City is falling apart

I pay taxes and would like to know where is it going cause Sudbury looks like a shit hole the roads are crap they dont know how to fix them it’s been years the plows are never out the kids are missing so much school cause the roads are not plowed this is just RIDICULOUS why would anyone want to come to Sudbury for a tourist attraction when the roads are CRAP the mayor should be ashamed why can’t things get cleaned up in Sudbury come on dont we the people deserve it .



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  1. Lol. What is the mayor supposed to do? How do you manage a city where it’s impossible to get the capital to fund itself?

    Sudbury is not dense enough to support it’s massive road system or infrastructure requirements, it’s as simple as that.

  2. James Nash James Nash says:

    Maybe the kids shoukd be off during the winter months instead of the summer ones. When i was a kid we rarely had snow days because it was hard to cover the whole curriculum over the short time they had.

  3. I totally agree with your is being saved for other priorities that have nothing to do with health and safety

  4. If they didn’t make all the surrounding townships amalgamate, a lot of the problems would be solved. Every town would have their own workers, roads would be clear, roads would be fixed

  5. It’s not just the mayor, it’s the people who dream up all the ideas and try to force all the crap on us. Already spent $680,000 on the Junction. I think we need a rebellion because this idea is pure stupidity. What about Brendan
    Adair who says he is saving us $300,000 with the animal control, guess he thinks the Taxpayer is stupid. Come on city, cough up the the true costs. What about the Place des Arts, already wanting $260,000 right now and every year from now on. They haven’t even built the darn place. Where is city council on any of these outrageous ideas, where is the mayor, they don’t give a hoot everything goes, but fixing our infrastructure. Can we call the Ontario Ombudsman on this? We are being shafted left and right????For God sakes we are being bankrupted by all the losers.

  6. Greater sudbury?? They should rename it the scum bag city of northern Ontario. I have lived in a lot of cities in Ontario and sudbury is by far the worst!
    The city does nothing… literally as little as possible for their citizens. And charge out the ass if you need them to do something.

  7. Bigger and Associates pockets got bigger

  8. every time i go visit, drive the roads etc. i get depressed, it feels depressing and negative and horrible drivers, speeding like jet streams everywhere =(

  9. Neil Daggett Neil Daggett says:

    This new mayor that was going to show every other mayor how it’s done (even though they promised the same) is obviously mismanaging things badly. I have never seen the roads so bad in Sudbury before. I can just imagine the fucking potholes and rutts we will be hitting and dodging once the snow melts. This is getting pathetic. The only thing “Bigger” in Sudbury this year is the the cost of road repair and care….and it doesn’t seem like it’s getting done.

    • Neil Daggett I still believe the fiasco with the municipal election was responsible for Bigger getting back in…who actually voted for him again. Dont even know what he looks like. He is certainly not a mayor for the people. N’est pas?

    • Neil Daggett Neil Daggett says:

      Is there such a thing as an honest politician? Cripes.

    • Neil Daggett I know. It is nuts.

    • James Nash James Nash says:

      Its already on. Going down barrydowne the whole fast lane is messed and the one on the kingsway and bancroft intersection is nuts. 90 percent of these holes will put a good dent in your rims. The city will not accept responsibility or liability because the pothole needs to be reported for more than 30 days.

      Perhaps its time to start reviewing these “guidelines” amd started revamping them. If the citizens have to be held accountable for absolutely everything then so should the city.

  10. A main thing would be the mining act, mines only pay property tax for the buildings aboveground, no road damage fees for the over weighted trucks . Oh and the amount they pay has been pretty much a locked in price for almost the past 100 years.
    Manage to Re write their property/land contracts with an unbiased/ corporate threatened assessment , with a road toll for ore trucks.. road works will be pocket change for the city

  11. Ron Scott Ron Scott says:

    You are right we could change the name to shithole canada this city is a joke run by jokers

  12. Liam Robins Liam Robins says:

    The sidewalk of Loach’s road is absolutely terrible. Nothing was done for the ice on the sidewalk, and as a result injuries and many people falling from just trying to go enjoy lunch keeps happening, the city should actually do things, but no they don’t.

  13. Gregg Hill Gregg Hill says:

    Snow removal cost in Sudbury is give or take a million dollars per foot. Total roads budget about $70 million. Total snow about 12 feet per year. Of course the budget covers much more than just snow removal, but we do have enough money in the budget to do the job. I am suspecting that it is more an issue of availability of manpower and equipment. To clean up a 30cm storm in 40 hours you need about 400 trucks and 100 snowblowers. I suspect that we are more around a quarter of that number of vehicles, meaning that for a large part of the year the crews are just playing catch-up trying to clear up from the previous storm before the next one hits. Inevitably it is the side roads and residential roads that suffer, in order to keep the through-ways clear.

  14. Kolt Rivere Kolt Rivere says:

    Hahaha not much of the money goes into the city .it is a shit hole and its getting worse year by year

  15. Carly Verch Carly Verch says:

    Theresaving all there money for the new casino woohooo the they can pocket even more money from us ?!? Why dont they fix the problems we have first I’m 24 years old and can sincerely say that I could do a better job then this!!!!!!!

  16. Mike Charron Mike Charron says:

    You wanna know where our tax payers dollars go ?? More police that we don’t need! While hiring less firemen It also goes on plow trucks driving around with blades down on bare pavement ruining roads while salting roads that don’t need salt to ruin your vehicles even further .. and we would have a great tourist attractions if all the retards would stop protesting the fuckin thing and let them build!

  17. Ya’ll quit bitchin…”its Biggars fault”.
    Decades of no tax increases in the late 80’s & 90’s from the city and minimum spending on infrastructure (ROADS, WATER, SEWER).
    I’d like to know who is still alive today that enjoyed those benefits because if that’s you, you best not be complaining!!
    Biggar cant fix in one term what bad governance did for decades!!

  18. Bev Barlow Bev Barlow says:

    I recall the years when the business owners were responsible for the sidewalk adjacent to their shop, all snowbanks were removed twice during the season, a pothole was a rarity, fines were applied to places that weren’t kept well, and no one had ever heard of a snow day……….good times!

  19. The Sault roads are.smoth as glass most places .how is this possible our city is way smaller and way more broke than sudz ..shame Sudbury !shame!

  20. What everyone should be fighting for is deamalgamation

  21. Kyle Rick Kyle Rick says:

    That one long ass sentence

  22. Wanda Deloye Wanda Deloye says:

    The problem is that the geographical area of Greater Sudbury is huge compared to the population density. There are more kilometers of roads to be cared for than there are tax dollars. It’s that simple.

  23. Luc Rioux Luc Rioux says:

    look at side walk in front mall new sudbury as a persone in wheelchair can t use side walk it so full of snow rediculouse need to travel in main road to go any where rediculouse sidewalk aren t even clean

  24. Randy Gibson Randy Gibson says:

    It’s because they have to create new managers position every month to keep our taxes going up and Less frontline workers. Because an average manager for the city makes about 300,000 a year and arena alone have 4 different. managers. Tom Davies is to overstaffed with management Half the time the left hand doesn’t know the right hands doing so the city is going to shit.They need to higher more frontline workers and get rid of some of the dead weight management.

  25. Idk, but I think we the people deserve punctuation, at the very least.

  26. Mario Gagnon Mario Gagnon says:

    “Call 311”for complaints, not Facebook.

  27. Alex Lozier Alex Lozier says:

    Do us a favour and yourself included….just leave

  28. Lisa Hill Lisa Hill says:

    Same story for the past 10 years… Everyone cries and complains and the city does nothing. It would be nice to not have to pay for damage done to our vehicles by the potholes that are ladened all over this city. Face it… Unless we do it ourselves… It’s not going to get done.

  29. Tourist attraction ????? Where ???? We don’t even have a mall here

  30. Craig Goudy Craig Goudy says:

    All your tax is going straight in there pockit Cuba is good no tax free water cheap hydro

  31. U take an ugly pill this morning ???? It’s W I N T E R !!!! Get it ?

  32. That was the absolute worst run on sentance I’ve ever had the misfortune of reading… might I suggest OP, proof reading your post…

  33. The old General Hospital is still an eye sore, what’s up with that????

  34. Check the sunshine list then you will know where your tax dollars are going

  35. Glad I left that piece of shit hole

  36. City sucks.plows do shit but sit and enjoy each others company.mayor fat ass who only does shit when elections are close.

  37. Simple fucking move. You think the buses were cancelled just in Sudbury. And I guess your driveway is down to gravel. And you shovel 4 times a storm.

  38. They don’t care and never will! It’s just going to get worse..

  39. If ya don’t like it why stay? Do something about it and stop crying… it’ll never change so why even bother wasting your time?

  40. Corey Walker Corey Walker says:

    If our cars need to be road worthy, shouldn’t the roads have to be car worthy?????

  41. Welcome to the city of bigger mistakes and mismanagement

  42. Corey Walker Corey Walker says:

    Have you seen the sunshine list? A bunch of overpaid assholes who don’t do fuck all…but hey…that’s politics right? Smh

  43. Reily Burns Reily Burns says:

    I’m in copper cliff and the plow goes by my place almost 3 times a night depending on how bad the storm os

  44. 89 million for a road 90% will not use

  45. Leanne Power Leanne Power says:

    Yes your right we need new people doing this job cause the people in the counsel dont know how still where is the taxpayers money going not where it should be the city shows it.I totally agree with this person it is not right how the roads are crap and its embarrassing stop with the excuses and do your job .Or get out of office and let someone else do it for you.Its just common sense.

  46. Linda Potvin Linda Potvin says:

    I agree 100000% with this person.I’m almost at the point where I hate to drive its drive and dodge a pothole.

  47. So many armchair politicians on here. You want change, step up and run for council.
    You’ll realize quickly the difficulty of spending and balancing a budget is.

    • Corey Walker Corey Walker says:

      Bahahahahaha….this city makes more then enough in taxes, there’s absolutely no reason to be driving on this shit

    • Mitch Gendron it’s only hard to balance a budget when you’ve got it lined with personal pockets.

    • It’s the politician’s job to hear the voice of the people and address their concerns – preferably through action instead of empty promises. Budget are necessary fact of life. I for one would love to see an itemizes list of projects with their associated breakdown in expenses just to see where our taxes are going.I’d also like links to all associated contracts that Sudbury outsources work to – i don’t care about figures in this case – I care about duty, schedules, and responsibility. If we’re going to keep pissing away our money on lowest quality low bidders I want to see what exactly we, as the people, are actually entitled to. What did we pay for?

    • Amber Dalcourt you have access to the info. Go to your counselor or city hall and request it. It’s public information.

    • Corey Walker you’d be surprised that there isn’t enough. Hence tax increases every year. Infrastructure isn’t cheap.

    • Mercedes Ivy Lynne Miller I highly doubt there’s as much corruption as you think.

    • Mitch Gendron I know I have access to ‘SOME’ of the information, but not nearly in the detail or level I’d like to see. I’d also like more accessibility with this info – i hate how gated getting these publically accessible docs are. I’d like online access at the very least.

      But you’re right, no sense in voicing my 2c here. I’m mean, what’s the worth in learning that people have the same grievances or even ideas on how to solve the problem so that maybe we CAN move forward as a community.

      But I’ll just wait til the next city election when the politicians pretend to care/listen to have my voice heard. Vote for a guy who doesn’t give a shit and run the circuit all over again.

    • Mitch Gendron right… because the chief of polices salary goes up from 143k to 226k in 3 years without much corruption………..

  48. Joel Whipple Joel Whipple says:

    People are absolutely clueless about what stuff costs.

    “Snowbanks are too high!”
    Uhm, yeah, the city is not going to remove over a thousand kilometers of snowbanks. An average street takes a team of ten trucks and two backhoes all day to clear. Folks, those machines and operators don’t run on goodwill and unicorn farts.

    • Joel Whipple yea well before this greater city of shit happened every town did there own things plowing and maintenance snow banks were removed and they were never over budget. so yea they choose to spend money stupidly like Grace Hartman Amphitheatre thing at bell park they spent millions on like really.

    • Lisa Hill Lisa Hill says:

      Joel… I am aware of the cost of doing this job. However, there is a reason we pay taxes. I drive for a living and I can say that the roads, on a beautiful summer day, are at best deplorable. It’s a million times worse during the winter. At least in the winter the monumental amount of potholes are filled in with ice. The sidewalks are even more important. I have witnessed a lot of near misses between drivers and pedestrians. In my 58 years, and all the cities I have lived in, this truly is an atrocity. Even, further north of us has nearly pristine roads. Don’t tell me to leave. Right now, this is my home. This is where our jobs are. I figure if 55% of our household income is taken away… The least they could do is make the streets safe.

    • Mike Charron Mike Charron says:

      Joel Whipple you must work for town hall

    • Joel…they won’t remove with a back hoe lol its a HUGE blower that basically eats the banks and spits it into a truck.
      They do it in sault ste Marie, Barrie, Espanola, all over. And yes massive job if they do it once a season. But doing it every 3-4 weeks would not only save time but money in the iver all budget.

    • Gisel Godon Gisel Godon says:

      Lisa Hill I totally agree with you

    • Joel Whipple Joel Whipple says:

      Amanda Jordan do you know how much those things cost to run? Can you account for the total cost per kilometer? That’s exactly what I made a point about in my first post. People having zero clue about business costs chiming in with all their bright ideas. We have huge legacy costs that many municipalities don’t carry.

    • Doug Bruce Doug Bruce says:

      on a winter like this they used to have snowbanks cleared by end of January

    • Joel Whipple the cost isnt the issue here.. Its the miss allocation of funding for important things like roads and snow. Every other city I have lived in is about 10x better then sudbury as far as roads. Cities the same size with the same land taxes…just much better represented.
      As far as knowing the cost per KM, I promise its cheaper then a back hoe lol.
      I pay taxes for my roads and city maintenance not for bell park to have an amphitheater or to give the council a 33% pay increase in under 4 years. These Things cost money, money that we all pay. To have basic service that are not being done properly.. That is the issue that needs to be addressed

    • Joel Whipple oh and its also priced per hour. Usally 90-130 per hour for one of those machine to be run and maned.

    • Joel Whipple with a city contract they dont pay what the residents pay. My grandfather ran a contracting business, and I’m also a buissness owner.. to think people charge the same hourly for 10-15 hour of work Vs. 400 hours of work is very telling you have never run a business or delt with any budgetting for one.

    • Joel Whipple Joel Whipple says:

      Amanda Jordan *business **dealt
      What, back in the 90’s? You haven’t a clue what it costs currently. So I’m calling your bluff on being business owner.

    • Joel Whipple I really don’t need you to belive me about being a business owner, wont affect me. But dont talking about How to budget if you can’t understand bulk pricing or buissness price Vs. Basic consumer.

    • Amanda Jordan that amphitheatre is a joke…I have been once. They took what worked, to re it down, and put up something I can’t stand to look at….facing away from the gorgeous lake….just does not make sense. All of our beautiful architectural buildings have been torn down…our roads are a mess, and the banks treacherously high. I give up.

    • Amanda Jordan You’ve been to places with similar property taxes and similar size but by size I assume you mean population because Sudbury is the fifth largest population by area in the whole country and by population density we are one of the lowest for the 100 largest municipalities in Canada.

      We can not sustain this level of density, we have to densify our city.

  49. I love how people start with I pay taxes.. no shit moron so do the rest of us…

    • Bob Jones Bob Jones says:

      Amanda Carrie they mean; some pay property taxes! Not everyone does!

    • That is not what they said, and still lots of us do. So really starting with I pay taxes doesn’t mean shit, because a hell of a lot of us do pay property tax.
      If you are renting your landlord pays, so it is covered in your rent. So in a way pretty much everyone does.
      Unless they are welfare scum!!

  50. Bob Jones Bob Jones says:

    I’m gone in less than 10 years! Can’t wait to get out of this giant shithole…

  51. City of Greater Sudbury Mayor Brian Bigger

  52. Erin Baker Erin Baker says:

    Also the snow banks are practically mountains my sister almost got nailed trying to pull out of her driveway. The city won’t do anything about it.

  53. The mayor is the problem. Mayor bigger is a big waste of time.

  54. Tourist attraction? Big Nickle and Science North? Wow, what a site seeing extravaganza!

    • Andie Cerson Andie Cerson says:

      I think they may have been referencing the casino Sudz got the go ahead for ….

    • Andie Cerson Andie Cerson says:

      I think they may have been referencing the casino Sudz got the go ahead for ….

    • Too be fair people from all over the world have seen the big nickel, we do get tourists. And people from all over Northern Ontario frequent our museum. However yes, we don’t have that much to see and it’s pretty much an afternoon abroad for folks. We’re a pitstop amongst travellers of Ontario. So I’m not disagreeing with you that we have almost fuckall to see but those two things should be held high and proud for what it’s worth..What else do we have to show for our town anyways besides the bridge of flags and a hundred lakes.

    • Eddie Jolly Rose Should be more though right. It is a beautiful city that can be the hub of the north. I agree, science north and big nickle are actually very good attractions, I’ve been several times and like it everytime. Sudbury has an opportunity to be a hub and we’ve never really capitalized on it.

  55. Adam Read Adam Read says:

    We have this conversation every year saying vote someone new in but it never changes lmao money talks people

  56. Lana Ranger Lana Ranger says:

    This city is a shit hole because everybody complains anonymously on social media. The correct way to fix it is for tax payers to tell the city. They don’t read this. People need to let their voices be heard! The first step is to stop voting the same useless assholes in! If you didn’t vote, stfu!

  57. Britt Any Britt Any says:

    I know this town is shit.

  58. Dani Chev Dani Chev says:

    It sure is falling apart. Are roads are shit forsure!

  59. Anna Perry Anna Perry says:

    Tell us how you really feel

  60. Dan Gelinas Dan Gelinas says:

    Lost many jobs .raise taxes for less service .its the sudbury way

  61. Don’t forget about the needles everywhere.

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