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With the lack of snow removal on the sudbury roads i feel insecure driving a compact car, is there any advice i can be given for driving in the winter weather with a small car?



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  1. I drove a standard Chevy Aveo for a few years through snow storms, I’d make it to work before the plows were even out.

    Find a empty parking lot do some doughnuts pull the e-brake learn how to maneuver your vehicle!

  2. Dont drive if your that scared. Nothing worse than a scared driver on the road with ice.

  3. Take the bus. Some roads have ruts so large sedans struggle

  4. Jeff J says:

    Just buy a truck and then you are allowed to be a jerk on the road just like the rest of them

  5. Put a few heavy kitty litter bags in the trunk. Gives you more weight and if you get stuck you can use it for traction.

  6. I had an Aveo with stuffed winter tires. Had an easy time. If theres a deep bank from a plow to get in your driveway just hit it with some speed. Easy on corners and brakes, leave plenty of space. A fwd compact is years more capable than any rwd car/truck

  7. Proper winter tires. I dont care what anyone said winters are a must, and for people saying all wheel drive, its not necessary. All of my cars have been front wheel drive.

  8. Kailey Smith Kailey Smith says:

    Studded tires and all wheel drive will definitely help. Driving according to weather conditions is a must.

  9. I drive a matrix and it handles well in the winter. A lot better than most vehicles I have driven. Just don’t fear the road. I have learned that fearing the road makes you more susceptable (I most likely spelled that wrong lol) to accidents. If you feel like your car is going out of control let go of everything and never slam on the brakes.

  10. Get winter tires,clean your car off completely at all times, your lights especially. Make sure your wipers are clean before you go, always assume that your going to slide when you try to stop
    ALWAYS. Never slam on the brakes when you feel yourself slide, just keep steering in the direction you want to go and you will get traction. Never jerk the wheel or slam the breaks when you get caught in slush, hold your wheel steady and again steer where you want to go. Sounds silly, but go practice doing donuts in an open empty/ safe parking lot. It will teach you exactly how to control your car and is a fuck ton of fun.

  11. Tina Britt Tina Britt says:

    Studded tires.
    Stop well before you have to.
    Slow down.
    Don’t drive like you would on a sunny summer day. Always assume the other person may slide

  12. Josh Dam Josh Dam says:

    I bought a sub compact to commute to work in. Good winter tire and leave youself space. Be aware and you will be fine. My car only weighs 2400lbs and I haven’t had an issue yet

  13. John Brown John Brown says:

    Stay off the roads. Why be another hazzard

  14. Lisa Bays Lisa Bays says:

    Practice practice and practice, never drive faster then you feel comfortable but at least try to do the speed limit (this can cause danger to you and others especially ones with road rage), get winter tires for your car, and maybe consider staying home or taking another way of transit if the roads are really bad . Another good tip is to make sure you don’t make sudden moves or over correct your vehicle , this can cause you to have an accident. Be aware of your surroundings , keep a safe distance between you and other vehicles, don’t slam on your brakes , maybe consider a 4wd vehicle etc. or even try googling winter driving tips

  15. Jim McEwen Jim McEwen says:

    studded tires and a set of winter rims from Alder Automotive!

  16. If your afraid to drive. Get off the road then. Your more of a danger on the road statistically than speeders are.

  17. Ty Lockton Ty Lockton says:

    All season radials are a lie. Get a set of snow tires.

  18. Move to the states or Vancouver they get a low of -2 and want to shut the city down….also there are many cab companies

  19. Motor Boat Motor Boat says:

    I drive a compact 200 km everyday.

    Snowtires are a must, if tou dont have them you should seriously look into a set.

  20. Kyle Burke Kyle Burke says:

    STAY OFF THE ROADS, PERIOD. If your not confident you are just going to cause an accident and cause people that know how to drive to have road rage causing unnecesary accidents

  21. Cecilio West Cecilio West says:

    Attach a Ford f 350 to the front of it. Lol

  22. Wow you people need to learn to read. Person didnt say theyre scared of driving, just insecure about a small car in the snow. Not everyone can afford a truck or SUV. Best advice I can give is plan your route, take it slow and if you think there is too much snow stay home or alternate transportation. Winter tires wont give your car superhuman traction. What most drivers clearly miss the point on is theyre designed with different rubber that wont freeze and wider treads. Its not like putting tracks on your car as if its a snowmobile. Ice and compact snow is slippery, winter tires and studs help but they dont make your car immune to traction loss.

  23. Kim Parker Kim Parker says:

    Sounds like you shouldnt be driving

  24. Swerve for all potholes, buy new suspension every year lol

  25. Nick Lewis Nick Lewis says:

    Slow. The. Fuck. Down.

  26. Jesse HD Jesse HD says:

    We live in the north, should have an awd car lol

  27. Wesley Beers Wesley Beers says:

    Sudbury is full of asshole drivers, drive to your vehicles ability.. i understand my 4×4 can drive faster in bad conditions then your aveo but some douche bags dont.. so dont let a pos tailgater push you faster then your cars capabilities…

  28. Yea you stay off the road! If your unsure of the weather conditions and how to drive in them don’t drive at all. Don’t risk other drivers safety.

    • Dani Chev Dani Chev says:

      Yah there’s enough nervous inexperienced drivers out there. The roads have got more conjested the last 5 yrs. To scared to drive plz stay off the roads I don’t need to get hit. But my truck will take a beating I don’t think they will!

    • My biggest pet peeve when I’m a passenger and the driver sais I’m a nervous driver and hate snow covered roads. So I ask want me to drive? They go no I’m too nervous to let other people drive. I then usually get mad and tell them if your that nervous dont drive

  29. Studded winter tires and maintenance

  30. take a bus , your insecurity poses a danger to other drivers .

  31. If you are that worried about the roads. Which are clear. Dont drive. Take a bus. Dont need scared drivers on the road. I drove a Pontiac sunfire with winter tires for 3 winters with no problem.

  32. Drive a car made for the roads you drive on.

  33. Dave says:

    I can provide the advice you desperately seek.

    1. Drive for the conditional call for.
    2. Get winter tires.
    3. Ensure you have enough wind shield wash fluid.
    4. Take a defensive driving course.

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