Coparenting with an extreme hoarder

Hello, I coparent my child with the dad who’s a hoarder. Every square inch is covered eith some kind of junk that hasn’t been used touched in months sometimes years. Mostly second hand new and just old things . It’s like watching pure greed since they don’t know how to go through things and make donations to unwanted unneeded stuff. Trying to explain too many things isn’t a sign of wealth or happiness but the message goes right over his head. And it’s only teaching our 6 year old that more consumption is better instead of horrible. My child wants everything he sets his eyes on on. I mean everything. He’s being taught rhat material stuff instead important and attachment to such items is worse. Not to mention the disturbing sight and smell and bacteria from just nothing getting cleaned vacuumed since you can hardly move in the areas. Not much gets disinfected dusted or even wiped down. Pieces of ugly useless old or broken or dirty things is an entire other issue. Before child was born it was pretty much like this too. Others junk was always a treasure for it might be of use “100 years from now” plus the amount if new items since retail therapy has always been something he did a little more than the average man I know.

I need a professional to step in soon. It’s just constant denial of any wrong doing and always zero accountability to fix anything that they are responsible for.. It’s always been like that. Like talking to a one way stone. Hardest skull I’ve ever met and doesn’t hear you just judges what you say ans what your intentions are. It’s gluttony and consumerism consumption at its extreme highest. If it weren’t for my child picking up this greed and disregard for reality I would mind my own, but I care to much for my childs future, learned behaviors and his sensibility. I’m the opposite. Clutter and greed and junk literally spook me. Everything not needed gets tossed ot donated. Don’t even care if someone else sells it. It’s just good karma all around then if someone gets a little richer from my belongings rhat I had good run with. What goes around comes always back around. I don’t feel the need to squeeze every last drop out of junk I simply step over for months and maybe this point. It’s not good folks. It’s a mental illness so this may never find a resolution becausenot everyone is capableof evolution to carh up to theb rest consciously enlightened, and I get that, But I need options. maybe a chance to get through to him that this is opposite of healthy and only showing my child the dark side of life



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  1. Anonymous says:

    If you really care and want to help and not just scorned and trashing your ex on here. Then maybe call city number and see if theirs a program to help with the hoarding .
    If it’s just because of a custody battle , call your lawyer

    I don’t think you’ll get any informative answers on here.

    Good luck .

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