I remember…

I was born and raised in the USSR. It wasn’t until my early 30’s I moved to Canada. Looking around me now, I feel the most powerful deja vu that I have ever felt – economic collapse!

During the fall of the Soviet Union, I was a young man with a wife and small son, at the time. I see Mr. Trudeau now, making his addresses to the Canadian public and all I can see is Michail Gorbachiov. The leader of the USSR revolution always had a smiling face and presenting himself to be good for everyone. Oh my, how sweet he was.

Sharing this chapter of my life is not easy for me. It is a chapter of my life I would prefer to close the book on forever. But, watching this COVID-19 ‘panic’ pandemic unfold before my eyes; I suspect most Canadians (possibly including you) do not fully grasp what ‘economic collapse’ really means. In 1990, we believed what was happening was best for us. We had no idea what was coming…

We all trusted Gorbachiov, before the fall.

I remember…

First, Russian currency lost value.

Second, store shelves became empty within few days. Lack of food in the local markets went on for two years.

Third, what food that did appear on the shelves was too expensive for the average person to buy (i.e. 1 kg sausage cost 1/2 monthly salary).

Fourth, good people were forced to become common criminals in order to feed their families. Imagine having to break windows in warehouses during the night to steel a bag of potatoes. Forget about eggs, margarine, or meat. Just potatoes. People working in factories received products from the factory instead of salary. Imagine trying to sell these products on the street to get money…Imagine going to sea for four months and getting paid in fish at the end instead of pay, if we were lucky. Yes we could eat the fish; but what about our other needs (clothes, toiletries, etc.). It was common for most sailors to have to wait another six to twelve months, after the fishing trip, to get even fish as compensation for their work, actual money was rare. Imagine having to carry a knife with you when walking on the streets because crime was rampant. People were desperate. During this time refuges were running from Russia in droves.

I LIVED THIS!. It’s not a story.

Teachers, with not enough salary from the formerly government run schools to survive, were forced to resort to prostitution in neighboring countries in order to have enough money to live and support their children.

Am I exaggerating? I wish I was.

For my age, I have seen and experienced a lot. My advice to you is that shutting down the economy is NOT what is best for you or your family. I have lived through economic collapse once and I will survive again. I am not trying to frighten you. This is only a peek preview to what I expect will come if change does not happen soon.

Stand on guard for Canada. This is your country. It is possible to protect yourself and keep our businesses and industries open at the same time.

Canada does not have the financial means to replace the private sector for 4 months, much less 18 months. Trust me, this is leading to disaster.

It’s your choice to reach out to your MP’s and stop this, now.



4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    History repeats itself and we never seem to learn. Great post. Even opening the eyes of a few at a time is better than none.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Krutaya istoriya bratan…..

  3. anonymous says:

    I call shenanigans!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Freedom comes with obligations

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