Consequences to your actions are coming, and soon

According to my due diligence, the law is equal in all aspects.

Theft or mishandling or any unlawful treatment of my owned private property is grounds for legal action, and I don’t have to have more than one occasion of such illegal activity.

If someone mishandles my personal property without my permission, ITS NOT OK AND I DONT HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL THEY DO IT 10 TIMES in order to have my file or case addressed immediately and have the perpetrators addressed immediately. Kmow that, just as I’ve done my own research to recently find this out also.

Quit telling your tenants they need to come up with several documented cases of illegal activities foe you to get off your fat arsesnto something about it. We as a group are beyond sick sore and tires of being almost run over by vehicles illegally in a pedestrian location. What does it take for pedestrian to be able WALK , that’s right WALK, NOT HAVE TO RUN AND DODGE PIECES OF GARBAGE LOW LIFES VISITORS WHO DONT EVEN LIVE ON OUR HOME PUR PROPERTY, BEFORE ONE US , GOD FORBID , GETS RUN IVER, MAIMED, OR KILLED BY INE OF THESE LIFES REJECTS?? please tell us what legal actions hoops you request us to jump through so that a member of our city council or legal team decides to put up cameras not just at hot spots, but at ALL view points for these violators to be properly dealt with by the proper channels and law enforcement.

Becasue I’m literally giving my area about a week before I take legal action of my own against that ine spikey haired severly impatient, possibly undiagnosed down syndrome woman driving the black compact suv ramming up pedestrians asses about a few inches away , illegally I their own walkway from their own door .

Scoff at my verbiage all u want sudbury. This is the issue with some men and women who should not even have access behind a wheel let alone their own recognizance. I sooooo effing done with this specific situation. She’s going to get reprimanded. And we’re going to make sure this instance make an impact for a new legislation in pedestrian areas. Watch us go., sudbury haters 😎 whwn every one including myself has no issue driving several meters away from live pedestrian especially with kids in their own rental or ownership property, and this odd one here andnthere what to rush running over someone breaking their bones if they trip and fall or worse, killing them because their ugly ego won’t allow them to pump the break at 430pm so they choose to ride the ass of a person on foot, ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE if we can feel the wind from your car on our clothing as we try to make up our own driveway. Wait.



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Obviously low rental housing you’re in to be out gawking about your neighbours driving habits . If it was that bad, I think with many complaints to your landlord would’ve rectified the situation by now. Or are you walking on the road? Middle if parking lot? But on the side? Maybe?? Sounds like many prying neighbours in your place! Good grief! Save the drama for your pesky neighbours.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You need to either proof read, or write less, God damn that was awful to read, gave me a headache, probably loosing a few brain cells reading that shit!

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