Cry all you want

I dont give a rats ass what u think.

People who have to do drugs while working, who perform tasks for their customers where they themselves and the customer can get hurt, including children, should be shot and pi**ed on.

To bad so sad, I don’t care how “used to being high” you say u are. Youre still at risk for making a mistake you otherwise wouldn’t if you weren’t under the influence. Being used to being high is something your brain trucks you to believe. Idiots

Get proper sleep, and ear your fruits and vegetables or go to rehab. An addict is an addict.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Lmfao you need to sit down and smoke a joint you tin foil hat wearing clown. Nobody cares about you. Nobody cares about you’re kids and we are dam well not going to change our lifestyles because mommy made you paranoid about smoking pot. You deserve to be passed on more then anybody and I’m sure it’s happened more then once already. If you come say something to me and try to be a hero while I’m smoking outside, the last thing you’re going to see is me putting my joint out in youre eye. Try being a hero and you will soon learn why they are only in movies. Go hide in a corner and hug yourselfe. This guy bitches about people smoking weed but I guaranteed he’s a fat greasy alcoholic who can’t keep a job

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yep. Cocaine was a very common drug people used in my trade. It created highly energetic, money motivated brown nosers, bosses loved it because they knew these types would work all the overtime possible and were scared to losr their jobs since no money=no drugs. Those not on drugs couldn’t keep up and left or were let go. Want to end drugs, make a piss test mandatory for any job. Let the druggies milk eachother for quarters while the rest of us can go to work and earn an honest living without having to deal with those types. I’m now in a different profession and sad to say drugs are still commonplace enough in my new job.

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