Coronavirus Rebels ignoring orders to self- isolate and distance themselves socially…

Everyone in the house I live in is taking neccisary precautions not not spread whatever this very contagious threat is. We don’t leave our house unless we absolutely have to. The two times I have went out I see people everywhere who are ignoring our leaders advisements to socially distance themselves.

They are not staying two meters from other. They are still socializing in groups. I am hearing about people’s children still going to hang out in groups with their friends. They are still going on road trips from town to town where in Ontario we are now over 500 cases where as a couple days ago we were at like 150… I am hearing of people returning from the states and other places in the world but are too arrogant and disrespectful of others to do the 14 day quarantine. All of these things are bothering me as I am doing my duty to myself, my family and my country by doing the right thing and simply staying at home. I would love to be out. The weather is beautiful. I miss shopping and visiting friends and family. But right now we all have to depend on eachother to do the right things and make the right decisions.

I am angry. There I said it. The more of you “dummies” out there that refuse the simplest of instructions, the longer the rest of us are going to have to stay at home. Are you so selfish that you can think of no one but yourselves at a time like this? A lot of younger adults have this attitude “I don’t care if I get sick I am young”. That is such a poor poor and STUPID attitude to have. You don’t care because you figure it only kills seniors and people with existing health conditions. Well I am not even going to begin to tell you how much of a shitty person that makes you sound like. And for the record, a 30 year old doctor with no known health conditions passed away after contracting the virus. You are not immune nor are you immortal. And also you know viruses can mutate right? Get that into you. As they pass from person to person they can evolve into something even worse and more deadly. Smarten the hell up. If our country has to declare martial law or some other drastic form of enforcement it won’t be because of us who are staying home and doing the right thing. It won’t be the fault of our politicians who are in charge of protecting this country and it’s people in whatever way they have to… it will be because of you selfish SELFISH people who absolutely can never do the right thing unless someone makes you. When this virus spreads, mutates… kills… when the military has to step in to enforce strict laws to beat this virus… the people who will be at fault is you. I will end this by thanking every intelligent and respectful citizen who is doing their part in our communities. Whether you are on the front line, caring for sick patients in the hospital, or a grocery store cashier having to put yourself at risk each day, or even if you have found a way to STAY home as much as possible…

Thank you. I am sorry that there are so many disrespectful people out there not caring about their safety or yours or anyones for that matter. Rant over. Good luck all.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    It`s good to get things off your chest. You might want to consider not looking into every venu available to know what everyone else is doing. In the end, you`re responsible for yourself. You can`t make people understand, you can share your thoughts. You can`t make people do things they`re dead set against, have everyone think one same way for every single situation or circumstance and think that by force, it`ll turn out good. It never does. We are not children. And if you want to see rebellion, that`s the way to go about it. All kinds of problems start arising. And then stupidity sets in and real sad situations arise. If I want to walk in a park, and 50 people want to criticize that, you don`t know a thing about what brings me there. Now all parks are banned. You don`t know which efforts I put forth during this Corona. You don`t know a thing. Everything under the rainbow seems to be fair game. Everybody, wants to tell everybody, how to do everything. There`s more to this “stay home dummies” for indefinite amounts of time. We need fresh air, we need the sun, we need scenery that will keep us mentally strong and grounded. And at the same time, another person could tell you the very OPPOSITE of what they need and they don`t need that at all. We are diverse and have diverse needs. We are as diverse as every freggen living thing. The circle is getting pretty freggen small. I look at things like alcohol; apparently it`s a necessity but walking in a park by myself as an adult will get me charged. Logical. So, I should turn into an alcoholic to pass the time? Be good for the economy. What about people who are suicidal, depressed or anxious? Maybe they feel their best out in nature once in a while. How would you like them to feed the economy. We can`t say that nobody cares because someone obviously does. I think some of us who have been very responsible for a good while now, which you know nothing of, are getting a little fed up with all these new restrictions constantly being added. We`re not children. And you can`t control the dummies. No one will do the exact same thing-s, in one given day. And if that`s not acceptable, therein lies in part, the problem. Lack of respect for human dignity, rights and needs. That`s my 2cents and I REALLY don`t care who likes or dislikes. I`m so fed up about hearing about everyone`s nose up everyone`s ass. If you don`t know what`s good for you, … I don`t know what to say. No one will ever think the very same thing about everything, ever. I`m done with this Spotted. I`m done with all of you.

  2. Trudi Trahan-upchan says:

    Hi. If I get it I die a slow & painful death. I am prepared to die been fighting my low T&B cell damage immune system for over 40 years and mostly because no one cared that they had a lung infection, strep throat, and a simple cold virus on me turns into lung infection within 3 hours. Yes, we are a totally ignorant society but let us not blame only the young, I am 78 and people who were that age of my parents (including my parents) went dancing sick, went shopping sick, Hi trudi give me a hug and then tell me they were on antibiotics for some contagious infection. So right now they are the same people doing the same shit. I will say however after posting about 50 or more posts on trying to educated a couple of seniors actually finally understand and are no in isolation. But you are right. Most people will survive it but they will spread the virus to others, some like me, some with other immune problems of all ages and they will die. Would you believe the Governor of Texas actually said we should get back to work and make money and fix our economy and to heck with the few that will die. The last time millions died was 1918 and it was Americans who infected Europe with the flu not the Chinese. Chinese who are in North America for generations are being attacked with racism. I don’t know what to tell you except humans are not really very intelligent or good by nature – while there are some who will amaze you. Just do the best you can to protect yourself, your family and my God help you and those you love not die. I may not survive long enough for a vaccine but I assure you every country, on the planet are spending billions in science and by this time next year we will have a vaccine.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think the post was blaming only the young or saying all young people are this way, there are a lot of young people out there not shy about having that sort of attitude. But I believe the post mentioned other people doing irresponsible things as well.

  3. Anne says:

    I would love to stay home. But profits over people have made most of us essential. Blame politician’s and greed. Some of us are risking our health for $14 an hour.

    • Trudi Trahan-upchan says:

      Too true & too tragic! Workers in grocery stores, Bulk Food (BULK BARN HAS TAKEN THIS MORE SERIOUS THAN OUR HOSPITALS AND I COULD NOT BELIEVE HOW AMAZING THE PRECAUTIONS THEY ARE TAKING TO KEEP US SAFE & THEMSELVES). However; Dollorama dollar store who make billions are doing nothing & their staff are really at risk. I have severe allergies and have to have special organic foods or I paralyze etc and without staff working I’d starve. I cannot eat just canned goods and stock up etc. GOD BLESS ALL WORKERS & I HOPE THE GOVERNMENT GIVES THEM ALL THE HELP THEY DESERVE>

    • Anon. says:

      Yes, and that sucks. I am very concerned about my husband going and coming back everyday so all these people can hoard toilet paper! Mental!

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