Thank you to the mother who had the courage to stand out there today to make a statement, out of love for her son and to everyone’s benefit.

Every 5 days, someone’s loved one overdoses on opioids in Sudbury. Let that sink in. It’s about time the truth comes out. And many of us already knew this. We knew the stats weren’t right. And some of them still aren’t.
Maybe someone should educate on the effects of these drugs beyond imminent overdose. Not everyone can walk away from addiction. I don’t believe so anyways. It’s like saying we’re all strong in the same ways. We aren’t.

Maybe some true and lived experience of these drugs on someone off of them, and the side effects they live with now. Are they able to work? How did their cognitive abilities change? Is it permanent. How were they before? How are they now? What could they do before that they can’t do anymore? Did they develop a mental illness? Are they now medicated? Do they even realize how they’ve changed cognitively?

Why? So people, the young people, understand that OPIOIDS is not a word we throw around for fun, mess with and joke about. There’s absolutely nothing cool about it. Sign up for a ticket to hell. Chances are, you won’t be coming back. All your worst nightmares will come true as you watch yourself lose everyone you ever loved. And you will choose the drugs/addiction over them. Every day you will feel like you are crawling out of your skin.

Is it a good thing the heat is being turned up for the dealers? You bet your ass it is.
It’s not enough to say: Drugs are bad for you. You knew this. And you did it anyways. So suffer the consequences.
We have ELEPHANT t-r-a-n-q-u-i-l-i-z-e-r-s on the streets for crying out loud. One grain. One grain of that, mixed in with anything, one time, and you’re done for. Say good bye to your mother. To your father. To your little brother and sisters.

The dealers work through kiddos. Do you understand that? One weak link in your circle of circles, and you’re toast in today’s teenagers lives. The need to fit in. To prove yourself. Maybe a hard event in your family life. Needing to make money. Those are nothing knew. The drugs on the streets? Those are.
It HAS made its way way closer than you’d think. As is human trafficking. Keep your eyes open folks. It is all linked together.

We may not all walk the same walk in life, and we don’t need to, but we all cry the same friggen tears when we lose our loved ones. Especially when they’re young with a full life ahead of them. And limitless possibilities. Which describes every child/teenager.

We have a huge problem and the streets are most definitely at an all time low, safety wise.
There are a lot of people out there who are not themselves. Don’t judge them! These deadly drugs have reduced them to absolutely nothing. Not everyone on drugs is living a cyclical family experience. There are all kinds of circumstances where people feel so helpless to change things in their family, in regards to a loved one.

Might you be the one to show compassion and give a kind word to remind them that they are still human? These things can be changed around. In their circles they hear plenty of garbage. Be the voice that has a humane thing to say. And if not a voice, then remember how they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul? What are your eyes saying? You pitiful thing? They don’t need that.



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  1. Maks Bee Maks Bee says:

    Thank you for this, this isn’t the kind of posts we usually see nor the responses in the comments. <3

  2. Lise Brisson Lise Brisson says:

    Well said something has to be done. It’s out of control. These dealers need to get charged for manslaughter for sure. Just like the brave women speaking out and standing up. I’m so sorry for everyone’s loss. Big Hugs to all of you.

  3. Paula Rennie Paula Rennie says:

    Why is there so much of this happening in Sudbury lately? Im sorry to everyone for their loss

  4. Doctors as well need to be more caring and less judgemental

  5. Erica Neuman Erica Neuman says:

    He is not forgotten and was loved by many 🙁 rip old friend.

  6. Reba Twain Reba Twain says:

    My exes family just mourned an overdose in sudbury as well. It was fentanyl.

  7. Tonya Rene Tonya Rene says:

    He was an amazing friend. he is missed dearly

  8. Jeff g says:

    These are the fruits of the war on drugs in the first place…We can only blame ourselves for this, not the dealers…As long as there is a demand there is going to be a supply one way or the other. Economics 101

  9. Lori McInnis so sad. My sincerest condolences. Drug use is so prevalent that’s it’s scary. Something needs to be done before we lose more beautiful souls.

  10. Opioids are not worth the risk of overdosing you’re life is far more important I wish people would really truly realize this it’s not a joke you r playing with you’re life

  11. Ì agree this was really well written. Dan Scarzy Boy St-Amour was an amazing gentle soul. Ì am so blessed I have my sons name which is art work tattooed on me forever

  12. Miss Dan alot he was a good guy

  13. Omg yes. I couldn’t of said it better myself. I’ve tried to have this conversation with people, and they just see addiction from such a sick and negative side.
    This was beautifully put.

  14. Susan Boese Susan Boese says:

    No one hates an addict more than the addict already hates themselves….

  15. My condolences to your family Lori hugs

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