Class Action Against CAS Sudbury and Man. District

Looking for anyone who has had the Children’s aid society unlawfully and maliciously enter their home , throw them into a mental health crisis or been used as pseudo harassment to further an exes vendetta

Leave your email below and I will contact you or if you prefer to communicate via secured methods I will be happy to provide a WhatsApp to the moderator

Let’s burn down the system. It’s been too long that fathers rights have been oppressed.

– A mother , a step-mother , a step-daughter and a co-parent



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  1. SingleintheSoo2 says:

    I would like to be contacted by the author of this post. Even though I’m not in Sudbury, I’m interested in the class-action b/c I want to open up a class-action against the CAS kidnappers in Sault Ste. Marie. I know I could get tons of parents together on this one! Please contact me back at Thanks.

  2. SLR says:

    My email:

    Has there been any updates to this post?.. Just curious as to whether or not this is in the beginning phases of being brought to court or if there’s been any motions brought b4 the court regarding a lawsuit against the organized crime operation of kidnappers? I’m not in Sudbury, I’m in the Sault.. where it’s just as bad.. however, I’d love to be kept up-to-date about this post.. b/c if this does ever hit an Ontario Court room.. I wanna know about it!!
    There’d be nothing I’d love to see more than this agency hit the dirt and be walked all over by it’s hundreds of thousands.. quite possibly even MILLIONS of Victims!!

  3. Alice says:

    My sisters are crown wards.

    Can you email me at

    I have been contacting MP’s and MPP’s with no success.

    • SingleintheSoo2 says:

      That’s right! They don’t get back to you b/c they’re in on all of it.. the pay-out as well.. don’t think that they don’t get kickbacks from the $$ that comes in every time a CAS worker kidnaps someone’s kid. They’re all noth’n but a buncha child trafficking, money laundering, organized international crime syndicate!! Child/human trafficking is a multi-TRILLION dollar per year business.. and if you think these ppl don’t mean business.. THEY DO! Ppl have lost their lives when they’ve been found to have “the goods” “the dirty laundry” on CAS and threatened to expose those child trafficking FK’ers for what they really are…

  4. SLR says:

    This class action lawsuit should DEFINITELY include CAS Algoma Sault Ste. Marie!! KIDNAPPERS.. I’m sure everyone is just as DISGUSTED and tired of this out-of-control, corrupt, bias, kangaroo court justice system we’ve got going on were these DEMONS and yes, I mean DEMONS.. can just walk into any school they want, knock on any door they want, and talk to and take any kid they WANT with or without a warrant and without due process!!.. And Ta-Boot.. have IMMUNITY THEMSELVES along with the corrupt Judges!.. Well, their kidnapping days need to end.. NOW! They have torn apart and destroyed COUNTLESS families, alienated children from their parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins.. the list goes on and on and on.. Ohh and get this one, for anyone who doesn’t know this.. Back in March 2016, the Children’s Aid Societies were FINALLY open to investigation.. and as soon as Mr. Wonderful Doug Ford took office.. HE SHUT THE INVESTIGATION DOWN!!.. YUP! He sure did ladies and gentleman! Nooooo, no corruption in that office or anything! He also receives kickbacks from I believe it’s some sort of a youth group home or orphanage.. something like that, where the pay-out from it is something like 100k-annually, nice right?!!.. Bunch of child trafficking, money laundering, KIDNAPPERS! I would absolutely be honored to be a willing participant in bringing this Child-Abusing CULT down. Is there a need for child protection..?? Absolutely there is! However, somewhere along the way, they were given power, authority AND money, bearing NO accountability, with virtually NO over-sight, by the government that WORKS for US and have abused that power, gladly.. happily, over and over and over again! And it shows. I was chatting with a woman that told me that there was a CAS worker that smirked at this devastated woman as she was taking her new born baby out of her arms.. “apprehending” her brand new baby!” NOW, if that doesn’t make y’all angry, just the thought of that happening to you, or your daughter or your granddaughter.. it should, b/c it could happen to you, or someone close to you and there’s not a damn thing you’d be able to do about it with an armed police officer standing guard right beside her making sure she can “do her job!”.. get that one! Makes me sick! I am a Canadian taxpayer and an Ontario resident.. and I don’t recall giving the government that WORKS FOR ME, permission to take MY MONEY and give it to this agency to fund their organized crime operation of stealing and abuse children which have unfortunately been snatched into the clutches of the CAS, and held HOSTAGE against their will for MONTHS, if not YEARSSS to finally escape from, if EVER.. Drastic changes are LONGGGG over-due!

  5. Let's Start A Riot. says:

    Don’t ever trust some of their child care workers or lawyers let alone CAS workers.
    Heather Auger
    Melissa Raymond-Beaulieu
    Terri Bressolin (?) Rodley
    And many many others in the Sudbury district CAS

    I have seen many friends suffer with these people and their lies and how they abuse and bullied them, I myself suffered, my friends lost their kids to crown ward specially after Melissa Raymond-Beaulieu had an affair with her now ex husband and got pregnant with a baby boy who is either Melissa’s boytoy or my friends ex husband. Disgusting and disgraceful, she now suffers from trauma because of the abuse from CAS and their workers and the lies they did and the abuse she suffered from her ex hubby, and still suffers from the trauma and pain of them getting crown ward.
    CAS needs to be shut down and gutted, and rebuild on properly, and not have these abusive, home wrecking workers who not only abuse the system but the parents and children to get a fat payment after crown ward, most worker don’t care about the families, they care more about their bank accounts and funding.

    • SLR says:

      I agree completely!!! CAS Algoma in Sault Ste Marie is JUST as BAD! Yup.. nice, big, fat paycheck at the end of their day, after they’ve destroyed someone else’s family.. they go home to sit at the dinner table with their family, and don’t even blink an eyelash! They couldn’t give a HOOT how that kid feels having to go to bed in a strangers home, missing their family. Makes me so damn angry.. NOTHING fires me up more than talking about that agency of child trafficking, money laundering, KIDNAPPERS!

    • SLR says:

      I agree completely!!! CAS Algoma in Sault Ste Marie is JUST as BAD! Yup.. nice, big, fat paycheck at the end of their day, after they’ve destroyed someone else’s family.. they go home to sit at the dinner table with their family, and don’t even blink an eyelash! They couldn’t give a HOOT how that kid feels having to go to bed in a strangers home, missing their family. Makes me so damn angry.. NOTHING fires me up more than talking about that agency of child trafficking KIDNAPPERS!

  6. RaeAnn says:

    This should extend into children’s aid algoma, I was bounced around many societies and unbelievably, old schoolmates that had issues with me in grade school became the cas workers with vendetta against me so far as to attack my own daughter using ignorance of family members or fear tactics, and am old foster who molested me also had his wife enter my mother’s home to offer monetary compensation with the clause that I claim I lied, then they moved across the street from me and started calling cas with frivolous accusations while I patented my grandchild and now that she’s not here, they’re calling police to check my mental health…. HARASSMENT IS ABUNDANT

    • Let's Start A Riot. says:

      Go to the courts and police and if need be threw court have a judge order a surrender of who is calling, based off of any documents or info you have, if you can get it then have a restraining order put in place and document everything.
      Or just get the name and address of the people harassing you and put a restraining order anyways.

      Or sue. If they are trying to hurt you and your family still, then you have every right to protect yourself against them.
      I hope they stop with the lies and leave you alone.
      You deserve to heal and live a happy and positive life.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It is only a class action lawsuit once a judge declares it as one, and there needs to be enough evidence and litigants for it to be declared as such. Sending a bunch of letters to random people dies not constitute a class action lawsuit, it is just venting

    • SLR says:

      That’s the problem!!.. These damn Judges are in on the corruption!! As are the schools, teachers, hospitals, doctors, nurses, daycare workers.. the list of willing and corrupt participants you wouldn’t imagine in a million years. These Judges have immunity, make all the decisions, and THEY’RE THE WORST ONES OF EM ALL!! These poor, low-income, young mothers don’t stand a chance from the minute they walk in there.. more times than not, they don’t have a CLUE when it comes to their legal rights.. know nothing about due process, and their duty council scumbag lawyer sure as shit aint gonna offer up the free info.. so, they get into court, get thrown under the bus, almost immediately.. by their “court appointed” or “duty council” lawyer and the nightmare rolls down hill from that point on.. And this sort of blatant tyranny happens over and over and over again, every single day, in every single town/city, day after day after day. And they get away with it EVERY SINGLE TIME bc there’s NO OVER-SIGHT.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Cas doesn’t get involved for nothing. Tell him to straighten the fuck up and this shit wouldn’t of happened lol duh.

    • Paul says:

      It doesn’t just say against c.a.s but also if they have been used as a sort of control or harassment due to false calls amd suck like that and some people as myself have had files with them amd have had people not authorized to do so get caught fired amd loose there careers for privacy breaches amd harassment

    • Alice says:

      Why did you come here just to comment that? How is that productive?

      Understand that CAS goes after poor, low-income families. CAS is highly biased and will not look into middle-class/rich families the same way they do with low-income families. There are plenty of abused children who CAS leaves with their rich families because all the workers see is the privilege.

      Also consider, CAS will pay another family to take care of the children. That money could be put to better use helping these low-income families. Workers will write in their file that families don’t have enough food meanwhile will pay someone else per-diem to care for the children… you do see how that’s wrong? When a family could be better if they had the same support that’s offered to those foster parents who see children as a business.

      Just so you know, my family was a foster family for CAS. I am not a scorned parent.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Never trust anyone named Mylina

    • OverIt says:

      I am acquainted with a Melena and she loooooves CAS. Had her daughter’s child taken away, got custody, now makes her grandkid call her “Mom”. On top of that, she had her son’s kid taken away and put into a home with complete strangers – cause she didn’t like the way they kept house. She claims she only cares about kids, not parents – but if you’re trynna take a kid away from their family, you don’t care about them. Chick’s a p s y c h o.

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