Is it just me, or does it seem that many of the guys in the Valley are compensating for something with their lifted trucks?



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  1. Wow, done with shoutout till there is a bit of relevance or some real issues, how does this stuff even get posted? Who’s running this shit show? I’m out (dropping microphone)

  2. Dan, what is it that you called it?

  3. Who cares what size your ” member” is … a real man knows how to use what he’s got …the size of a mans truck is no indication of what’s in his pants !!!

  4. Not me I drive an old cavalier lol

  5. Mike Reid says:

    I was talking to a friend who was why do guy have big lifted monster truck said it was dumb. So I turned to him asked where he got his custom gaming computer. He said he had it modified to fit his need. I told him it was dumb and should have left it factory.

  6. Misty Smith says:

    If your that curious next time you see one of these guys. Ask for a peek of his junk. Come on now do some scientific research. Gotta have facts to back up your statements

  7. It’s a personal thing just like homes, clothes, etc. Roads are so rough in Sudbury and Valley as well so, no they’re not vain, if they can afford them, nothing wrong with making them higher or suping them up. I love big trucks.

  8. S.d. Lindsay says:

    Judging by all angry posts…..looks like you hit a nerve…

  9. Arthur Blain says:

    Hahahahaha people make me laugh. So what if they have lifes. Its great for bush riding , mud bogging.

  10. HAHAHAHA This post made my day! I have noticed a lot more then usual lifted trucks these days! hmmmm i shall stop one and inquire!

  11. Does this mean if I lift my truck my penis will shrink?

  12. It’s for keeping people like you out. Because you can’t lift your fat ass up that hi.

  13. Obviously you’ve never left the valley…

  14. Melinda Ann says:

    Says the guy that can’t afford a lifted truck lol

  15. Drew Guillet says:

    Is it just me or are you jealous about something? Lifted trucks are no way a indication of a mans endowment.. or lack of for that matter.

  16. I’m in a minivan !!! Lmao !!!!

  17. Jason Allard says:

    Gunner Francesco.Matt Beaudry

  18. Somebody sounds like they didn’t get permission to upgrade the family’s suburban lol

  19. Thank goodness I am a girl that drives a lifted truck….I may have been judged unnecessarily lol

  20. Can’t tow a boat with a small car!

  21. I think so’ and they are so dangerous to drive

  22. Sounds like you already know from sleeping with them all so you tell us. Return of the trucksluts lol

  23. Dean Farinha says:

    Leave them alone. Have you lived in the Valley? If they can find something that gets them through living in that god forsaken town, all the power to them.

  24. Kevin Dugit says:

    If lifted means compensating what’s lowered mean?? Or length mean ?? Lmao

  25. Yes they’re compensating for the rough terrain that they drive through to go hunting or fishing in the back forty. As for speeding down MR 80 or 35 etc then they’re just being assholes.

    • Funny part was always seemed to be the guys in stock trucks or near stock who actually go places like that or use them for trucks. Alot from sudbury and the valley seem to be pavement princesses for the most part

    • Funny part was always seemed to be the guys in stock trucks or near stock who actually go places like that or use them for trucks. Alot from sudbury and the valley seem to be pavement princesses for the most part

  26. Mike Reid says:

    Compensating?? Ok what about people with Huge homes, or luxury cars, lots of expensive jewelry… it’s what we like big trucks . So get lost.

  27. They all do! Most of them are bi or pretending to be straight rednecks or as they say “slednecks”. They love the “D”!

  28. Andrea Major says:

    An inch lifted for every year daddy didn’t love you

  29. Steve Parker says:

    Not me I’m whipin a civic !!! Bammm #showemwhatyouwerkinwith

  30. Mike Huard says:

    If you look at most of the drivers of these truckshere are any questions about this you will realize most of them belong to girls and women

  31. Mike Huard says:

    If everyone can do what they want if you don’t like don’t look at it its called preference if you are happy with what you drive then drive it don’t criticize other people’s rides

  32. Jenn Morin says:

    Amanda lol hahaha i thought of you and thought of me

  33. Crystal Love says:

    Every french guy ive been with has been seriously lacking!! Its very obvious they need to compensate.

  34. Nobody asked you to try them all…. Truck slut. Lmao.

  35. Yeah, its called shitty roads, winter time, and working in a town based upon the mining industry. What are YOU compensating for by extrapolating anything more than that? So yeah….it is “just you”.