Cheap Vet to put my cats down

So I’m moving into a new place with all hardwood floors. Needless to say i have to put my cats down and I need the cheapest vet to do that.
Please post anonymous. I don’t need any clap back.


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173 Responses

  1. … I hope people don’t actually think this is true lol

  2. Zeke Garnet Zeke Garnet says:

    a bullet is probably the cheapest way

  3. Sara Lynn Sara Lynn says:

    This is a troll. It has to be .

  4. Cortnii Love Cortnii Love says:


  5. That’s awful. Take them to a shelter

  6. WTF? U r a lousy POS that does not deserve the unfailing love of a pet. U a shitty person. Ass hat.

  7. A bucket and a big rock and at this time of yr an auger would help as well lol

  8. Realy putting your cats down becuse you are moving how about you give them a good home.yikes some people should not have animals

  9. I will adopt your cats if it’s too inconvenient for you to care for them anymore.

  10. This is a genuine issue in this country. It should be illegal to euthanize healthy pets, but it isn’t illegal unfortunately.

  11. Just curious where you got your info that the spca euthanizes within 3 months?

  12. Why not see if one of the rescues will take them to rehome.

  13. Karl Puiras Karl Puiras says:

    So many ragey people trolled, LMFAO

  14. Someone trolling obviously

  15. Haha Haha. This is a troll post referencing an episode of 30 Rock where Jane Krakowskis character says this. Haha.

  16. Bonnie Mack Bonnie Mack says:

    Click bait BS. Shouldn’t have been posted.

  17. Dee Kitch Dee Kitch says:

    This immature person probably just created this post to see what kind of reaction the could get out of people. So stupid

  18. They wouldn’t put your cats down unless they were sick anyways. Your stupid

  19. How much to put u down u piece off shit

  20. You want to put your cats down because of hard word floors… Am i understanding this correctly. ?
    If so. WTF is wrong with you.

  21. Kori Marie Kori Marie says:

    Msg me. I’ll take them. They are more then animals, their family!

  22. So is there a legit reason your putting them down or is it because your moving?
    Honest question lol

  23. Lily Jewel Lily Jewel says:

    Wow you’re a piece of shit

  24. SPCA euthanize animals if they are not adopted within 3 months

  25. Dan Forsythe Dan Forsythe says:

    Ill do it 50 bucks each… lol


  27. Just curious what does hard wood floors have to do with putting your cats down? Am i missing something???

  28. Wtf. No no no. I’ll take them b4 that. U are a scum of a human being. No person I their right mind would kill a pet so they don’t scratch ur floors. I really hope no vet would do this I a healthy animal. I love cats. I think u should just put ur self down like people are saying u fucking piece of shit.

  29. Melanie Ryan Melanie Ryan says:

    I hope this is a joke because I know someone who will take the cats..please pm me

  30. Emilie Mae Emilie Mae says:

    Dont feed the troll people….

  31. Neil Daggett Neil Daggett says:

    Troll post. Nothing to see hear people.

  32. Dennis Lopez Dennis Lopez says:

    Has to be a troll post. Nobody is seriously that cowardly and negligent… and if they were… please show your face so you can get lynch mobbed you coward!

  33. Delmo Gotti Delmo Gotti says:

    Offer the cats to a new home cheap

  34. This is disgusting that your even thinking about killing your cats cause of your new hardwood floors. I lived 8 yrs with cats and hardwood floors smfh

  35. We have hardwood floors and our cats haven’t scratched them. We’re also renting.

  36. Could have gotten scratch free vinyl for flooring

  37. Don’t put them down adopt out or buy the nail covering for them

  38. Nancy Brown Nancy Brown says:

    Idiot…I think you would mess the floors before you cats do..Loser..

  39. Judy Watling Judy Watling says:

    Hopefully NO vet would do this

  40. Judy Watling Judy Watling says:

    This is a joke, right!?

  41. Kaity Baker Kaity Baker says:

    Regardless if this is a troll or not, this post is beyond awful to read. Shame on you.

  42. Omg seriously? WTF!!!! Someone will adopt them. As freaking if you would put them down. This is the nastiest thing ever. You should be ashamed!!!!! Ugh I’m SO disgusted and distraught!!!!!!

  43. You’re a piece of shit… find a home for them…

  44. Fake post AND NOT FUNNY FFS what a loser OP

  45. There are SO many options that don’t lead to euthanize.. you can contact me for more info if you’d like.

  46. I’ll take the cats instead of you putting them down!

  47. Jody Mitoma this post is NOT funny and should have been removed.

  48. Mars Barrer Mars Barrer says:

    Fucking monster. People like you are what’s wrong with this world. Maybe someone should put you down. Fucking sick.

  49. OKAY WHAT?!

    Why the fuck would like put your cats down because you’re moving!!

    Contact me so I can save your cats from your stupidity !!

  50. Fun Troll.. besides vets won’t put down healthy animals. But I’m sure they wouldn’t blink to put down a stupid human.

  51. Put them in a bag and toss them in the river.

  52. Just slit its fucking throat with a butter knife.

  53. I really hope this is a troll post.

  54. Why even post this?!? What an awful human being!
    Happy New Year’s Eve to all!
    Be safe!

  55. Norm Cardinal yup..grandkids you can spoil them rotten then they go home lol

  56. well what’s wrong with that? Kids are destructive….not sure whats worst mice or kids???

    But Grandkids on the other hand I’ll take 10 of them!

  57. Someone should seriously put YOU down. A vet will not put down innocent animals because YOU decide to move somewhere with hardwood floors. Surrender them and let them have a better life. And how dare Shoutout Sudbury even post something like this.

  58. if you’d actually post this..PUtting your cats down for Vanity sake…floors!! nobody will do this for you….your very selfish and sad to say stupid to post this…poor kitties

  59. You are a horrible piece of shit.

  60. Steve Rowley Steve Rowley says:

    Just take a shovel then

  61. 1st – you may not want ‘clap back’, but you’ll get all kinds of it with this post. 2nd – If this real, NO VET will euthanize healthy cats for your callous, insane reason. 3rd – even if this is some low cockroach with a sick twist to them, WHY is ADMIN allowing this post?? You ban people for racism/threats/using specific names, but THIS you clear??

  62. Someone should put you down you ignorant swine! Just because your moving doesn’t mean you should end the innocent lives of your pets! If that’s what you think you should do you should have your pets taken away from you and given to a better human being who actually takes care of their pets! You are obviously not human if you think you should put your cats down because you “don’t want them to mess up your hardwood floor” you are DISGUSTING! You are SELFISH!

  63. please tell me this is a troll

  64. Someone needs a hobby. Instead of posting fake ass shit and getting ppl worked up. Ans if ur stupud enough to believe this u deserve to put down

  65. If you have kids you might want to put them down as well, they will do more damage to the floors than a cat. I say you are a troll with nothing better to do

  66. I can’t believe everyone fell for this post. You responded to exact way this troll wanted you to… lol.

  67. Please say you are a troll and this post isn’t real

  68. Jamie Lebel Jamie Lebel says:

    You’re putting your cats down due to hardwood floors?? Dumbest excuse I’ve ever heard. Go put yourself down

  69. Take 2 bullets and a gun. Use it on yourself first, then shoot the cat. You’re not worthy of the floor you’re walking on. Animals are not things. They are not a property. You don’t get to decide who lives and who dies! If you need to kill the cat, you have to eat the cat to honor it. It’s the law of nature…

  70. Eric RB Eric RB says:

    I’ll take them off your hands if they are healthy cats and you just don’t want to scratch your floor.

  71. Fred Kember Fred Kember says:

    Anyone here watch 30 Rock? Jenna Maroney is hilarious.

  72. Wow this person’s a special kind of stupid !!! Put your cats down because your moving somewhere with hard wood floors???!! You should be put down for that comment !!! It’s people like you who don’t deserve to have pets!!! Fukn ridiculous!!! U should be charged for attempting to murder ur pets for hardwood floors !!!!

  73. Hope someone rips out your new hardwood floors

  74. Oh I’d expect the “clap back” alright you lowlife asswipe.

  75. Why cant you take your cat with u mofo they are part of your life unless u dont have a heart to care someone should put u to sleep df

  76. Megz Shirley Megz Shirley says:

    136 bucks to surender them to the city. That is probably your cheapest way of doing this

  77. Debrah Blair Debrah Blair says:

    Wtfffff so you want to KILL your cats cause of hardwood floors,ya your an idiot.

  78. I have soft pine hardwood floors n 3 cats …. No issues

  79. Shoutout sudbuy, why would you even allow this post?

  80. you have to have a really good reason to put your cat down

  81. Before people get all worked up, vets usually refuse to put a healthy animal down for frivolous reasons like this and will suggest other options.

  82. Hez Bird Hez Bird says:

    In case this isn’t a joke, please take your cats to a pet shelter! Someone will adopt them!

  83. You’re gonna get clap back dipshit

  84. Use a bullet. Much cheaper.

  85. Does anyone approve these posts or can they just be posted? Ridiculous if this is true animal control should be notified

  86. Wtf? You are so fucked in the head

  87. Ivan Leo Ivan Leo says:

    So let me get this straight, your killing your pets because of flooring?

  88. Someone should put you down

  89. Tracy Lisa Tracy Lisa says:

    This is a joke right. You have to put your cats down because of hardwood floors?

  90. Elizabeth says:

    You have hard wood floors now so you need to kill two cats? Are you fucking serious? Would you kill your kid because your neighbours complain they cry too much? Your a sick individual and I hope someone decides one day your too much of a hassle and decides to put you down. Do those cats à favour and surrender them, it’s cheaper than murdering them because of your hardwood floors. Asshole.

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