Dance lessons for kids

My son is 10 and would like to take dance lessons. More of the hip hop style, I guess it’s what it would be called. He has never taken lessons before so I’m not sure if it’s too late for him to start now. Any recommendations on a good school would be appreciated.


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  1. Elora Conrad Elora Conrad says:

    There are multiple dance school on sudbury, and many of them are located in the new Sudbury area. In new Sudbury there are,
    Happiness is Dancing,
    Project dance,
    Spotlight dance company,
    The Dynamic Room,
    Dance Evolution,
    Claire’s school of dance.

    There’s also Diane Boulais out in the Valley as well as let’s dance out in Chemmy.

    When it comes to picking a dance studio one of the biggest factors can be location. Most of these studios offer recreational hip hop classes so really it’s up to preference after that! Hope this helps. (If I forgot any studios I’m sorry)

  2. Don’t use the YMCA the dance classes aren’t that great and most programs unless they are drop ins are always booked so you and up waitlisted

  3. Kelly Jane Kelly Jane says:

    Something to consider, the YMCA offers different styles of dance classes. They also have tons of other programs he could benefit from and it’s all included in the monthly pass.

  4. Project dance studio !!! Amazing group !!

  5. The YMCA down town! And they are running discounts right now on memberships

  6. Claire’s School of Dancing on Lasalle

  7. Happiness is Dancing!! Best dance school in the city!

  8. Diane Boulais Dance Studio de danse in the valley

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