Charities that pick up donations

I’m looking for a charity that will pick up donations I have a bunch of gently used clothes (both adult and kids) that I would like to donate but don’t drive.

Is there anywhere in Sudbury that will pick up donations?



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  1. Chelsie Lynn says:

    Jennifer Slivinski

  2. Canadian Diabetes Association

  3. Could you DM me please. I pick up donations and bring them to the elgin street mission or foyer Notre Dame pour les jeunes.

  4. Diabetes or PetSave thrift store

  5. Bob Daigle says:

    Better Beginnings

  6. You could try the St Vincent de Paul Society.

  7. Dottie Niemi says:

    any where that does not sell it way to high of a price like Value village does. Some where where they will help out people in need.

  8. Paula Stark says:

    Diabetes association is a mess. Rarely show up when they say they will. You are better to drop things off at Their depot at Value Village.

  9. Jason Rowan says:

    Diabetes Canada 705-524-8700 bonnie will answer the phone shes a really nice lady.

  10. Paige Ashley says:

    Better Beginnings Better Futures

  11. Diabetes association just call and set up a time, also the restore does depending I guess on what it is

  12. St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store Val Caron

  13. Bev Barlow says:

    Kidney foundation

  14. St Paul’s picks up, most times the petsave retail thrift shop will pick up as well.

  15. St Paul’s picks up

  16. sr vincent de paul val caron

  17. diabetic society piicks up but they sell to value village who charge too much for the clothes

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