy building homes and careers and a life to fall into your bullshit ways….

  156. You are the most common denominator in these equations buddy.

  157. Faye Thorpe Faye Thorpe says:

    Not all women are like that. I have my own life & don’t need to be needy. You are extremely negative about single women, with an attitude that would make a woman turn the other way.

  158. I’m a single woman in my 30s and I am none of those things you listed. Maybe you are just going after the wrong ones or it’s you

  159. Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

    This is so funny… dude you just screwed up big time lmao

  160. Well written. I enjoyed reading this. It looks like you have your priorities set straight. Don’t give up I am sure you will find your match. It sounds like the women you have met are dealing with insecurities. Best of luck to you!

  161. Oh, I have a strong feeling it’s you….
    Go for a certain type of woman everytime? You throw out ‘mentally instable’ fairly often…but if the common denominator is you everytime…….

  162. Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

    I think its him… lmao

  163. No women will now date u dude. …bad attitude. Nothing nice to say…negative attitude towards women…can u say ” transparent”

  164. The problem is you, for making such generalizations about a whole gender. There may be some women who are like that, but there are men like that as well. It sounds like you’ve either had incredibly bad luck, or (most likely) the common factor is you and you are the issue.

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