Looking if anyone wants to take 2 cats, they are Manx cats, have no tails.

100$ they are yours. comes with everything you need! I will pm you.

They are great cats. They just don’t get along with my other one!



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  1. Carine Malak Carine Malak says:

    My cat doesn’t get along with my dog and you don’t see me getting rid of either one.

  2. Don Guay Don Guay says:

    My two daughters don’t get along with my son.
    They are great girls. $ and there’re yours.
    That’s what you sound like, ready to get rid of part of the family.

  3. Are you willing to put some work into helping them as they are your family before giving up on them? If so Look up Jackson Galaxy, he has tons of videos and articles on cat behaviour and how to help them get along. He also has 2 tv shows and has written books.

  4. You’d have to pay ME 100 to take them.

  5. They will get along give them time.i brought a kitten in yo my home with 2 other cats .ya they fought but now they are great .they play and sleep together.give them time

  6. Cats can take up to 6 months to adjust to new cats in the home. Have patience and slowly introduce them. If it doesn’t work, start the process again.

  7. I have a couple that don’t get along it happens dont have to get rid of them

  8. Amy Dee Amy Dee says:

    I’ve had my newest cat for a year next month, and my other cats are just starting to warm up to her now. Cats like humans have different personalities. Sometimes it takes a bit to adjust. Have patience. 🙂

  9. Don’t give up hope 🙂 they are mammals just like us, and they need time to warm up to new things. It doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time! Like it takes us time to warm to new people we meet. Just give them a chance. Here check this page out before thinking about selling them…

  10. More information will help the potential new owner….age, gender, altered, shots, dewormed?

  11. I hope you interview people that are interested!!!!!

  12. Get a spray bottle or a water gun. Everytime they start fighting with your other cat, spray them in the bum. My old cat Ben didn’t get along with my new cat when I got her and it took 2 sprays in the bum (well he kind of turned and got the second spray in his face, I felt bad for days for it), but after the spray in the face, he loved her. They were best friends

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