Cars being booted downtown

Just a heads up, the shoppers downtown and the TD bank both use an illegal booting company to patrol their parking lots. If you shop at these places and you park your car there, DO NOT leave the property and pop to another store no matter how fast, they will boot you faster than you can run back to your car. They don’t care how poor you are or if you have a receipt from shoppers. Oh and be prepared to have cash only, because they are tax evading. Pay up or have your car sold for scrap. Many people have also had the boot put on just because they took long in the store. The guy who boots the cars is very rude to them and even utters threats. DO NOT SHOP DOWNTOWN UNTIL THE CITY STEPS IN TO BAN THIS CON ARTISTS! Or be prepared to bring a metal cutting wheel tool in your trunk.


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  1. SudburyParkingSolutionsScam says:

    Pure scum of the earth. Even worse the man who boots the cars smelled somewhat of alcohol

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