So earlier back I had a child with a man that I am no longer with.
I love my child to death, but I am now with another man that has two children that I have raised as my own for the past few years.

Things have gotten really complicated and I need her to go live with her dad full time instead of shared.
Yes We went to court for shared but now I want him to have her full time.

How do I go about having this overturned to him having sole custody? I feel bad but this just isn’t working out with her. The other children really need my full attention at this time and I can not put up with all the hateful things my ex is saying to me.
Please help and understand.



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  1. youre a piece of shit parent, by the way can i get your daughters porn name, porn page, escort number and all that good shit when shes 18.. because with an attitude like that im sure youre going to be her pimp

    where do you live? rumbal fucking terrace? i hope your childs smart enough to see you for what you are

  2. Guy Poulin Guy Poulin says:

    Have you considered selling your child to the circus?

  3. I think you need to love and support all of your children equally, and if that means shipping your daughter off because you cant handle a bit of stress and responsibility then maybe you arent cut out for the work.

  4. That is truly an awful decision you made. Your child should be your priority. Not the other way around. I can’t imagine how that poor child feels. Shame on you

  5. When she refuses to look at you when shes 16 ..remember you did this …YOU WILL BREAK THIS CHILDS SPIRIT …she will go through life feeling her mother did not want her so no one else will …she is unworthy of her mothers love and thus unworthy of anyones love …..if your child has mental health issues or relationship problems as she ages look in the mirror …..U DID THIS

  6. This sounds like the same twat that didn’t want her daughter to go on vacation with her and her family. Either way she is better off without a horrible mother like you and your other kids will realize how horrible you are when they get older to.

  7. Mary Brewer Mary Brewer says:

    When the day comes that you give up YOUR child for KIDS that are NOT YOURS is the LOWEST SCUM Put there grow the xxxx up

  8. what wpuld you do if all three were yours give one up for did ppl mange family affairs before shout out..oh i know go to the cour houses speak to lawyers they are the ones woth the anawers to theae questions

  9. This seems a lot like the other post where the mom basically said her kid was annoying and she needed to go stay with her dad simply because she couldn’t stand here but rather in lighter words

  10. You want to send your blood child away so you can raise your stepchildren? Something really wrong with this scenario, no matter how much they “need” you.

  11. Well really my son is my son and I could never give him up for my husband’s kids to me no excuse for letting your child go

  12. I’m sorry but what is wrong with you?! It is nice you raised someone else’s child as your own but YOUR child matters as well. Could you imagine how that poor baby feels?! Mom doesn’t want her because things have gotten “complicated” so you’d rather have your new boyfriend children around?! Seriously what is wrong with you!? Disgusting. I really hope she/he has a good father because she/he needs a proper parents at this point!

  13. It would be funny if she abandons her kid gives up all rights and 5 days later her bf leaves her for his children’s baby mama

  14. I could never imagine giving up my child for anything in the world..

    But in the end if u would rather give up ur rights to your own child then maybe this is for the best. Every child deserves the full love and support a parent can give. If you can’t Then I hope for sure the dad (ex) can do a better job.

  15. This just shows how fucken useless people are they will raise other people’s kids and not there own like fucking uselessness

  16. If youre incapable of caring for your own child, what makes the step kids any different? I put my mother through hell growing up, her job was on the line at one point because I refused to go to school but was too young to be put in a detention center so she had to adapt. My older sister couldn’t handle normal high school either. My mom had depression and a few other mental health issues but we made it work. I don’t know what your child did or didn’t do but you’re failing her miserably as a parent by giving up on her. I hope for her sake you’ve thought this through and understand the repercussions. Call your lawyer and tell them you want to undo all their hard work and sign over your parental rights. Call CAS well you’re at it because you clearly should not be responsible for any minors.

  17. You are one sick human being, i hope you end uo alone very soon fir a very long time!!

  18. Women out who would give anything to have children and this poor excuse for a mother wants to just toss hers aside…

  19. Reading this makes me sad. Very sad! You should never ever give up on your kids. Have you looked into support with whatever issues you are having? There is always something that you can do. Don’t worry if you can’t give rhe child 100% but dont turn your back on him/her. So so sad

  20. This is sad …. Ur blood comes first I could never imagine just giving my kids up .. Man what the hell is wrong with people! ..

  21. Sheri Wilcox Sheri Wilcox says:

    This is probably the same person who didn’t want to take her kid on vacation

  22. Bonnie Mack Bonnie Mack says:

    Ok. How many similar posts are going to go up. I’m starting to think this is obvious click bait for attention on a topic that’s sure to inflame.

  23. I think u have a screw loose

  24. You’re a poor excuse for a mother and a human being.

  25. sameone posting as the other day that wants to go on a vacation without her daughter troll attention seeker

  26. So what u gone a do when he dump u !???
    U gone cry to have back ur little girl !!!
    Ur are sick in ur head !!!

  27. This just pisses me off… Really? The two non bioligical children need more of your time? You don’t deserve to be a mother to that little girl, give her to her dad and let her be loved properly and not as a third wheel to someone else’s children.
    Yes, love your stepchildren but put your own child first

  28. Blake Tost Blake Tost says:

    Wow.. I hope to God you’re beautiful daughter doesn’t unfortunately happen upon this post and put together the pieces and realize that it’s about her!!! Something as ignorant and downright fucking DISGUSTING as this post.. Can traumatize ones child so much so that they could easily end up taking their own life over it!!! So.. All I am able to put together as far as words go is.. “May the Wolves involved with the Childrens Aid Society see this, read this.. Hunt you down like a nuisance fucking feral pig, find you, treat you like you are treating your daughter.. (and NOTHING like you are treating your new boy toys 2 kids, or as you obviously prefer to call them.. The “Favourite children”, and if we are lucky, it’ll happen when you’re at your place of employment, with everyone else present when you’re found.. And they’re made aware of the things you’ve said about her, making sure that you are treated like garbage just like you treat your kid!! Hell, if I ever am unlucky enough to meet you in the real world, I PROMISE you that I will be taking a picture of you, and posting it along with this post and your infamous “my biological daughter is baggage I’m unwilling to bring with me on vacation” rant… And make fucking sure that theres not a single fucking website that doesn’t include your worthless fucking mug accompanied by your 2 “best selling books”. And THAT, my dear.. YOU can guarantee, is a MOTHER-FUCKING PROMISE!!!! And just in case, I’d like to include this.. IF by chance your current “Man?” has ANY IDEA of how you feel about YOUR daughter, let alone has any knowledge of what you have posted about your beautiful daughter on Facebook…… Then the same goes for him if ever I am to meet him and realize who he actually is.. But I’ll also make Damn sure to beat the life out of him with only my fists…. So cry me a fucking river… You have ANY IDEA HOW badly I want to see my 2 boys on a daily basis.. To the point where I am unable to sleep at night for the thoughts of how bad I miss them both??? And guaranteed that 50% or more of the people who have read this, are in the same boat as me!! So.. Have yourself a HORRIBLE FUCKING DAY, WEEK,. MONTH, YEAR AND LIFE!

  29. All I have to say is wow just wow

  30. I refuse to believe this asinine horrible post and believe this is a troll!

  31. When you gave birth to the child you grew beneath your heart for almost a year, did you EVER think you’d be having these thoughts? No. In fact, you’d be disturbed by the very idea that you could even have them.

    You need to find that part of you again.

  32. Where’s the shake my head reaction emoticon

  33. Trisha Amy Trisha Amy says:

    I don’t normally comment on these posts, but this is all kinds of fucked up. Your poor kid.

  34. Are you the same mom that asked about going on vacay with her new family and ditching your daughter??? You sound very familiar….

  35. You’ve been with the new man & HIS children for the past few yrs – that little girl is YOUR child, YOUR blood, & should be YOUR 1st choice. Period. By dumping her when the going gets tough, you’ve proved your love depends on circumstances – to your own daughter & to the other children. So NO, you don’t love her to death – or you & the “new man” would find a way to handle ALL the children’s needs. AND, if you don’t like my comment, don’t air your dirty linen in public.

  36. Sounds like the same pos that doesn’t want her daughter to go on trips with them. Seriously stop coming to spotted. You are a pathetic excuse for a mother. I hope the father does take her, she doesn’t need you at all. There are some women that would give anything to be able to have a child, myself being one of them. Seriously just let the father have her and let your daughter move on with her life and be happy without you. No one wants a mother in their life that clearly doesn’t love them. I really hope these are troll posts, but with today’s society it doesn’t surprise me that people like you exist

  37. Joan Banks Joan Banks says:

    Well,what a selfish bitch,she doesn’t deserve her daughter.cruel bitch

  38. Dayna Jeffrey same.damn.thought.

  39. Alcide Caya Alcide Caya says:

    Just give him custody, go on your trip with your so called family and stay there

  40. Do all the children a favor and leave them all with their fathers and go get castrated. Then move as far away as possible

  41. Alcide Caya Alcide Caya says:

    if that’s how you feel about your own child, then I’m pretty sure your step kids are screwed too……8n all honesty every child mentioned would be better off without someone like you in their life.

  42. Dayna Jeffrey I didn’t read the full thing before I thought exactly the same thing as you sad so friggen sad .

  43. Jane Pascoe Jane Pascoe says:

    Just a thought but why is your child not your priority? You are sending a terrible message of rejection to her. Once you give up full custody, you don’t just get it back when it suits you.

    If you were looking for understanding, you will not find it here. You DO NOT toss your children aside for others.

  44. Come on these parenting posts the last few days have to be fake right?

  45. Eric Boucher Eric Boucher says:

    Umm talk to your family lawyer b4 facebook?

  46. Lisa Hunter Lisa Hunter says:

    Ashley Smith I feel like this might be the same one as the trip posts….

  47. Brenda Lynn Brenda Lynn says:

    Another dead beat mom! Shame on you.
    You love, support, and fight for all your children.
    So easy to toss her aside. What would you do if she had no father to go to !

  48. This has to be the lady that is bitching about taking her own kid on a trip so this would be part 4 now so sad

  49. got to be the same dummy from the other day

  50. Lynn Feher Lynn Feher says:

    If your not capable of giving your bio child full attention what good are you to the other children.. seriously you need therapy.. no one should put dick before their child..

  51. troll……this story is similar they posted the other day

  52. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this is the same writer as the daughter not going on a trip. Attention and reaction is all they want

  53. You make me sick. How can you give up your child for another family. Nothing like making them feel like they are not wanted or loved. Then your going to wonder why they are fucked up. You dont deserve children.

  54. Alex Wunsch Alex Wunsch says:

    Sounds like she would be better off with her father. If you’re willing to give him full custody because she is now a burden to you, you are not a mother.

  55. Jusst Carrie Jusst Carrie says:

    This is sad, very very sad.

  56. Time to leave the new man and care for your own child.

  57. Linda Hachez Linda Hachez says:

    Just maybe it’s not working out as your poor daughter senses that you dont want her and your attention goes to the stepkids, not her! So, you are going to screw her up for life! And, with your shitty attitude, you will likely screw up the step kids too! Shame!

  58. This HAS to be fake. If not give your daughter to me for a bit treat her how a daughter ought to be treated (like a princess)

  59. Are you FUCKING stupid? Thats YOUR child…clearly YOUR child deserves to be with her other parent…how can you choose someone elses children over your own?

  60. This is absolutely appalling!! She does not deserve to have custody at all!! I feel bad for the little the sounds of it the little girl is better off with her dad…wow and she gave birth to her so sad!!

  61. Linda Potvin Linda Potvin says:

    Is she for real cause if it is she better get her effin head checked.this is a mother just wrong

  62. Wowzer! I couldn’t imaging shoving my children aside, no matter the situation! If u think ur step kids need ur attention and love imagine what ur own child needs!

  63. Kimmy Cor Kimmy Cor says:

    Obviously this is a troll post by a jaded ex (male or female). Let’s just assume that the post is about a teenage daughter acting out, and one ex has told the other that the daughter is a handful and the reply was, “well you’re a crappy parent.” The rebuild being, “if I’m doing such a bad job, perhaps she should just live with you full time”. After having heard that ( and not wanting to have 100% responsibility for the daughter because they’re enjoying the single life), that parent tries to make the other parent look bad by saying they prefer to parent their non-biological kids exclusively.
    My guess is the poster is the father of the child, his only child, and his bluff has been called and now he’s nervous.

  64. File a motion to change dad as the primary care giver and you take your daughter every other weekend.

  65. Diana Bunyak Diana Bunyak says:

    Dumb post, doesnt make sense. What are you even asking. How to overturn it? like how to put your child in a basket at his door and run? Legally. For those reasons you gave? …. Because its doesnt work like that in court. Have you even asked? Whats his conditons already? Hes against you wanting this? He doesnt want her? Cant have her?. Better yet any 2 other kids (not yours) dont need any more attention than your very own. You said its shared? How is 3 kids two adults to throw in the towel anyways. I do 4 sometimes.
    but this post makes you look absolutely horrible for the reasons you gave. Its hard stuff man not a job. Sad it sounds like your giving up your ” one and only ” . for a different family.

  66. This shit sounds a lot like the other bitch who posted about not wanting to take her daughter with her on a trip…..

  67. Ask him if he wants custody and take it back to court and give him custody. Pretty simple. Hopefully he does want custody because i feel so bad for this child right now.

  68. Giving your children up is something that you will only ever come to regret and will have very little way of amending that relationship…..speaking from experience….

  69. Wow this is horrid, that little girl will have serious issues never understanding why mommy didnt want her. You should never have been a mother, do her a favor and go sign over your rights as a mother to her

  70. so u want ur kids to go back to her dad and u wanna keep his kids

  71. Returning a product for refund.., sad…

  72. Kelsie Dawn Kelsie Dawn says:

    This is so ridiculous I’m calling BULLSHIT! Some woman writes one post and suddenly trolls pop out from under their bridges and act stupid.

  73. Has to be trolling. If its true you are a complete idiot and if you are trolling you are still an idiot.

  74. Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

    Ok…this seems to be getting out of hand…

    Hopefully this is a troll post…but if it’s…then you are doing the right thing by wanting her to be with dad…
    I’m not agreeing as in support for you…but in the best interest for your child…

    Best of luck!!!

  75. Matty Morris Matty Morris says:

    Probably best she doesn’t live with u.

  76. Brea Dlj Brea Dlj says:

    Wow lady …your giving up your child for step children .. don’t deserve either of them ..

  77. Read this Brittany Proulx disgusting how a parent can do this

  78. If this is how you truly feel, then I think she SHOULD be with her dad.

  79. Jo-Anne Viau Jo-Anne Viau says:

    One thing is for sure is she will remember. YOU DID NOT WANT HER. And that is on you, your decision. Right or wrong

  80. This can’t be real. Wtf.

  81. Neas Angele Neas Angele says:

    wow. you choose someone elses kid over your own. so sad

  82. Your going to put the needs of YOUR MAN’S KIDS before you own. Please tell me your joking. PLEASE.


  83. I hope this is a troll post.

  84. You need to seek counselling seriously. You’re child needs you, you must not abandon you’re own child. What ur ex says about you is not the child’s fault. She needs to be loved by her mother. Complicated? Maybe. But you are a package deal when you met you’re present man, and a package deal you should stay. If he doesn’t agree or want that then you need to move on with you’re daughter. Her emotional future depends on you.
    Bring her in and do right by her. If she is having behaviours it’s bc there is a reason and she is a child. You need to love her and get her into some counselling to to help her adjust to having another family. Don’t do this to her. You will break her.

  85. Wtf is wrong with women??? Why the flying fuck do women bother to bring a child into this world that they have no intention of being a mother to ffs. What the actual fuck goes through their heads???
    You should be put down like a dying dog you useless excuse for a mother!! You’re the last thing those other kids need.

  86. I would hope my mother would never look at raising me as a job more of a blessing, complications are sure to come but your supposed to push through them and love and support your child no matter the struggle

    • Lidia Campagnaro. I fully agree. I lose so much respect for anyone that puts “works at boss mom” or anything on those lines. Raising kids isnt a job but a responsibility

    • Miranda Julian it’s TRUE. Ya. It is alot of work to raise a child. Dont get me wrong. But it’s not a job. You decided to have sex with a certain person knowing that it is possible to get prego (being even wearing condoms and pulling out isnt 100%) so man up. Take the responsibility

  87. Erika Marso Erika Marso says:

    I cant say I’m impressed it’s kinda sad as a mom I’d never give up but I dont know the full situation. I hope the child can be happy

  88. This sounds like the same author as the post about not wanting to take her daughter on a family trip. Seems like someone’s is making up stories to get attention

  89. Listen everyone until your in the her situation you seriously need to keep your rude comments to yourself!! You ever think maybe she can’t handle it emotionally! If she keeps the child she could end up going crazy or hurting her! Although I’m not condoning this decision because it does sound like your current boyfriend needs to step up and be a father to his children and your daughter is acting out because she wants more one on one time with her mother! Especially these days where kids are not being taught how to handle things or express themselves properly they act out! Who cares what your ex is saying! He’s trying to break you! Be strong and talk to your daughter don’t listen to what your ex is saying and tell your current man to step up!! Children need both parents not just one! I’ve been there went through it with my children! It definitely is emotionally and physically draining. But keep it together, if your daughter wants to try living with dad for a bit then so be it. It’s only because he’s spoiling her to win her over and your the bad guy because you have rules and a routine. Kids are stupid they see the truth on which parent is doing what. But only if your true to yourself! I did it got custody and the judge yelled at my ex for 20 mins. My children are old enough see the truth n now have their own opinions. No matter how bad it gets you be there for all your children!! And keep communication open! That’s the only advice I can give you. If you still decide to give up on her which our children never want us to do. Then you need to file a motion to change a final order. You then attach the old with the new and write down what you want changed. I hope you do the right thing and just really look at everything and don’t follow in your parents for steps. I would hope you never give up and step up because I’m sure you wouldn’t want anyone to give up on you.! Instead of everyone freaking out, maybe encourage her and support her! We already have enough hate in this world and we honestly don’t need anymore. Good luck to you and your family.

    • Roxanne M Kayhan-Rose but yet she’s going to raise HIS kids ? Why ? If she can’t handle mothering her own daughter – how does she expect to raise his kids ? Is it just to “ keep “ this new man ? Something is very fishy !!!

    • Roxanne M Kayhan-Rose No. if she can raise her NON BIOLOGICAL kids then theres NO EXCUSE why she cant take care of her own . its simply desicion and its beyond sickening. when you have kids its THEM FIRST , NO IF ANDS OR BUTS. too bad for you if it stresses you put grownthe fuck up and think about your child

    • Harmony Carmen Fournier she is thinking about her child because she can’t handle her. We don’t even know how old her daughter is! Yes your children always come first harmony no if ands or buts. But we don’t know if his children are sick or in the hospital. Without knowing the whole situation we can’t judge. If she is better off being with her father then that’s where she should go. Sometimes we end up in a situation where parents don’t see eye to eye and there more arguments then anything. Which is worse for the child. As I said I don’t condone the decision but some people can’t handle it or can’t afford it and temporary the child needs to stay with the other parent. We have all been there. Don’t be so quick to judge, if people get this mad at something that someday you may be put in the same situation, then really what are we teaching you guys! Because in honesty it’s none of our business, at least this child has a father to go to. Other people are alone and get so depressed they end up hurting their child and abusing them or even killing them. It’s sad yes, we need to help more and stop hating and getting mad over things that we can’t control the outcome.

    • Roxanne M Kayhan-Rose i just feel like if it was something like that she would mention it so she wouldnt get the obvious backlash she probably expected

    • Shirley Cardinal it’s not like she just met this guy yesterday n he’s not that new. They have been together for a few years. As I said I don’t condone the decision and we honestly don’t know the whole story to this situation. But if she feels that her daughter is better off with the father then so be it. At least then maybe she will have a better chance at life then what her mother can actually provide for her at this time. It’s not that she’s gonna be totally out of her life I’m sure but if his kids are sick and they have no mother or others to help. Isn’t it better that the child goes where she will have a better life then ending up abused or getting hurt or end up dying because the mother is going crazy? Again we don’t know the whole situation and until we do we really shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

    • Harmony Carmen Fournier and your right she could have shared a lot more. But it could be more complex than that. She was just simplifying the situation. Wondering how to change custody papers that’s all. And everyone is freaking out when we don’t know everything. We can only give advice or help and hope for the best.

    • Roxanne M Kayhan-Rose i can respect peoples opinions on it but i could never believe thats ok

    • Harmony Carmen Fournier yes I respect people’s opinions as well. And your right it’s never ok, but unfortunately some people weren’t raised like how you or I or my children were raised. It truly is unfortunate and sad. I feel for the child but some people just aren’t as ready as they thought or grew up as fast.

  90. Well, it’s unfortunate that you are taking your own child for granted this way. Pretty much throwing her away for the new family. How old is your daughter? And have you considered adoption if dad doesn’t want your daughter? Please pm me if this is an option you would consider. Wishing you the best of luck

  91. Nicky Aigbe Nicky Aigbe says:

    This is sad. My heart really goes out for your daughter. She will feel so rejected by her own mother. I’m trying really hard to not judge you. I dont know your circumstances…if you have addictions…mental health issues etc. I just hope that she will be in better circumstances with her father because I can only imagine how she is treated by you…

    • How do you know that the child is not causing problems. They could be older… 15/16/17/18 and disrespectful…refusing help…have mental health issues the parent can do nothing to help because the child refuses treatment …could have addictions, be destructive, part of a gang, selling drugs, slealing…have extreme defiance….we don’t know much about the “daughter’s. We also don’t know much about the mother. Sometimes parents have to make tough choices. Sometimes kids have to learn the hard way or separate from the parent(s) to learn to appreciate what they had or to salvage what is left of the relationship between her and her parents.

    • Nicky Aigbe Nicky Aigbe says:

      I don’t. That’s why is said I dont know their circumstances.

  92. You’re a shitty mother wow.

  93. Ashley Lebid Ashley Lebid says:

    Your giving up on your own fucking child for kids that aren’t really yours your pathetic! You really need a good bitch slap just saying…

  94. Tanya Werden Tanya Werden says:

    This is a troll post but if it’s not, your daughter is better off with someone who actually wants her. Shame on you

  95. You don’t deserve to have children. This makes me sick.

  96. You’re doing her a favor she deserves better than you….unreal

  97. Nicole LeBel Nicole LeBel says:

    So let me get this straight, you want to give children who ARE NOT YOURS, YOUR FULL ATTENTION and put your own BLOOD to the side???
    You are special!!!!

  98. i feel so horrible for that child i hope you rot

  99. No. youre a piece of shit thats deserves to have NOBODY. period.

  100. Diana Bunyak Diana Bunyak says:

    Yeah you probably put the guy straight through hell with the court stuff too.

  101. Tell me this is a troll ….

  102. Emily Tang Emily Tang says:

    why wouldyou give up on your own child that harsh how is that fair to her .I feel sorry for that little girl every little girl needs her mother 🙁

  103. Ouch you’re in for it!

  104. No man is worth giving up your child, I don’t care who the hell he is.

  105. Wow if this ain’t the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard.

  106. We dont the whole situation. Maybe with the other 2 shes raising her child just isnt happy anymore and the child wants to live with the father. My daughter has been bugging to live with me for years and now shes 8 and been living with me full time for the past 1.5 years. She may wanna make the child happy and she knows she can’t fully do it

  107. I hope this isnt for real. If it is, you are a selfish POS.

  108. You’re a fucking horrible human being. I wouldn’t even call you a mother. This infuriated me and I HOPE this is just a “troll post”

  109. Mike Gratton Mike Gratton says:

    Well that’s probably best for her anyways. I imagine this will be much easier than fighting for custody, as long as dad is committed. Be prepared to pay your share though. That is still your responsibility. Good luck.

  110. These are the people, who have no problems having kids, now you got the people who would love to have a child and can’t. Nice world we live in. Fucking ridiculous.

  111. Kori Marie Kori Marie says:

    Umm.. I’m sorry but that is your bio daughter. How can you say your mans kids need your full attention when you didn’t push them out of your body? If that’s how you feel towards your flesh and blood then you shouldn’t be raising anyone’s kids and should get yourself fixed while your at it! The fact you care more about kids that aren’t your own is disgusting and shows you shouldn’t be a mother period. You say you love your kid to death.. Thats not love. Thats abandonment.

  112. Okay bitch now I’m starting to think these posts are purely trolls. If this shit is real, I truly feel sorry for this world.

  113. Kim Brunne Kim Brunne says:

    People are so screwed up…your child comes before anyone man or anyone else’s child ..if your child doesn’t fit with this new so called family then neither do you…my god your fucked

  114. Children are not like toys at the store that can be returned if you aren’t happy. It is a lifetime commitment!

  115. Wtf. This isn’t a puppy u return to the pet store. It’s ur child. Grow up & in the meantime I hope ur EX gets full custody & u never see that poor child again. U shithead

  116. Parenting is hard.
    What kind of parent are you if you throw in the towel when shit gets tough ?
    If your kids going through a tough time mentally .. they probably need their mother to be there for them now more then ever.
    Good, bad and the ugly – Our kids are what makes it all worth it.

  117. You are disgusting.
    You care less about your own flesh and blood?
    You need to get your head checked.

    Sounds like you deserve all the hateful things her Daddy is saying to you!


  118. New family more important?

  119. Amanda Rosee Amanda Rosee says:

    What the FUCK did I just read. I’m sick to my stomach. Your a gross human being wow. You don’t deserve to have kids you fucking asshole.

    • We dont know the whole situation. Maybe the child is unhappy in the home for what ever reason and the child wants to live with her father. My daughter lives with me full time and goes to her moms every 2nd weekend only

    • Amanda Rosee I so agree !!! I cant believe what I read she wants to get RID OF HER OWN CHILD to her ex !!! Are u fucking kidding me !!!!
      Wow unreal you should be grateful you have custody of you’re child when some parents dont have it and wish they could good parents you are trying to pawn off you’re child to you’re ex ? Craziness

  120. Gale Stewart Gale Stewart says:


  121. Kim H Parker Kim H Parker says:

    I think this is the same person with the daughter and not wanting her to go on a trip. I’m calling BS on it all, this person is lonely and desperate for attention and this is the only way she can get it

  122. Kimmie Anne Kimmie Anne says:

    Your a real piece of shit to give up on your child just because it’s hard life is hard but we push threw I hope this guy you are with leaves your ass and your left with no one

  123. Your poor child. If you can’t be a mother to your own child you don’t deserve the opportunity to be a parent to anyone else’s child

  124. And the winner of ” mother of the year” award goes to……

  125. This the same mother that don’t wanna take her child on trips with her “new” family. If this is true well I’d have to say your a perfect example of a poor excuse of a mother!

  126. Roger Blake Roger Blake says:

    What are ya? Trading hockey cards?

  127. Kubla Shrek Kubla Shrek says:

    Ummm, You want to give up your own biological child to continue to raise his two children? Who really has the problem; your daughter or your newer man with his two kids? Food for thought?

  128. Has to be a troll! No mother in her right mind would say this

  129. Ever Disgusting. Your poor child.

  130. Ace Wonder Ace Wonder says:

    Hope he takes you for full child support .

  131. Pat Hallett Pat Hallett says:

    These post are getting ridiculous must be that piece of shit person who didn’t want to take her child on the trip

  132. Well I mean if the dad is okay with this then all he has to do file for sole custody papers and you sign over your rights. But sounds like you havent spoken to him about this at all. I feel completely horrible for your kid, this breaks my heart. That you would “dispose” of her for someone else children. Shame on you. If that’s your mind set you shouldn’t have kids at all, they aren’t toys, you cant just throw them out when you’re finished with them.

    • Layla McJannet you actually don’t sign over any rights with giving the other parent soul custody. You still have full rights. All it means is the father will be the soul provider, she will pay support if he makes less than her, the child’s access is changed and limited witch Drs and schools need to be notified so they arnt picking the kid up without permission on a non access day so there’s no amber alerts or miscommunication and a missing kid happening.. for the Drs it’s simply because you arnt involved enough to be the one to make those decisions

    • Stephanie Lamarche ah okay good to know.

    • Layla McJannet a lot of people get upset with the idea of soul custody simply for that misconception. All it means is your address isn’t relevant anymore. It does suck if you do get a spitfull ex spouce who uses that to neglect the other parents preferences and choices for their child all together. When it came to my son’s school and treatment options it’s always what do we do. I’m not the only parent

    • Layla McJannet I do however totally and absolutely agree with you on the rest though. I don’t know if these are fake or what but these are getting down right disgusting

    • Stephanie Lamarche. I agree with what you said but not about the support. It doesn’t matter how much either parent makes. It goes by what was made last year. Anything less then $12,000 then nothing is paid out. Now that is what was explained to me when asked about it all and that was from duty counsel and at the start of this year.

  133. Amanda Kay Amanda Kay says:

    This has to be a troll no mother would say this.

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