Afraid of getting cremated, just think about it for a minute, they close the door, then suddenly your eyes lids begin to open, it is too late to scream, he or she pressed the button which activates the consuming fire.

I’ve thought about this many of times. it can happen……if it can happen at morgues , it can certainly happen at a crematory. what are your thoughts on this subject?



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  1. Matt Major Matt Major says:

    As opposed to waking up with six feet of dirt on your face and no shovel, and no smokes.

  2. Sasha May Leonard remember when you heard the shift change noise on your phone? Right before this convo…

  3. Sasha May Leonard this is weird right??

  4. Leslie Chow Leslie Chow says:

    I think they grab your boobs to make sure you’re dead. :v

  5. Mike k says:

    Actually this is how it really happens:

    Wake up in a sweat
    Blood in my mouth
    Fainted by the torture, had no time to shout
    A gathering of freaks, and evil plot, a feast
    Trapped in the furnace, sacrificial to the beast

    Temperature’s increased, searing my skin
    I start to realize I’m the last of my kin
    Acrid devastation in the furnace of fate
    Bubbles on my body, I know it’s far too late
    Hair is removed by the embers hiss
    Retarded people laugh, worthless life in a bliss
    Eyes leave their sockets, sour taste of pus
    Abscess boiling, burst and gush

    Oven of disgust, companion of distrust
    Medium rare for the course is a must
    See the bastard smile, will be devoured by them freaks
    Genitals charred, I pay the price for being meek

    The hatch is open
    Topping me with spice
    Roasted body, their hunger’s my demise

    They sit around the table, those ugly fucks
    Served as a three-course dinner, yucks!
    Excrements boil, they don’t seem to care
    Brunch of flesh gobbets, in their lair

    My final rest on a silver plate
    I hope they choke on my limbs, showing my hate
    Bred in a line of incesticide
    Sick and deformed, not on my side

  6. Lisa Dunbar Lisa Dunbar says:

    Liza Kokko if you’re having a funeral…you get embalmed and makeup.
    If no funeral…their lips and eyes are glued shut…so immefiatevfamily can say goodbye…from the fridge in a pine box….literally…..

  7. Lisa Dunbar Lisa Dunbar says:

    Liza Kokko if you’re having a funeral…you get embalmed and makeup.
    If no funeral…their lips and eyes are glued shut…so immefiatevfamily can say goodbye…from the fridge in a pine box….literally…..

  8. Bob Daigle Bob Daigle says:

    With pockets full of popping corn…

  9. lets just start decapitating our dead incase they are vampires.. i mean incase they wake up in a furnace

  10. Well, im gonna burn up for all erternity anyway, may as well get the party started

  11. Dont Google cremation vids bahaaaa ull be messed up for sure ..

  12. what about being buried alive and getting eaten by worms…just saying lol

  13. Tammie Belanger-Sullivan totally agree with you

  14. Pat Murphy Pat Murphy says:

    Just put me anywhere

  15. I’m pretty sure they make sure your dead first before they cremate you

  16. Alex Wunsch Alex Wunsch says:

    Would you rather wake up 6 ft. Under? That passing is a lot longer and painful.

  17. your eyelids wouldn’t open, because they would have likely been removed in preparation for your wake/ceremony, long before you made it to the crematory; should you choose that method over burial. (less wasteful, better for the planet)

  18. Bonnie Mack Bonnie Mack says:

    You aren’t cremated right away. There’s a process. I think the cold skin and rigor mortis would be another obvious sign of death beyond not breathing and no heart rate.

  19. Bonnie Mack Bonnie Mack says:

    Cherry Doucette-Butler no they shouldn’t. Embalming is extremely toxic. Best not too and I guess you’d have to wonder if the ashes would be toxic if it was done.

  20. this is kinda stupid post

  21. Burn baby burn! Disco inferno!

  22. Embalming is first to make sure nothing like that happens.

  23. Don’t worry by the time you get there you’re dead

  24. Cremation is good and all but think of it this way…your rotting corpse turns into food for bugs and plants which in turn help the planet…food for thought

  25. Liza Kokko Liza Kokko says:

    it depends on the situation, my grandmother was embalmed for the funeral then cremated afterwards

  26. Dom Aubin Dom Aubin says:

    Usually cremation directly follows a death…. Sooooo I’m pretty sure none of that noise happens.
    Unless, of course, you owe the wrong people some money and they like doing medieval ass shit. Best of luck!

  27. If my organs can be donated to save others, do that first, and burn the rest of me.

  28. To much Stephen king novels for you

  29. Quit watching scary movies

  30. Lee Tessier Lee Tessier says:

    Eliza in most cases no they don’t embalm etc if it’s a straight to crematorium.

  31. I would like a natural burial, but probably not allowed in Sudbury, Ontario.

  32. Misty Smith Misty Smith says:

    Like how many people would have to mispronouce you as dead for this to happen. Its not the 1800s anymore

  33. Roger Blake Roger Blake says:

    No metal can go into furnace. I’m sure you will wake up when your teeth fillings are yanked out. Any pins or rods, artificial hips or knees are unceremoniously hacked out of your body that should wake you up before you fry.

    • Roger Blake they actually leave all of your metal parts in while you’re cremated and they’re removed from the ashes afterwards. The only thing they remove is pacemakers because of the batteries.

  34. While this was something that could have happened 100 years ago, there isn’t a chance of it now. They drain you and everything. So if you werent dead when you get there, you would be after.

  35. Anne Savard Anne Savard says:

    You watch too many movies. As if

  36. If you open your eyes at that point you need a knife to the head before you start an apocalypse.

  37. I don’t even want to be embalmed. Just put me in the ground and let me return to nature. Don’t preserve my body so that it can poison the soil and never fully decompose. I don’t want any of me left for future generations to wonder how I died. Fuck dat.

  38. If you have a funeral, maybe not if you choose not to have a service? But they would still drain the body either way

  39. Do they even embalm if your set for cremation?

  40. Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

    It really burns my ass

  41. And you think being buried alive would be any better?

  42. I’d say being burned alive inarantly would be better than suffocating/being crushed to death while trying to claw your way out of a coffin.

    Alternatively, you could always donate your body to science.

  43. You think there is sentience after death?

  44. I’ve always been scared of being cremated also, I’m not sure what it is but it gives me anxiety. I always wanted to get buried and I will live by it. No one should be judging as it’s a personal choice. Maybe one day I’ll be able to think about being cremated with my family but for now I stand by my choice.

  45. You have more chance of being burned alive in a house fire.. that scares the shit out of me.

  46. Well if your not dead ,…U will be

  47. I worked at one many years ago, believe me when i say…. You are DEAD when you are put in.

  48. No it can’t happen. Your body is full of formaldehyde. Idiot.

  49. That you need to stop watching horror movies.

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