Conspiracy Theories

Half of Canadians fooled by Covid-19 conspiracy theories: study



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  1. Yourealla Sleep says:

    There are no conspiracies or theories, but merely facts and truth that CANNOT be hidden for long!

    If you seriously think this covid stuff is real…you have been duped lol.

    Coronaviruses…several diff types…have ALWAYS existed. WE make them for christ sake when WE become so toxic inside that our cells need to cleanse!!

    Notice how NO virologists are speaking lol. Cuz they know this is bs.

    Youre all witnessing Agenda 21/2030 carrying itself out thru mass media manipulation with an invisible boogeyman that DOES NOT exist outside the human body!

    Wake up, sheep. You look so foolish with your masks lmao.

    Dr. Stephen Lanza. Get your research on and grt the truth…cuz you aint gettin it from left and right wing SCRIPTED media bullshit.

    Youre being played as your rights are infringed upon…you feel that noose tightening? Prolly not, most of you are addicted to drugs (legal/illegal), alcohol, and ignorance…brainwashed daily.

    This has been comic relief though.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fake news! Just like people selling their fakeness and overplaying it to convince people! I believe things that are not mass produced!

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s science, dude

      • Anonymous says:

        Scientists are salesmen when you figure that out life will make a lot more sense!

      • Shill Gates says:

        Science is arbitrary and confirmation bias is wildly rampant in the cult of science. Smarten up. Especially with paid off puppets being used by MSM to push globalost elite agendas.

        Yes. Thats happening.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh this is funny. Reverse psychology to water down the right to question the things going on that seem beyond our control. There is nothing to say that some who have questions or doubts about the things that are really going on, are not following guidelines. Shaming at its best for having a brain in your head and using it, as we should. Get out of here with this.

  4. Anonymity says:

    The current potus is responsible for this new age of conspiracy theories so he can divide society with his lies by planting doubt in vulnerable minds while he rapes the economy lining his own pockets. People were so desperate for change they didn’t realize this guy would make matters worse & destroy democracy creating something between a plutocracy & communist society. He feeds fears allowing hate to take over young minds blaming everyone but himself for every little thing. The confederate flag flies high for once in the last 150 years & some Canadians have hopped on the band wagon being hooked like a fish out of water.

    • Anonymous says:

      Lying left-wing cunt

      • Anonymous says:

        Aww. Intelligence doesn’t have to be intimidating. 🙁

      • Anon. says:

        That is a very dirty mouth mister. No wonder you’re so unhappy

      • Anonymous says:

        If you lean to the left everything you want to believe is drilled into your brain through media, “scientists” and everything else bought and paid for to fit an agenda. If you lean to the right you actually have to research do your homework and you get told to wear a tinfoil hat, or its a conspiracy blah blah blah. The sheep will always eat exactly what they are fed and never stray far from the flock or their handler but yet claim everyone else is uneducated! When they have nothing to respond with they scan for every missing letter, coma, period and god knows what else because they have nothing! The most educated, knowledgable people out there didn’t waste their time and money to achieve a piece of paper.

  5. Anonymous says:

    don’t click on weird links

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