Coffee Hostage Situation

Someone at Tim Hortons Garson holding the drive thru hostage. Police showed up.

Staff had to divert customers from going through.

I believe she was protesting about her order!



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  1. David Bruce David Bruce says:

    Abbie Jackson this is what you were talking about?

  2. Shawn Hollis Shawn Hollis says:

    Probably does not help that mostle all of there workers can’t speak English

  3. What entitlement… imagine if the cops who showed up felt as entitled as this lady, they’d have just shot her! Lol

  4. Sara Taylor Sara Taylor says:

    I understand her frustrations, when you ask for toasted. You should get a fuckin toasted English muffin. Tim hortons should not sell food! Wish we had a McDonalds every corner, Tim Horton’s would be no more!

  5. Colin Brisco Colin Brisco says:

    Perfect. Get the order correct the first time.

  6. Some of the staff in Garson are just ratchet. There are some really good ones too

  7. Al Manion Al Manion says:

    I wonder if it was the same guy in the truck at McDonald’s on Regent the other day who peeled out without his food after yelling at the top of his lungs “You suck. You guys fucking suck. This place fucking sucks. You all fucking suck!” I don’t think there’s a Snickers big enough for the clowns in this town!

  8. Whatever will people do when the drivethrus disappear.

  9. Cathy Wong Cathy Wong says:

    Probably because they have no ice coffee!!….AGAIN!!

  10. Tim hortons is garbadge!!!!

  11. The order taker that dont speak English at the drive threw probably got the order wrong .

  12. I enjoy getting my sandwich waiting 15 mins in the drive thru

  13. Allen Lawson Allen Lawson says:

    Another snowflake having a bad day decided to take it out on everyone else.

  14. Marissa Roy Marissa Roy says:

    Rebekah Bastelak Daniel Reeves Jacqueline Serré lolol

  15. Seriously. They don’t even carry enough money …in the Tim’s.
    That’s the height of despair

  16. Did they not get enuff sugar in their coffee ?? Idiots !!!!

  17. Omg I was in this line up I think, if it was earlier today . I couldn’t believe it was taking so long I turned and left .. honestly thought someone was ordering a turkey dinner or something lol

  18. Jean-Sébastien Boyer Jeff Desforges

  19. Ben Stronge Ben Stronge says:

    I shall be sure not to speed past there

  20. Jenn Leclair Jenn Leclair says:

    Ugh, how entitled and selfish are some people? Jfc

  21. How on earth can this be true

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