Concerned about a local doctor…

There is a doctor in the Sudbury area that was accused by multiple women of sexual assault. His story was on

His conditions to practice medicine is to be chaperoned escorted to keep him in line. I however have found out he is not being escorted.

I made inquiries and he appealed the decision from the college of physicians to be escorted at office an home visits. Now that being said he is doing home visits unescorted to the most vulnerable. The very sick and palliative.

How is that right??? He’s had multiple women come forward and yet he’s allowed to practice medicine without supervision. So how many more women need to be assaulted before something is done regarding this predator??? I honestly think he could have complied with the escort until he is either found guilty or not guilty. Yet the college of physicians is ok with this.

This truly makes me sick. Those of you that have loved ones being treated by him please for goodness sakes do not leave them alone with this doctor. He’s a predator that preys on the most vulnerable. Unbelievable.



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  1. This is from over a year ago. Unsure who acused but of he is still practicing there is likely as reason why. There are people who falsy acuse. Not saying this is what happened. Cause i wasnt there. But it could be maybe this person wanted meds and he said no and she said fine ill ruin ur career?
    Again not saying its true or false as i wasnt there but this guy was my fam doc for over 25 yrs saved my parents lives. I personally dont see him as a someone who would do what he was acused of

  2. How is that even allowed ? Usually the college of physicians are much stricter – tho this Dr is innocent until proven guilty.

  3. I went there for a cold and he gave me a prostate exam

  4. Pat Hallett Pat Hallett says:

    This article is a year old was he convicted?

  5. Can’t trust anyone in this world today

  6. Deb says:

    Well if you knew this doctor at all you would know that these allegations are wrong and I believe that this Dr would never do such things. He is kind and generous funny and a wonderful man.

  7. Drake White Drake White says:

    Its sort of like the “blue wall” with police officers…

    man, wait till you find out CAS knows about predators and yet places vulnerable children in these peoples homes!

    or gives, tax free, 1000s of dollars to homes that neglect them/ dont take care of them…. most recently

  8. I cant wait to see how sudbury will turn this on OP

  9. Adam Read Adam Read says:

    Our criminal justice system is a joke what did you expect?

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