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I recently started going to a new hair salon and had a full head of foils done. It’s been about about three years since I’ve had foils.. I was pretty taken back when the total was $170.

So I’m wondering if this is a standard price?? I have a long bob haircut so it’s just past my shoulders in the front & to the nape of my head in the back & I didn’t have my hair cut.



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  1. Depends on the salon. How much product due to length and thickness of hair. And time involved.

  2. I’ve been quoted over 200$ for my hair and it’s just past my mid back …

  3. Reba Twain Reba Twain says:

    Wow go to sallys watch youtube videos. Lol

  4. Lisa Marie Lisa Marie says:

    I would never pay that. It’s hair people. Lol

  5. Andrea Cram Andrea Cram says:

    I’ve paid almost 300 at parallels as much as I love them i never went back

  6. I pay 120 to get my hair trimmed dyed and styled I see no problem as long as they do a good job

  7. Alyssa Huard see we are sooooo lucky! Lol me more then you but still!!! Lol

  8. I always said if my mom wasn’t a hair dresser I wouldn’t be blonde! Every salon that she has work d at it’s costed about 150 + for a full head of foils with a cut and a wash because let’s be honest you need a cut almost every time you bleach your hair… buuut she charges me nothing (family discount) and my friends who want highlights depending on if the do want a cut or so f they just want highlights and also depending how long their hair is she charges them around 60-80.

  9. You get what you pay for. ♥️

  10. Kat Lyyli Kat Lyyli says:

    I paid that but for a full head of foils on hair 3/4 down my back. A little pricey for a long bob, but I’ve seen some salons charge even more.

  11. Sounds about right… my hair is about the same length and costs about 160 for multi-color foils…. and that’s without a tip…

  12. Length, amount of product and time. Yeah sounds about right/fair.

  13. Amber Forest Amber Forest says:

    My salon only ever charges me 70$ , regardless of what I get done. I’ve got blue, purple, red highlights, blonde, brown, etc. And always 70$ for colour, highlights, wash, blow dry and straighten. Just gotta find the good ones

  14. The more talented your stylists is the more your gonna pay.

  15. Why are people saying “had my hair dyed” and what the hell are you expecting, $19.99?!?
    It’s “had my hair coloured” and if you want to spend $20 then colour it yourself at home. $170 is not a lot of money for salons hi lights.
    Cheap hair isn’t good and good hair isn’t cheap
    You get what you pay for

  16. Jessica Bard Jessica Bard says:

    I’d say it’s on the high end of average, but not unacceptable.

  17. Brenda Lynn Brenda Lynn says:

    It is time consuming, but you have shorter hair. Way too much money !

  18. This is why I have one wife only. Lynn Vaillancourt

  19. Mines very long and I pay 93$ with a full head of highlights in capreol. Shes really good! And 130 at a salon in Azilda.

  20. Shari Berndt Shari Berndt says:

    I have very thick and long hair, buy 2 boxes at dollarama 3.50 each and they last just as long, and yes I’ve went to salon and paid over 200 for same results

  21. Box dye is $15 and works every time.

  22. Dani Ellis Dani Ellis says:

    If it’s a good salon, yep sounds about right.

  23. Changes hair salon charges 100$ before tax

  24. Pretty standard , to dye roots and tone for white blonde hair, plus haircut is like 150-170

  25. Pretty standard. Go to au naturel in chelmsford for the best price. $100 for cut and color.

  26. Jen Stone Jen Stone says:

    Last time I had mine dyed…it was organic dye and it cost close to $200…
    First and only time I have spent money like that on my hair…lol

  27. That’s a really reasonable price! Keep in mind thicknesses and length of hair, not to mention the time frame, and also, when cost of living goes up, so do the prices.

  28. Every salon differs. I’ve seen more, and I’ve seen less.
    The question is, are you satisfied with the results??
    If you were, then it wax worth it!!!

  29. That’s the going price. I pay approx. the same depending on whether she does a full or partial.(blonde) I have to have a toner too. A haircut is expensive also.

  30. I would say 170 is cheap if you have long hair

  31. For a higher end and longish length, that’s decent.

  32. Shylo Parent Shylo Parent says:

    If you want cheaper Go to someone that has a salon in there house. They don’t have to pay the salon owner price is higher so to chair rentals

  33. Super average price. Foils are time consuming and technique heavy, plus toner. When you consider cost of product and time, its pretty reasonable.

  34. Are foils more expensive then pulling thru that rubber cap thingy ?

  35. Wow, I haven’t had foils done since….2006, maybe, and my long hair was $80. I was surprised to see everyone say that’s regular pricing.

  36. That is definately average pricing for a full head of highlights.

  37. Yes it’s average for sure.

  38. There’s lots of factors to consider…thickness of hair. If you have really thick hair it’s going to take a lot more time and product! Had you had highlights before? If you didn’t and they had to pull the lightener all the way through to the ends then that’s also going to take more time and product! But no $170 does not sound outrageous at all!

  39. You have to consider length of hair, amount of product used. Time that you were at the salon. If you had a large regrowth there is more work involved.

  40. That’s actually a really decent price for a hair salon.

  41. I pay that for long thick hair

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