Critical World Issues

Looking for some opinions here.

What do you think are the five most critical issues affecting the world today?



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  1. Adam Unweishaupt says:

    1. Zionist/Jesuit psychopaths running our world for their monetary gain.
    2. Opioid crisis (planned on purpose)
    3. Ignorance (file the deliberate dumbing down of people in with this as well)
    4. Constant daily brainwashing thru Zionist owned mainstream media, programming the masses so they argue amongst themselves like good little goyim.
    5. Vatican fraud of owning all as soon as you are registered with a birth certificate, SIN, and your parents give up their legal and lawful rights to you and they become “legal guardians”, as you’ve just become a ward of the state.

  2. Emilie Mae says:


    Basically the root of all the worlds problems.

  3. I think that homelessness is one big major issue and as the years go by more and more are becoming homeless, second world critical issue is drug overdoses is on an all time high , thirdly rent prices are through the roof and alot less affortable for most, forthly the price of groceries has gone up drastically and cant get as much for your money to feed your family , lastly the crime rate and feeling safe in pur communities has gone up and that alsi ties into overdoses and drug addiction because more people are stealing to get there next fix…

  4. James Brady says:

    Capatalism, corporate greed, environmental destruction, racism, they’re all capatalism….

  5. Peter Barry says:

    Opioid addiction

  6. ThatGuy says:

    Facebook, twitter, snapchat, dating apps, and again Facebook

  7. Al Manion says:

    Pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza!

  8. Confusion of identity. (SEX) Refugees (cowards). Lack of disipline. And man buns

  9. Linda says:

    How about we start with Canada, and go from there. Address what`s in our own backyard.
    -addictions to drugs, pills and alcohol
    -a revamp of contemporary medicine/ practices and associated multibillion dollar pharmaceutical industries and opening ourselves to Indigenous medicinal knowledge
    -revisiting and educating ourselves on Canada`s history with the Indigenous peoples (holding Federal Government accountable, and while we are contemplating and inviting in favor or not, multiculturalism and diversity from abroad, how about we take a look at our fellow Indigenous peoples all around us, and ask ourselves when is the intergenerational trauma going to come to an end for them, all over Canada, get healed and see the young people doing well, being healthy, being happy, not being exploited, having a positive sense of identity, graduating from highschool, dreaming big dreams, going to college or university if that`s an interest, good quality of life on Reserves, strong cultural roots and positive sense of self)
    Give me a healthy and caring Canada, I`ll deal with the rest. And I`ll be proud to identify as a Canadian.
    Here`s a few others:
    -monopoly on gas prices doing the bonkers dance every time you turn around (hard on families and makes no sense but somehow is always justified)
    -the ENVIRONMENT and lack of responsibility and care from the TOP down ( overuse of plastics in manufacturing)


  11. Media
    150 genders
    Stupid people
    Leafs fans

  12. Bryan Poulin says:

    Natural Resources man! Natural Resources.

  13. Wanda Deloye says:

    Gender inequality
    Racial inequality
    Scepticism about science

  14. Access to clean water
    Climate change
    War hungry leaders
    Concentration of power

  15. Zack Tryon says:

    Religious scientism , the divide of citizens , corporate greed, the NEWS, and public education .

  16. The cost of living. If you work minimum wage, you need 2x aand even 3x working individuals to survive. Rentals 1 bedroom 900-1200…2 bedrooms 1200-1400+..3 bedrooms 1600-2000+. Then theres the cost of necessities. Basically, if you make 3000+ a month you should be ok. Any less you are screwed.

  17. Mental illness
    Opiate crisis
    Cultural insensitivity
    Selfishness and lack of empathy

  18. Anyone that says Climate change is certifiable Kool-Aid drinkers!

  19. Money

  20. Cost of living, we both work but it’s not enough

  21. Famine

  22. Adam Read says:

    What’s the number one reason for all the issues the planet is facing? Humans.

  23. Bad Timing

    Have yourself a Wonderful time this Thanksgiving Weekend

    Best wishes

  24. Marty Trudel says:

    There’s only 2, greed and fear. Everything else stems from these.

  25. Roger Blake says:

    Overpopulation -Too many resources and money spent on critically ill
    -Addictions to alcohol drugs which renders users as non productive members of society
    – greed for power/money
    -exploitation of the vulnerable

  26. Humans

  27. Number one. Men.

    Sorry but they drive the human sex trade the drug trade the gun trade and all war.

  28. Steve Rowley says:

    Brainwashing, corporate government, education, religion and stupid people

  29. Poverty
    Totalitarian regimes (ie China)
    The environment

  30. Greed/ money issues. It will come before everything else.